Note 1
In the case of believers the consent is obtained by guile. See pages 101, 104, 111, 183.

Note 2
See pages 96, 145.

Note 3
See obsession, page 108, 109.

Note 4
See pages 36, 37.

Note 5
See pages 118, 119.

Note 6
See pages 95, 143, 145, 162 to 174.

Note 7
See page 165.

Note 8
Page 143.

Note 9
See Chapter 4 on passivity.

Note 10
Cf. pages 96, 110. Also Appendix p. 318.

Note 11
Cf. pages 164-166.

Note 12
Cf. pp. 270-272.

Note 13
By Herr Seltz. An evangelist of repute in Germany.

Note 14
This book is circulating amongst deeply devoted believers, and is held by some as of equal value with the Bible.

Note 15
From The Overcomer of 1910.

Note 16
J. Grasset, "Le psychisme inferieur," 1906, writes:--"Psychical proceedings fall into two groups; (1) those of a higher order--conscious, volitional, free; (2) those of a lower class--unconscious, mechanical, involuntary." On this subject Dr. Naum Kotik says in "The Emanation of Psycho-physical Energy":--"Under ordinary conditions in the activity of the brain, the sub-consciousness hardly makes itself felt, and for this reason we have no suspicion of its existence. There are conditions of the psyche, however, such as somnambulism, in which the sub-consciousness comes to the front, takes over the complete control, and forces the super-consciousness back into the position in which it (viz., the sub-consciousness) rightfully belongs. The actions which attest the activity of the sub-consciousness independently of the super-consciousness, are usually termed automatic.

Note 17
From The Overcomer.

Note 18
Prayer is a great factor in keeping the body thus in its right place, i.e., dominated by the spiritual.