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Word for the U.S.

Word received by Marcia Murray
February 6, 2008

Tornados struck several southern states and close to 60 people were reported dead. At a certain university that was hit, no one was killed, though several were seriously injured.

Fox News spoke with a student, and she reported her encounter with this tragedy. She was in a tub with five other students while the tornado hit. She said she was praying out loud as it was occurring, and then she stopped. One of the students said something to the effect, "Please don't stop." She said in her story that it was all God's doing (their protection), no question. His hand was over this situation.

But as her interview passed, the Lord said,

"To speak His name only in time of tragedy is a tragedy... It is not only politically correct to pray during times of tragedy.

"If you as a nation want protection from the Most High God -- it must be consistent, not only during times of good and plenty. A track record -- ongoing -- do I require. Fill your prayer bank accounts. Do not wait till destruction is upon you, U.S. I the Lord require fellowship -- obedience -- confidence to approach Me. Be as lambs seeking fresh grass.

"Always be aware, the devil your adversary is seeking to devour -- your land -- your blood (people, animals) -- your crops. Do not be deceived -- it is an ongoing battle. How do I do battle on your behalf, U.S., if you do not seek Me -- continuously?

"You look to national leaders? What for? How can they protect you? How can they provide for you? Do they acknowledge Me? Do they thank Me? Do they worship Me? No, they seek their own -- their thrones -- their agendas. They mock My name -- they scorn My law -- they desecrate My people. Seek Me while I can be found. If I hide My face from your lands, your borders, U.S., will you look at your leaders? Ha -- Wake up.

"Your deliverance is at hand. Will you, nation U.S. turn to Me? I will wait and see. Days are coming and plans are in action to see your complete destruction. The weather is only a tangible outpouring -- You have no awareness/clue of what is happening in the heavenlies. Be of good cheer. I have overcome the world. Seek My face, My hand has the power to reverse what is at hand. Speak peace to the turmoil. Speak life to the ground. Cry, mourn, weep, for there are many who rise up against you. But seek the glory of the Lord."

M.M. [The author prefers to remain anonymous]

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