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Worship: To Him Who Sits on the Throne

Table of Contents

      1. You Were Born to Worship
      2. Pursuit and Preparation
      3. Approach and Appeal
      4. Enter into His Gates with Thanksgiving
      5. Be Not Ashamed of the Gospel or the Blood In Your Worship
      6. The True Worship of God
      7. Seated, Sealed, and Singing a New Song
      8. Face to Face with the Father of Glory
      9. When He Passes By
      10. Bear the Stamp of the Sanctuary: Jesus Christ And Him Crucified
      11. Serve the Lord with Gladness in Abandoned Devotion And Worship
      12. In His Presence -- In Him: Distinguishing the Presence from the Person of God
      13. Bringing Heaven to Earth
      14. Hindrances to Worship
      15. Prophetic Worship: Defying the Adversary in Times of Despair
      16. The Spirit of a Son

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