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Letters from Mary Craig concerning the COVID-19 virus emergency

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Dear Friends here and around the world,

With COVID-19 affecting more than 150 nations, we are experiencing changes to culture, many of which may be permanent. Some will be for our good as the LORD sifts, and sorts, separates, and sanctifies. It may be difficult to follow rules like “Safer at Home,” “Shelter in Place,” “Quarantine Yourselves,” etc. but way back in Biblical history that’s how God said to deal with contagious diseases—quarantine, separate from others, preserve life as much as possible.

What can we remember today as we remember the LORD?

I think about the purpose for which God created the world, from the tiniest particle to humankind to the whole universe. God wants to manifest His glory. And as a seminary professor of mine used to say in his “golden voice,” “God looked all around at everything He created and couldn’t find anything more glorious than Himself.”

Now I know this sounds really ego-maniacal, but it’s true. The Living and True God is so glorious that His very best for us is to manifest that glory in such a way that we turn to Him, focus our attention on Him, and then see His worth. Our highest good and deepest joy are found in glorifying God. The Bible tells us how:

1. Delight yourself in the LORD. When we do that, He will give us the desires of our heart. Psalm 37:4
2. Rejoice in the LORD. Psalm 33 gives many reasons. Paul exhorts this in Philippians 4. So many scriptures say this. It is a prime means of overcoming anxiety. Rejoice in the Lord. Pray properly. Think on things of good report. Live properly.
3. Sing to the LORD a new song. Search it out in the Psalms and in Revelation. We will come through this pandemic, this plague, together singing a new song. Crisis brings us to a crossroad: we emerge bitter or better. Let’s seek to come forth with praise and rejoicing and a new song, with deeper trust in the Lord, deeper joy, deeper understanding of Truth. Isaiah 35:10, for example.
4. See the Beauty of the Lord and His holiness. Psalm 27:4, Isaiah 33:17
5. Extol the Lord. Psalm 30
6. Thirst for the Living God. Psalm 42:1, 2. Hunger for His righteousness. Matthew 5:6.
7. Be happy in God. Psalm 144 (This is more than receiving happiness from God. It is finding the Source of our happiness IN God Himself.)

We’re seeing evil exposed right now and lawlessness. It helps to remember that sin kills. Every time we sin, there is a little death. Some would call it suicidal. As we see sin as our enemy, we see with more clarity the Beauty of Christ as our Redeemer. Forgiveness, freedom from bondage, the wrath of God lifted, reconciliation accomplished in our behalf, Satan triumphed over, all come only through the One and Only Mediator Jesus Christ as we repent and put our faith in Him alone.

The teaching attached is not on what is in this letter; it is on a miracle of Jesus described in one verse. I hope you will give it thought, since we’re all putting in a lot of “home” time. We are encountering the Living God globally. Change is in the wind as the Holy Spirit blows across the creation and the Lion of Judah roars. Listen to the still small voice, “Be still, and know that I AM GOD.” Lives will be transformed. Hopefully, mine. Hopefully, yours. Just hang in there.

That we might see the beauty of the LORD,

Mary Craig, D. Min.

Sunday, March 22

Dear friends, here and around the world,

We cancelled our services in obedience to the civil authorities and so as not to put God to the test, and so I am home, with the LORD. I have been browsing through our main website,, and came across something I wrote back in June of 2003. Yes, I know that’s nearly 17 years ago, but the wonderful thing about the Word of God is that it lasts forever and remains living and active, especially as the Holy Spirit brings it to us.

So I am attaching this message:
Believe in the Goodness of God.

Here in the U.S.A. we talk about those of our nation being in this COVID-19 pandemic/plague together, but really, we must think more globally. As the Body of Christ, we are members of one another out of every tribe and tongue and people group and nation. As I woke up this morning, I heard:

Be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.

Be strong in the LORD and in the power of His might.

Be strong and very courageous.

Strengthen yourself in the LORD.

Be strong for My love is as strong as death. Therefore be strong, for I am as “pulley power” with a strength that helps. I uphold you with My righteous right hand, a right hand of power, protection, comfort, peace, and the strong grip of My grace.

Believe in My goodness. I have told you ahead of time [
word for 2020] that you might be steady of heart and mind. Now come to Me, all the earth, for as you call, I will answer. As you repent, I will grant repentance. As you humble yourself before Me, I will grant you grace. I love you. You are Mine. I am coming for a holy Bride. True and righteous ae My judgments. My love never fails.

Dr. Mary Craig

Saturday, March 14

Dear friends,
. . .
President Trump has declared tomorrow, March 15th, as a National Day of Prayer. He is appealing for divine intervention. We hope everyone will involve themselves in this regard. Please pray for all government leaders around the world for wisdom, strength, grace, protection, etc. Many ministries are putting out prayer suggestions.

Last night Dr. Mary Craig spoke on “The Fear of the LORD” as part of the “Weapons of Spiritual Warfare” series. The live recording will be available soon. We also prayed concerning this plague: Psalms 140-150; James 4:1-10; Ephesians 3:14-21 and as the Holy Spirit led.

Stopping a plague is described in Numbers 16, where Aaron ran to get a censer from the altar and ran into the fray, standing between the dead and the living so that the plague was stopped. This is interposition. Jesus ever lives to make intercession for the saints and likewise stands in the gap…interposition. We are asking the Covenant Lord for mercy here. This is a call to repentance as well as to believe in Jesus, believe Jesus, and believe what Jesus believes. It is not just a matter of humbling ourselves and praying, but also a matter of turning from wicked ways.

May the Covenant Lord bless you and keep you by the power of the Holy Spirit. People of nations are not fasting from food, but from activities of daily life. God will have us keep His Sabbaths. Seek Him. Pray His Word back to Him (whether you understand it all or not). 2020 is a year of great surprises. See below.

I pray this time becomes for you a precious opportunity to know Him and the power of His resurrection.

Dr. Mary Craig

Word received for 2020

Jesus Heals a Demonized Man Blind and Mute Tuesday, March 31

As conflicts between Jesus and the religious leaders intensify, Jesus heals a demonized man who is blind and mute. This remarkable healing is given only one verse in Matthew 12:22:

Then they brought him a demon-possessed man who was blind and mute, and Jesus healed him, so that he could both talk and see....

Live Recording at Craighouse: The Fear of the Lord
Friday, March 13

The Giving of Sight to Two Blind Men Sunday, Febrary 16

As Jesus went on from there, two blind men followed him, calling out, "Have mercy on us, Son of David!" When he had gone indoors, the blind men came to him, and he asked them, "Do you believe that I am able to do this?" "Yes, Lord," they replied. Then he touched their eyes and said, "According to your faith let it be done to you"; and their sight was restored. Jesus warned them sternly, "See that no one knows about this." But they went out and spread the news about him all over that region....

Live Recording at Craighouse: The Giving of Sight to Two Blind Men
Sunday, Febrary 16

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