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Suffering, Compromise and Truth

Received by Mary Craig
March 12, 2010

The way has been opened now in the Middle East. Well done, faithful servants. I called and you answered. I sent and you went.

Do not fear for the days ahead, but hold fast to sound, healthy, correct doctrine, to truth, for those with itching ears are being deceived and led astray by the lust of their eyes, the lust of their flesh, and the pride of life.

Remember the charge to Timothy. Be a Timothy-God honoring.

Honor Me and I will honor you. I will care for you and fight your battles.

The people suffer and there is much suffering. This suffering will increase and come in many forms. People will find offense and nurse their wounds instead of joining their wounds to the wounds, to the woundedness of Jesus. Therefore they will carry offense and unforgiveness in their hearts that will fester and rise up to defile many in the Church. Churches will split and Satan will have a field day and wreak havoc.

Those that say, "Peace and love" will find that their compromises have brought them to the altars of demons because they forsook the truth.

I AM the truth. Therefore these forsake Me. Nevertheless, they will stand to appear before the Lord Jesus Christ at His appearing and what will they be? Vessels of gold and silver [teachers of the truth] or vessels of wood and earth [false teachers - 2 Timothy 2.20]

By the Spirit of Burning and the Spirit of Judgment, we will see.

The battle rages for the dividing of the nations comes, the rise of some and the fall of others. Kingdoms falling. Kingdoms rising.

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