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A Divine Visitation of Sovereign Grace

Table of Contents

      1. Lesson One: Healing, Health, and the Nature of God
      2. Lesson Two: Healing as the Provision of God
      3. Lesson Three: Healing in the Gospels
      4. Lesson Four: Healing in the Apostolic Church
      5. Lesson Five: Ministering Healing Today
      6. Lesson Six: Ministering Healing: God's Place and Your Place
      7. Lesson Seven: Ministering Healing: Your Place and Their Place
      8. Lesson Eight: The Place of Prayer, Fasting, and Obedience
      9. Lesson Nine: Healing and Forgiveness
      10. Lesson Ten: Healing and Curses
      11. Lesson Eleven: Healing and Deliverance
      12. Lesson Twelve: Healing and the Holy Spirit

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