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Kevin's Story
Part 2

Kevin's Story, Part 1

June 19, 2007

Dear Dr. Mary Craig,

I am overjoyed to be writing this e-mail to you. It has been a long time since I last wrote. I trust the Lord has been watching over you and your family.
My family in Zimbabwe are fine, and the Lord's hand has been moving powerfully over them.
As promised, I have attached my graduation picture. The actual event, which took place in December last year, only lasted about three hours in all, but it was the culmination of a much drawn out miracle that God had wrought over time.
When I met you, your son Stephen and Sister Susan Smith in London last year, it looked like everything was all going down the drain. Things were really going bad, and it all seemed as if I would have to terminate my studies over my passport situation. However, by the grace of God, I managed to finish my studies and to write the final exams and in July I was awarded a First Class Honours degree in Accounting and Finance! Isn't God great? I didn't know that the Lord had even greater things in store!

As I mentioned last time, the university subsequently gave me a place to study for a Masters degree (International Banking and Finance), but I was in no position to pay the tuition fees. I applied for a scholarship with only 1 day left before the deadline and was overjoyed to receive an e-mail from the university telling me that the scholarship panel had decided to award me a Full-Tuition scholarship (almost $16,000). Did I jump for joy! I submitted my passport again to the authorities to extend my student visa and this time my passport was returned with no problems at all. I could have wept for joy. I am now on my summer break, having just finished my first semester exams. I will finish the course in May next year. Satan's hold and devices upon my life indeed suffered a great blow. I thank you, your family and your church members for continually holding me up in prayers. Without the tremendous support and encouragement I drew from you as you strengthened me in the Lord, despondency may well have eroded my faith in the Lord.

. . .

Also I feel a much stronger inclination towards ministry work. I am a regular member of a Pentecostal church in London and I help in the ministry doing several tasks. I am also on the intercessory team for the church and we meet weekly for this function alone, besides the normal services. Of late, I have been drawn towards ministering to prisoners and I have made some exploratory research in this regard. However, I don't want to go ahead into this activity if it is my own flesh speaking and not the will of the Lord. I feel that it is wise to have more experienced and spiritually mature ministers advise me. Please advise me on whether this is the will of the Lord for me to embark on ministering to the prisons.

My parents had accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour for more than two years now, but what was missing was the water baptism. Satan tried by all means to stop their baptism but I am glad to tell you that he could not prevail against the Lord, for indeed they were baptised.
Now ALL my family members have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, and they are all baptised. All glory be to the Lord God Almighty.

Once again may I thank you for standing with my family and I during very difficult times. May the Lord bless you, your family and the church in every area of your lives. Amen

Sincerely In Christ,

Kevin Mukamba

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