Note 1
"He was in spirit-in a condition wholly loosened from the earth-transported by means of the Spirit-into the Lord's day . ."-Seiss

Note 2
Pember says that v. 2 refers to the character of the deceiving spirits and should be read thus: "direct teaching of unclean spirits, who, though bearing a brand on their own conscience, as a criminal is disfigured-would pretend to sanctity (i.e. holiness) to gain credence for their lies . . . "

Note 3
The condition for the deception of evil spirits in this way, and how to distinguish these from the true teaching of the Holy Spirit, will be found in Chapter 6.

Note 4
See Chapter 7.

Note 5
See Chapter 4 on Passivity of conscience through non-use.

Note 6
See Chapter 5 on how evil spirits counterfeit the Presence of God.

Note 7
G. H. Pember.

Note 8
See Chapter 3.