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8/18/17 We have shut down our media account because of unacceptable ads. We hope to have all recordings back up on a new service in a few days. I apologize for the temporary unavailability of the recordings. The MCM web manager.

9/22/17 All recordings have been re-uploaded to our new podcast service. You an access the below recordings via I will update these links soon.

Bible Study Audio Recordings

Special thanks to Marcia M. for doing and managing the recordings, to Wanda B. for "Listen and See", and Mary E. for digitally organizing, titling and uploading them to

All recordings, handout sheets, and printed versions of Craighouse® audio recordings can be accessed at MCM's Friendly Fire Room (MCMTFFR.ORG) or in chronological order on MCM page at

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Just click on the gray X near the top-right of your screen (or in some cases, the lower right-hand corner) when the ads show up. This will not work on some smart phones.

We apologize for the disruption and for anything that is offensive. Please feel free to email me if this is affecting you at [email protected].

All MCM Lesson and Message Recordings

Fridays, Dr. Mary Craig
Wednesdays, Dr. Mary Craig
Sundays, Rev. Jim Craig
Tuesdays, Rev. Jim Craig

What Jesus Taught on the Atonement

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Friday Bible Studies
Dr. Mary Craig

Follow the Lamb
To Him Who Sits on the Throne
Snapshots of the Glory

Follow The Lamb

Follow The Truth: The Incarnation of Jesus

From Lamp to Lampstand

Follow The Lamb Find Restoration

Follow Life

Behold Meet Fellowship with and Follow The Lamb

Follow the Name

Follow The Son

Partake of the Life Given for You

Singing a New Song

Follow the Feasts

Follow the Feasts the Beginning of Signs

The Witness of the Water Blood and Spirit

Finding Living Water

The Sending of the Paraclete

Walking in the Light

To Him Who Sits On The Throne

Face To Face

When He Passes

Abandonment in Worship

Discerning the Voice

Bringing Heaven to Earth Pt 1

Bringing Heaven to Earth Pt 2

Seated Sealed and Sing a New Song

Hindrances to Worship Pt 1

Hindrances to Worship Pt 2

Hindrances to Worship Pt 3

Snapshots of the Glory

Snapshots Of The Glory Introduction

What is The Glory

The Immutability of God

God's Majesty

The Holiness of God

God's Justice

The Wrath of God

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Wednesday Bible Studies
Dr. Mary Craig

The Testimony of Jesus, What He Taught on the Atonement

The Testimony of the Apostles, What They Taught on the Atonement

Prayers of Scripture

The Prayers of the People

The Prayers of the Gospels

The Prayers of Acts

Prayers Conclusion

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Sunday Bible Teaching
Rev. Jim Craig

Sunday Sermons

Atonement and Eternal Destiny

Ask, Seek, Knock

The Eye is the Light of the Body

Sermon on the Mount

Galatians: Break It Down

Galatians: Break It Down -- The Worm is Turned

Galatians: Break It Down -- Judaizers

Galatians: Break It Down 5

God's Map of Authority Structure Pt 8

God's Map of Authority Structure Pt 11

God's Map of Authority Structure Pt 12

God's Map of Authority Structure Pt 14

God's Map of Authority Structure Pt 15

God's Map of Authority Structure Pt 17

God's Map of Authority Structure Pt 19

God's Map of Authority Structure Pt 20

God's Map of Authority Structure: Humility

God's Map of Authority Structure: Civil War

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Tuesday in Depth Bible Studies
Rev. Jim Craig

Gospels In Greek Week 51

Gospels In Greek Week 56

Gospels In Greek Week 58

Biblical Arching Overview

Biblical Arching 

Biblical Tracing

An Inductive Bible Study Pt 1

An Inductive Bible Study Pt 2

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"People bringing people to help and hope in Jesus"

Craighouse® is located in the Pompano Plaza on the SE corner of S. Cypress Rd. (NE 18th Ave.) and McNab Rd. (SE 15th St.). McNab runs East and West parallel to and south of Atlantic Blvd., and north of NE 62ND St. (Cypress Creek Rd. East).

Click for a zoomable Map to Craighouse

Craighouse® Christian Fellowship
An outreach of Mary Craig Ministries
114 E. Mc Nab Road
(In the
Pompano Plaza next to the ProAm Dance Studio)
Pompano Beach, FL 33060
(954) 491-7270

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