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The Day Dawns

May 30, 2003

Be careful. Watch and pray. I am coming on the clouds with My holy angels. And will you be ready at My appearing?

Take care. You go here and there, but to Me you do not come. I AM. Besides Me there is no Savior. I AM. Source and Supplier. Who else?

Worship Me. Am I not the Creator worthy of your worship? Who in all creation is greater than I? Even Lucifer cannot be matched to My glory. In pride he thought to be as I, but I AM the LORD. So he fell.

And so shall they who worship the beast. Prepare, for the day dawns. It comes with the rising sun. And the beast comes in the form and image of a man.

You do not see the true beast, but he is in your midst. Seek Me, and I will reveal truth to you.

But more than this, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. Love truth. Stay clean before Me, that you may hear My voice. Obey My Spirit.

Grace. Trust to be kept by My mighty power. Be strong, I say. For the day dawns. Some are asleep. They see it not. But even if they see it not, hear. Taste. Smell. Feel.

I am coming. It is dark now, but the day dawns. Behold, I am coming in the clouds.

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