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Word Received July 16, 2021

Word Received by Dr. Mary Craig
July 16, 2021 (home)

Something big is going to happen. For I am a big God and I do spectacles. I am holy and what I do comes from My holy heart. I am a Spirit, eternal, infinite, and unchangeable in My Being. I am the self-existent One. I am the only wise God, the Just One, the God of all Grace, good, beautiful. I am truth. My mercies are new every morning. You cry in the night season but in the morning you have joy. I give you the joy of My salvation.

Watch and pray, for what is impossible for you is not impossible for Me. I turn hearts. I judge in righteousness; just and true are My judgments. My way is consistent.

I see what is happening in the hearts of all people. I know their thoughts. I see when people plot evil as they lie in their beds. I know what is in each person. I am the Creator with all knowledge, all knowing. I am everywhere present. I am omnipotent and when I work I expend no energy because I am the Source. What is difficult for you is not difficult for Me.

Why is it so difficult, you ask. Trust in Me. Lean not upon your own understanding, for I am a God who plans. I have plans and the power to execute what is in My heart to do. Align yourself to Me, My Word, My Ways, My will. I bring to pass all My good pleasure.

Do not fear. Seek Me and learn of Me, for I am the faithful one. Open your heart to Me for I call to you from the depths of My heart. You are loved.

I will have pity on My people. I turn the course of history; I change the impact of what is meant for evil. They plot but I plan. Many are being given over to their reprobate minds, but My eye is on Mine, on the Remnant. I will save; I will deliver.

The operating spirit is global. You must think beyond your self, your family, your region, your nation now. You will see, for I will open your eyes. As I bring judgment, sifting, sorting, separating, sanctifying, and stripping, remember that it is through judgment that deliverance comes. I sent My Son, Jesus, to deliver. This great deliverance, this salvation, is not to be neglected, compromised, mocked, hidden, for though Satan has his day, his time is short. The LIGHT will show up and shine into the darkness to shoot down My enemies. Be strong, therefore, and persevere. No one escapes, but Mine receive grace and Life. So be strong and courageous. Look and live.

The spirit of the world, the spirit of fear, the perverse spirit, rebellion, and disobedience rise in hatred of Me. The king of destruction gives orders to his along with Leviathan and the king of torment. This is an onslaught on a global scale but with a tribal spirit. It is by My power that all things hold together. My Word…I speak and it is done.

As the kings and the kingdom of darkness gather together against the Lord and against His Anointed, remember Psalm 2. Pay homage to the Son…

The words of My mouth are truth, and your life depends upon that truth. I, the Holy One, am with you to prevail. Overcome in Me.

Come apart, come alone, come away, and pray unto Me. Isaiah saw Me high and lifted up. Seek Me, and I will show you great and mighty things you know not of.

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