Note 1
See Chapter 12.

Note 2
See Chapter 5 on the counterfeit of the Persons of the Holy Trinity.

Note 3
See Chapter 11 on "Discerning of Spirits."

Note 4
See Chapter 6 on Guidance.

Note 5
See Chapter 12 on the Baptism of the Spirit.

Note 6
See basic fact of the Fall, Chapter 8.

Note 7
See Chapter 10 on sin from evil nature or evil spirits.

Note 8
See Chapter 12 for the true meaning of waiting on God.

Note 9
The Greek word used for receiving the Holy Spirit carries the force of "grasping"—just the opposite condition to passivity.

Note 10
See Chapter 12.

Note 11
See Chapter 6.

Note 12
See Chapter 5 on Substitution In Memory.

Note 13
See Chapter 4 on "Passivity."

Note 14
These two wrongly interpreted passages a basis for passivity

Note 15
Leads to haphazard and unintelligent praying, without seeking to know the will of God.

Note 16
By these attitudes, the "adding to faith," knowledge, is greatly hindered, and those who assume these attitudes take an evil, infallible position, and their advancement in the spiritual life is impeded.