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Wilt Thou Be Made Whole?

Table of Contents

      1. The Commitment to Wholeness and Healing
        .....Some Scriptures on Salvation in Christ Alone
      2. The Power to Heal
        .....My Worksheet for Change
      3. Principles of Faith
        .....Me as God Sees Me
      4. Repent and Believe
        .....Meditation: a plan
      5. The Place of Forgiveness
        .....Toward Inner Healing
      6. A New Heart Given
        .....Master Spirits of Darkness
        .....A Sample Prayer of Deliverance
        .....A New Heart: A New Identity
        .....1 Corinthians 2:9-14
      7. Repair and Restoration
      8. Your Body and the Lord
        .....The Practice of One Anothering
        .....Developing Spiritual Gifts
      9. The Place of Obedience
        .....Helps for Biblical Interpretation
        .....Probing the Power of the Tongue
      10. Jesus, Our Model: The cost of Discipleship
      11. Meeting with the Master
      12. Walking in the Power of the Holy Spirit
        .....Secrets of Vessels in Use

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