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I am a Holy God, Everywhere I Dwell is Holy

June 15, 2007
Word received by Dr. Mary Craig

I am a holy God and where I am is holy, for I am holy. Therefore, bless those places where I dwell. As I dwelt in Jerusalem, it became holy because it became My city, the place where I dwelled. But they profaned Me there--My Name, My ways.

And now they profane Jerusalem and every nation of the world is affected. They profane Jerusalem on the earth because these think I dwell there and so they seek to profane Me and My Holy Name. But now they widen their profanity for they are seeing that I dwell in My people, those who know Me as the God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ. I dwell in Mine and so now they reproach and profane My people in whom I live that these may profane Me.

They are not hidden from My sight.

O Remnant of My people, those whom I call by My Name, hide in Me now for the fierceness of My wrath, My indignation, will pour forth as the fire of My jealousy burns against those that touch the apple of My eye.

I have set My affection upon you, O Remnant of My people, and the reproach that falls on you falls on Me.

Am I not the LORD? Do I not see? Where can they hide from My Spirit? Ps 139 Do they think they will escape My judgment? Fools say in their hearts, "there is no god." Yet something in them curses My people, rises in revolt against holiness, truth, and justice. As they do, so shall it be done to them. They corrupt themselves.

Hide in Me, O Remnant, in the crags of the Rock. And watch, for I will bring the great whore to desolation and I will purify My place, every place where My Name rests and every place where I AM, where I dwell.

Be sanctified. Be a sanctuary for My Spirit. Bless every person who is holy, Mine, My people, and bless where My Name dwells. For judgment comes to the nation. The Day is at hand. Will you be ready? Do you strain, as does My creation, to look for Me, your Bridegroom? Does your heart desire Me as I desire you? Rise and shine for the light comes and the darkness of your morass will be exposed and I shall see what is in the hearts of My people.

Be sanctified for I come in glory. I love you.

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