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In this course I have set myself to the challenge of imparting knowledge about divine healing with the objectives of instilling hope and encouraging faith in the Healer such that the people of God will understand that as the emblem of God's covenant, every believer can extend hope and healing to a lost and hurting humanity. How? By embracing three essentials: the nature of God, the provision of God, and the proper response to God.

God is good and good continually. His love flows from a good heart, a mind free of evil. Thus His love does not harm. God is for life, which comes through the light of truth. Whatever God does is for His glory and for our good. Therefore, His perfect love casts out fear. As the God of all hope fills us with hope, as His joy spills over into our souls, as He pours His love into our hearts, as we perceive His desire to bless, provide, protect, relate, and bring us to Himself, we will become all that we behold of Him and likewise extend blessing, hope, unfeigned love, truth, mercy, grace, forgiveness, and all good things to others. We will be instruments of healing, setting the captives free, opening the eyes of the blind, raising the dead, proclaiming the year of the Lord's favor.

We will strive to gain Christ, to see with His eyes, to perceive with His mind, to identify with His heart, to align with His will. By yielding and surrendering, by laying down our hostilities toward God and His word, we will be made whole and thus enabled to help others come to the Source of Sovereign grace.

A family, a neighborhood, a city, an county, a state, a nation is healed one heart at a time, one hand taking the hand of another, one to another. It begins with one taking responsibility, responding to God with the help of the Holy Spirit. It begins with one. It begins with you .

Mary J. Criag
January 1999

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