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Fri. Jan. 5, 2018
Word for 2018

Dr. Mary Craig

January 5, 2018: Craighouse

Just as your porch is unfinished and stumbling blocks stand in the way of its completion, so also I the LORD have unfinished business and stumbling blocks are set in the path.

For many are they who in their spiritual pride move in the spirit that was in Jezebel, in a counterfeit spirit, to deceive, to draw aside, to work evil through the law, to hunt men’s souls for Satan. They are clouds without rain, storms without wind, smoke without fire.

But I AM. I send the rain to let there be thriving yielding FRUIT. I send the wind of My Spirit to blow across the lands where I send such to do all My good pleasure. I send the fire, a consuming fire, to consume what is contrary to Me, My nature and ways.

Your porch will be finished and I will finish the plans which I plan.

I will help you. I will prosper you. I will snap the traps that they cannot harm. I will be/am with you to prevail and I will fight, I tell you, fight, for the souls that I have given to My Son.

I will close doors to protect you. I will open doors to show you the way in which you will walk.

2018 will be a year of exposure, escape, encounter, and the everlasting Word. For My Word will prevail in the spirit realm. No one will escape its power. It will not return to Me vain/void. As souls encounter My Word, they will find its truth exposing them.

Some will rage against Me but Mine will bow in humility and fall before Me for mercy.

People will melt under My Hand—Nebuchadnezzar.

Pray I grant repentance, grace, mercy, revelation knowledge, and save to the uttermost.

Even machines hunt men’s souls now to destroy by allure, addiction, theft.

Be lovers of the truth. Be sober and vigilant. Be assured I AM LORD and I faint not neither get weary. I do not wither nor wilt. And I do not lose.

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