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Teaching, Training, and Transforming Lives through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Power of the Holy Spirit

  • Forgiveness, eternal life (salvation), healing, and restoration through Jesus the Messiah
  • Deliverance from spiritual strongholds and bondage
  • Ministering through Bible study, prayer, worship, digital media, literature, and worldwide missions.
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We can change the world with kindnessAnnouncing:

The Barnabas Project Distribution to be held Saturday December 7, 2019, at St. John AME Church, 595 NW 24 Avenue, in Pompano Beach, FL. (Just North of Atlantic Blvd., off Powerline Road and Fifth Avenue.)

See the flyer attached for further details.

This event is FREE.

The purpose of the Barnabas Project of Mary Craig Ministries, Inc. is to glorify Godís free gift of grace and mercy, His goodness to all, and His provision of hope and encouragement. For more on the Barnabas Project (and pictures) go to the Barnabas Project page..

Tell others. Get there from NOON until around 2:30 p.m. Mark your calendars now.

Be very blessed as the LORD pours forth His abundance out of the goodness of His heart.

Dr. Mary Craig
David Patten, Barnabas Project Director

More About the Barnabas Project

Mary Craig speaking at World Camp for Jesus Toronto 2019World Missions Update: 2019 World Camp for Jesus Toronto (234k ) Nov. 2019

It started with an e-mail from Sherry Benish of Sherry Benish Ministries. Sherry and her husband Ed are Assemblies of God missionaries at the Asia-Pacific Theological Seminary in Baguio City, Philippines. But before they took that position, they were the vision keepers for the World Camp for Jesus meetings, which began in 2015.

Back then, Sherry found MCM online. She had wanted every continent represented at the World Camp for Jesus Cambodia. She googled Antarctica to find Christian ministries which had been commissioned by the LORD to go there, and MCM popped up. So she telephoned me....

SunriseOpening the Eyes of the Blind: Seeing the Just One (62k ) Sept./Oct. 2019
. . .

Saul's profound hostility would make him a terrorist, as we would say today, infamous, and full of hatred against believers in Christ. He consented to the death of Stephen, and people laid Stephen's clothes at his feet. In God's eyes, evil was being done, and Saul did nothing to stop it. That's cowardice. Aiding and abetting is a capital crime. But Saul was blind to it and considered himself justified in his stance.

Then, after seeking and receiving papers authorizing him to go and rout out Christians in Damascus, he encountered the radiance of Christ's glory, a radiance that blinded him on the road to Damascus...

Celebrating Tabernacles Today, World Camp for Jesus 2019 PowerPoint PresentationCelebrating Tabernacles Today - Opening the Eyes of the Blind: Seeing the Just One (350k ) October 2019

PowerPoint / slide view of Dr. Mary Craig's message at Toronto World Camp for Jesus 2019

Prayer to Open the Eyes of the Blind September/October 2019
Holy Father, We come to you in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, whose we are and whom we serve. We thank you for Jesus Christ, whom You sent. In Him is life, and the life is the light of all people. We come to intercede for the blind and for those whose minds are darkened. We command the gospel of Jesus Christ to shine into the darkness....

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