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Words received concerning God's Word, heart, plans and coming to Jerusalem, Israel and the nations

Jerusalem's Destiny: Scriptures and comments on the the destiny of Jerusalem and the return of Jesus Christ as King of Israel and the nations. (Posted 6/15/2003)

O Jerusalem, Jerusalem: About the first call to Jerusalem, Israel, February 1999


I am gathering Israel 5/12/00
...I am gathering them in. Watch as I gather them in, watchman. Watch and pray. Get ready. Be ready, for My glory comes. You shall see it, though you may not believe it, lean and strain to see - Romans 9-11 - for I am coming. I am gathering all Israel of every tribe and every nation....

Watch what I will do 6/23/00
Watch what I will do, O watchman on the wall. Watch the mountain that I will make into a plain. Watch the mountain that before you O Zerubbabel will become rubble. I will make crooked places straight. I will divide the mountain. I will shake the earth. I will shake the kingdoms of the earth. I will shake the nations of the earth. For I am coming saith the Lord. I am coming in great power and great glory, and they shall know that I am the LORD, and they shall bow. For I am gathering the nations to Me, before me. And I will separate the nations before Me. To the left and to the right. I am calling forth the resurrection of the nations.

God is watching Jerusalem 11/17/00 [U.S. Presidential election results/legal crisis]
The world is watching America. God is watching Jerusalem.

Jerusalem belongs to the LORD 12/1/00
"Jerusalem, Jerusalem, they are stabbing at the heart…."
Jerusalem belongs to the LORD. They are making the fact that Jerusalem belongs to God political. It's not political, it's spiritual.


Watch Jerusalem 3/30/01
Look at Jerusalem, O watchman on the wall. Is this the city where peace reigns? Where righteousness reigns? I am coming to you, Jerusalem. And you will know the One Whom you pierced, the King-Priest of Jerusalem. For I am coming to you, Jerusalem....

Dividing of the nations over Jerusalem 5/11/01
O watchman, O watchman, behold, I am setting kingdom [against kingdom]; the kingdoms of this world to the right and to the left, as the kingdoms of this world are becoming the kingdoms of My Christ, My Son. O watchman, they gather together, but not by Me. To plot, to conspire. This is the great compromise....

Watchman of the city 6/1/01
Jerusalem is the city on the hill. Lift up your voice like a trumpet. Spare not. Declare the sins of the people to the people....

My city, Jerusalem. Do not forget her. 8/24/01
Jerusalem, Jerusalem. My city, Jerusalem. Do not forget her. Hold up the prophecies before Me, that I may fulfill them in your hearing. Do not be despairing, or despairing of life. For I am alive and alive forever more....

All that is going on is about Jerusalem 9/21/01
Remember, all that is going on is about Jerusalem. The nations are now being divided. Watch the valley of Jehoshaphat. Are they not even now being separated? Who is on the LORD's side?...

Where am I? 10/5/01
Where am I? Where am I? I am running across the mountains. I am running across the mountains. I am running across the hills and down into the valleys. I am running to the streams and across the rivers. The earth is the LORD's and the fullness thereof; the world and they that dwell therein. I am outside the camp. I am at the right hand of the Father. I have prepared my army. I am on a white horse. I am raising the banner.

O do not forget Jerusalem. Watch Jerusalem...


Jerusalem, I am coming to you 3/8/02
Jerusalem, Jerusalem, I am coming to you in power and in great glory. You are My beloved city. How can I give you up? I will come and I will fight for you. I will stand with My people, and I will fight My enemies. I will push them back -- and down -- until they are no more.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

What Are they doing to my city? 5/3/02
What are they doing to My city and to the place of My Son's birth [Bethlehem]? Am I not God? Have they no fear? Will I not bring to pass every prophetic word spoken by My servants the prophets? My Son has spoken. All He has said shall be fulfilled....

It's time to find your place in the kingdom 5/24/02
It's time to enter the kingdom. It's time for you to find your place in the kingdom. The walls of salvation are around you. It is time to let the Lord in. Open the door, and He will come in and fellowship with you.

Jerusalem, My Jerusalem, how My heart aches for you 6/21/02
Jerusalem, My Jerusalem, how My heart aches for you, cries for you, intercedes for you now. Oh, the bloodshed in your streets. The blood cries out to Me for justice and I have heard the cry. I am the Lord, the strength of Israel, Jehovah Makkeh, the God of Recompense.

Return unto Me, and I will return unto you. Repent of your idolatries and your disbelief, your unbelief, 2 Kings 17. Repent, for I am coming to you in judgment to deliver you....

Jerusalem is in trouble 7/19/02
Jerusalem is in trouble, but I am her Deliverer. Yet she does not call that I may answer. I seek for a remnant, but where is the remnant of My people?

Prepare for war. I am coming now in judgment, for did I not send My Son? You did not heed My servants the prophets. Nor do you heed My Son. So now what? Am I lax? Will I not fulfill My Word to you? Prepare for slaughter, for unless you repent of your evil deeds and iniquities, I will visit your transgressions with the rod and your iniquities with stripes. I will remember your iniquities though you do not receive as your iniquities deserve....

Pray for the watchmen 9/6/02
Pray for the watchmen, that they keep their post, that they do not falter, or grow weary. Watch! Guard! For I the Lord guard the city, even as you watch the gates. Guard what is committed to you. Keep what is entrusted to you. I the Glory of the Lord and the Rear Guard of Israel, I the Lord love justice. I hate robbery in the burnt offering. Watch Jerusalem, keep to your post. Pray. For I hear the cries of My people. Prepare for the unexpected appearing of Jesus Christ.

I am coming with clouds 11/8/02
I am the Lord your God. I am coming with clouds, and every eye will see Me. Now it begins. Now it starts. put your ear to heaven, and you will hear the sound, yet no one knows the day or how the preparations are being made.

Prepare your heart. Prepare your mind, for the great and terrible Day of the Lord is at hand. Find your rest in Me. Have stability in yourself. Keep both ears open for the Voice of the Lord. Keep oil in your lamps. Do not forsake the assembling of yourselves together, for the Day is approaching. Forebear with one another. Serve one another in love. Above all, follow Me. I am the Lord your God. I am coming with clouds, and every eye will see Me. Now it begins. Now it starts. Prepare your souls to meet your Maker. Even now, the angels stand ready to reap, to sift, to sort, to separate....

Prepare. I am coming. 11/22/02
The camp fires burn. The home fires burn. The cannons give off their shots. All around is fire, but where is the fire of My Presence? Who will come to My camp fire, My home fire? Who will come to have the enemy destroyed?

Weep and wail for the woes that are coming to the earth., Stay alert. Wake up. Watch and pray. I am coming. It is almost. Soon, and all things are ready. Are you?

Prepare your hearts, your minds to meet your Maker. Put your ear to the wind. Listen to the rustling of angels' wings. I am coming. Can you not hear the excitement of heaven? All heaven prepares. They prepare for a great celebration, the consummation of the covenant, the marriage feast of the Lamb....


Many will die unless you pray 2/25/03
Come now, and I will tell you what I am about to do.
Many will die unless you pray to avert My wrath. It is your part in bringing to completion My perfect will. Seek Me for peace, that in wrath I will remember mercy. Bring to Me what you know of My graciousness, lovingkindness, grace. Call Me to remember My covenant with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob ==> Jesus, the New Covenant in the blood of My only Son. Point Me to the blood, that the elect will all come in....

I will protect My city 3/8/03
Come now, and watch what I will do. I will protect My city, Jerusalem. I will and have placed the walls of David around her.

Do you see her foes gathering as a storm? Black clouds, darkening skies. But I have Mine, My servants who do My will! They will not be daunted nor succumb to the taunts and cries of the enemy.

I am coming. Surely, I am coming. Every eye will see Me. I will come in glory and great power. Get ready. Be ready -- I will manifest Myself to those who seek and love My appearing. Will you see?

I am the Good Shepherd 3/21/03
The wall of David is around Jerusalem this very night, but few have the heart of David to seek after the LORD. Therefore, I will come and purge My city. I will pass through looking for Mine.

I will break their shackles, loose them from their chains. Prepare the way of the LORD, for I have struck the shepherds, and the sheep are scattered. But I will find them. For I am the Good Shepherd. I lay down My life for the sheep, and I am the Chief Shepherd.

Come now, you who go to and fro, to and fro. What do you seek? You seek peace, but not Me. I am peace. You take up the sword, but not My sword. Nor the Word of God. You say you love My law, yet you do not keep it. Your hearts are defiled. You call yourself Israel, but I do not rule, so Ishmael is there to remind you. You have not entered the promise. Repent, for the Day of the LORD is at hand. Watch Me. Watch and pray.

I come for you, Jerusalem 4/4/03
I come for you, Jerusalem. I come for you, for you are My city. I will pour My Spirit upon you. I will move through your streets into every nook and cranny. I will come with the fire of My love and purge you of your leaven. I will purify you and prepare you for My appearing. And I will come to you, Jerusalem. I will come in power and great glory. And to those who love My appearing, I will reward you with a crown, a crown of compassion, as one who shares My passion.

Repent and turn to Me, you ends of the earth. Repent, for I am coming to purge.

"Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them also that love his appearing." 2 Tim. 4:8

Who weeps for My city? / Your redemption draws nigh. 4/18/03
Jerusalem, Jerusalem. Who weeps for My city? Did I not enter her gates and speak to her? Did I not come? But here she lies -- in hypocrisy, in idolatry. I shall come in a most excellent glory. Even now the preparations are complete.
Look, look, for your redemption draws nigh. Rejoice at My resurrection, at My restoration of your soul, at My redemption of your body. I am the Lord, the Holy One of Israel, and I come for a holy bride. I am, and there is no other savior.


What is coming? 5/6/03
What is coming? What is coming? I am coming, says the LORD of Hosts. I am coming with a mighty army of Mine, and I will cover the earth with My glory.

I will speak, and it shall be so. As I pursue and defeat My enemies, they will fall before Me and Mine as nothing. For am I not the Creator, Jehovah Elohim?...

I rebuild the tabernacle of David 7/18/03
And now look O watchman on the wall. Watch as I rebuild the tabernacle of David, as I make of My people, My Body, a temple not made with hands. Watch for the glory of this temple to burst forth, shining out into the darkness of night.

For it is the night of the Day of the Lord, and I am shining out as the light in the temple of My people in the New Jerusalem in My holy hill, Zion. I am glorious, and I glorify Mine, all in whom I dwell.

Run to the waters and drink, and I will fill your souls and refresh your spirits. I am the Lord, the Holy One in your midst, and I am doing a new work in you, My people, but I am not bringing a new word, for I have spoken and I also will do it. Now it is time. Now it springs forth. Those who have eyes will see it and rejoice. I will manifest Myself to those who even now look for My appearing....


Who is a Jew? 11/14/04
One is a Jew who is one inwardly. Who is the true Jew? The one who knows Me the Messiah and who follows Me, who follows My laws and ways, who hears and obeys My voice.

There are many who call themselves Jews but are not, but are of the synagogue of satan. I am coming to judge the thrones and I will establish My throne in all the earth. The earth is the Lord's
Ps 24 and I am coming for what is Mine. [Rom. 3:28,28, Rev. 2:9, 3:9]

I am coming in judgment and in great glory. The world has only a glimpse of My glory. My power - Ask of Me and I will show you great and mighty things which you known not of.

The fall of Babylon comes. The fall of Jerusalem will be as nothing compared to the kingdoms that will topple in My coming.

And I will judge the earth in righteousness and I will proclaim peace. As you know that the Judge of all the earth does right, you will come into My peace. In Me is Peace.


Things coming upon the earth
And [the Jews] shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled
And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;
Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.
And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory
And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.
Jesus to his disciples, Luke 21:24-27

See "All that is going on is about Jerusalem", "I am preparing my bride", and others.

Rise up1/30/05
Touch His grace.
I am the Lord of the Covenant. My glory will cover the earth.
I am sounding the alarm.
I am coming in clouds.

I break the power of confusion. I break the power of confusion. I speak order into chaos. The Holy Spirit comes as creative God and brings order into chaos, into confusion.

Rise up. Rise up. Rise up above the constant chatter. Rise up to highest place where the cackling of devils stops. There is the refuge, a rest, a resurrection, a place of rejoicing. It's in Tabernacles where there is order . . . harmony . . . unity . . . beauty of holiness. It is a holy place. The Holy of Holies. A place of worship....
. . .

I am the Holy One of Israel. They will cry peace, peace in a land that knows no peace. Keep your eyes open O watchman on the wall. Look at My city, Jerusalem. Do not see with the wisdom of men. Go back and see with the wisdom of Christ. They will say, "There He is. "Here He comes." I will confound the wisdom of the wise. Where is Holy Jerusalem?

The earth only
begins to quake. Those who destroy the earth will be destroyed by it. (Rev. 11.14-19, esp. v 18)...

Israel, My glory 5/13/05
All day long I have reached out My hands and My heart to a stiff necked and rebellious people. I have called them to repent. I have taken them to Me in covenant, yet they persist in their rebellious ways and will not turn that I might heal them.

How long do I put up with them? How long do I hear their complaints, the cries of their lusts, their greed, their pride, their iniquities. I tell you, their iniquities will be their downfall, unless they come to Me with a proper offering, a proper sacrifice.

And what is that? Is it not Messiah, My anointed whom I have sent?...

My body, my bride 6/3/05
O watchman on the wall, are you seeing what I am doing in My Body? I am coming in power, and every eye will see Me, from the smallest to the greatest. These will fear My Name and glory in My presence. They will know Me as I know them, and there will be unity in Me, fellowship and love in the Body.

The Body will be the sanctuary of My Spirit, and will move to carry My glory to the ends of the earth. My fullness is coming. Get ready, for I am power and great glory. Watch for Me. Lean forward and look for My appearing. Open your eyes, for your redemption draws nigh. I will heal. I will do miracles, for I am the Miracle Worker. I am He who was dead and behold, I am alive forevermore....

How can I give you up Ephraim? 11/4/05
How can I give you up Ephraim? Does not My heart churn within Me? I formed you in the womb and called you out of darkness. I cradled you in My arms and held you close to My heart. I cried with you and rejoiced with you. I carried you across seas and land. I love you. And today I remember My Covenant with Abraham, with Isaac, and with Jacob, and I remember the Land....


Word for Jerusalem and the nations 1/13/06
Watch, O watchman on the wall, and see what happens in My city Jerusalem, for I am on the move, and no one and nothing will stop Me from fulfilling all My good pleasure.

You will see it with your eyes what I do in Jerusalem for I am visiting that city, and I will judge between what is dead and what is living, and many will know this day of visitation.

The nations are gathering -- taking sides, and I will judge the nations in the Valley of Decision. Who is mine? Where is My name honored? Who promotes justice in the land and preserves My truth? Where is the nation that acts in righteousness?

You will be surprised as My decision rolls from My throne of justice, and justice rolls down like water from before Me.

Take heed. For I AM and there is no other. The days of repentance grow shorter. Take heed, I say. Tell the people to repent, and I will receive them if they return to Me.

Do you see? Will you look to Me? 7/21/06
Do you see their hearts' desire against My city Jerusalem? Do you see, O watchman on the wall, what they plot on their beds in the night seasons? Do you see that even now the cloak of righteousness is falling and with the dismantling of this cloak, their lawlessness will be revealed and the motives of their evil hearts will be exposed?

O My people, My people, prepare for war. For even now the kings of the earth stand ready to gather together as one to fight against My holy hill, to slay the Creator and take His place. Psalm 2

Yet they follow the Plan for I AM Creator and Redeemer and I will redeem My people. Behold I am coming with clouds and I will restore all things to Myself and I will usher forth a new heavens and a new earth. I am He who formed you in the womb and I will bring you into the glory of My presence....

Where is the true Jerusalem? 8/4/06
Do you see? They seek the destruction of Jerusalem. And will Jerusalem be destroyed? Where is the true Jerusalem of My people? Where is the Eternal City wherein My Name dwells? You watch Jerusalem but shall they worship Me on this hill or that mountain? What is true worship that pleases Me?

Call upon Me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things you know not of. I will reveal My plan, the plans I have in My heart, My heart’s desire. And who will carry My heart? Who will agree with My plans and decrees? Who will abide in Me and on My holy hill? Psalm 24


What do you see? 6/1/07
O watchman on the wall, what do you see? Do you see Me working in the affairs of men? Do you see Me working in hearts, to turn them from the evil way? Do you see the results of My wind blowing across lands and nations, the wind of My Spirit?

Watchman, look not only to the hills of Jerusalem now, but to the world, the cosmos, for I am doing something in your midst that will astound and amaze, that will comfort some and strike terror in others....

The Kingdom and prophecy -- Not before God's time 6/8/07
O Watchman on the wall, keep your eye on Jerusalem, for things are going on behind the scenes in secret and these, certain ones, seek to bring about by force My kingdom. These, certain ones, want to do things to put into motion events to force the fulfillment of prophecies spoken by My servants the prophets.

Nevertheless, even if Satan himself inspires his earthly hosts to work events concerning My kingdom, to thwart Me and My Word, he cannot cause My Word to fail. For all things will work together to the performance of My will and of My good pleasure. I will stand, and he will fall....

I am a Holy God, everywhere I dwell is holy 6/15/07
I am a holy God and where I am is holy, for I am holy. Therefore, bless those places where I dwell. As I dwelt in Jerusalem, it became holy because it became My city, the place where I dwelled. But they profaned Me there--My Name, My ways....

And now they profane Jerusalem and every nation of the world is affected. They profane Jerusalem on the earth because these think I dwell there and so they seek to profane Me and My Holy Name. But now they widen their profanity for they are seeing that I dwell in My people, those who know Me as the God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ. I dwell in Mine and so now they reproach and profane My people in whom I live that these may profane Me.

Lord, reveal Your heart for Jerusalem 6/15/07
Lord do you want us to pray for Jerusalem? Lord, reveal to us your heart for Jerusalem, your city, your holy city.
Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem, city of exiles. We are strangers in a strange land. My city Jerusalem is a shadow of the heavenly Jerusalem, the city of God, the city not made with hands.
The enemy tries to subdue you, to capture you, to annihilate you, the shadow of that city which is to come; but you are mine....


Jerusalem, Christ and the nations, witches, vengeance, I alone save. 3/21/08
O watchman on the wall, Behold and see what they do in My city Jerusalem, for do they not know that My Name is there? Shall I withhold My peace? Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Behold the nations gather against the Lord and against His Christ. They conspire, but I sit in the heavens and laugh. Ps. 2

For the nations are given to My Son as His inheritance and behold, He comes in glory with all His saints and will rule and reign and every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord....

I am the Holy One of Israel 6/15/08
The time of the Gentiles comes to a close
They cry for change, but fail to discern
I will judge and I will spare
I am the Holy One of Israel in your midst. I am He who lives forevermore. A am He who raises the dead and who causes the thunder to be heard with peels heard around the globe. And I am about to roar with a roar that will be heard across the Middle East. I am thundering and My Voice will be heard and not silenced.

They cry to Me and I have turned away from the deaf ear, but now I will open deaf ears and blind eyes and they will both hear and see what I am about to do.

For I tell you the time of the Gentiles comes to a close [Luke 21:10-28, Rom 11:22-32] and I whose Name is jealous will fulfill jealousy in those of Abraham. Rom 11 And they will see the One they pierced [Zech 12, Acts 2] and scriptures will cause them to tremble, e.g. one man to die for the nation [Jn 11:50-53]; e.g. his blood be on us and our descendants [Mat 27:22-26]; e.g. Acts 13:13-50

And many of the Jews and those appointed to life will come by the droves, their eyes opened and their ears. And I will turn their hearts that they might be healed. And not they only but all who are Mine as the Father has given inheritance.

Behold, the war comes and do not fear but rejoice. Know the seasons. Prepare for war. Watch and be ready. Stand faithful now and overcome....

Inside the veil, outside the camp 6/20/08
Man, My law and Israel

To live within the Veil is to live outside the camp. Deep pain comes to the soul as the veil is rent. Brokenness, stillness, cherubim guarding the Holiest. The soul comes to the end of itself. The more it fights in pride the more it is crushed. The salt preserves and gives flavor to the fragrance produced in the mixing of the incense sweet to the Father.

It is a soul dead to sin and alive to righteousness. It is a soul dead to self, selfishness, self-preservation, self-assertion. It is a soul dead to lies, deceit, to the dictates of the flesh and the devil. It is a soul over which Satan has no rule, dominion, authority, say.

It is the end of separation from all that separates from Me a holy God. The spirit [human] joins to My Spirit in salvation and here the soul in surrender to Me is infused with My Life to live surely. With life flowing to the soul the body lives until all is life and no death remains.

Come to the waters and drink. Come to the Mercy Seat secure in the Father's love. See in the Ark the treasure that is the Law. See the treasure of the Manna and the Rod that buds. The Law is life because the Law is love....

Calling the nations to the Great War 8/1/8
Something about calling all the nations to the Great War. We prayed for a repeat, based on Jer. 36:28 & 32

Gather the nations to the Great War, I am coming with clouds 8/8/8
Go, Watchman on the wall, gather the nations to the Great War. I am coming with clouds and I will be glorified on earth. I will fill the earth with My glory.
. . .

Be faithful untio the end and I will give you the crown of life.

I am visiting the nations.... Prepare yourself.... Overcome.... 12/26/08
Pray O Watchman on the wall, for I am visiting your nation and the nations of the world/earth in judgment. Look - they go after the no-gods. They do not acknowledge Me, Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, Redeemer of My people.

I will begin in Jerusalem (Acts 1:8) and move out to the uttermost parts of the earth just as the gospel moved out. I will see what they have done with My Word, My Son, My Covenant, My gospel. And I will judge righteously (Gen 18:25) in accordance with the Word.

I will deliver My people. Do not fear or be alarmed. Search the Scriptures to prepare yourself. Overcome. The times are in My hands. The Word is near you.

Draw close to Me, hope, hiding. Fill your mind and heart with My Word so that no one can take it from you. I am with you to prevail in the Great War.


Watch, I AM coming, hold fast to My word 1/16/09
O watchman on the wall, watch Jerusalem now for Condi Rice has been My servant. She has prayed, sought my face for My will and I have given her favor, steadfastness, strength, discipline, and graciousness in her position.

Watch now Jerusalem for you will soon see what I will do, for, yes, change is coming. But do not think all change is good for the mere sake of change.

Watch Egypt now and put your ears close for the treaties and stipulations coming forth. History will repeat itself -- like a nation / Pharaoh who did not know Joseph and like a nation who knows not the LORD and the Book of the LORD....

Go back to Israel 3/14/09
Go back to Israel. I will tell you when.
Pray Lamentations - Weep and wail. For the woes that will come to My city.
You will go back to the Galilee...
to the place where I met My disciples

My heart churns within Me. Will you carry My heart for My city?

Cry, cry for My people 3/20/09
Cry, Cry for My People.
Cry, Cry for My holy city.

Weep and lament over Jerusalem, that holy city which has gone to the dogs, filled with idolatries, filled with adulteries.

Weep. Cry for the impending destruction of My holy city.

For I am coming and every eye will see Me. And that New Jerusalem will come down from heaven and I will be in the midst, dwelling in the midst of My holy people, those I have called and chosen from every tribe and every tongue.

Watch, O watchman on the wall as I do what no man can do. Watch as I the LORD prevail over My enemies.
I AM the LORD.

Prepare Me, prepare Me a place in your heart - no idols, no other thrones - for I will have you. I own you.

Do not fear. Proclaim Me LORD and devils will tremble at My Name. Their time is short and they wonder for the terror of their end but stand and overcome in My Name. Do not be moved.

I AM that Rock - I AM the Holy One of Israel. I AM He.

The Galilee 4/3/09
The Galilee. The Galilee.
Watch O Watchman what they conspire to do with the Galilee. The place where I taught; walked, preached, healed. The LAND, the LAND.

You will go to the Galilee and read/proclaim every verse on "Galilee." You will recall Me in the Galilee. For the enemy comes to desecrate the Galilee, to defile what I cleansed, to desecrate, to destroy.

I will prevail. And you will carry My Voice. My Word, and I will destroy with the breath of My mouth, with the Sword of the Spirit.

The war against Apollyon begins. Join ranks with Me. I am coming and no one will stop Me.


My Burden, My Pain 5/15/09 (Added 8/6)
For look how they plot and scheme to overthrow Jerusalem. And yet all that is written will be done. Weep and wail for the woes coming to earth. Weep and wail for the grievous things about to transpire. For as they have grieved My Holy Spirit, so will I let them feel grief and know sorrows. I will do to them as they have done to Me. Yet will I show mercy, for the/no one could handle My grief.

Do they share My burden? Do they feel My pain? Yet they will suffer to know Me. Pray the days are shortened.
Pray to be ready.
Watch, O Watchman on the Wall.
Watch and pray.

I am stirring things up in the Middle East 6/19/09

I am stirring things up in the Middle East.

O watchman on the wall, will you hear their cries? They cried slogans – Death to America. Death to Israel. Death to Britain. As they have said, so I will do to them. For I am a holy God and I will not be mocked. I am a roaring lion.

The roar of Zion. The Lion roars. Roars. The roar out of Zion. The Lion of Judah; Roars. With a roar – I will be heard over the entire Middle East. The Lion of Judah roars. Out of Zion – Roar. The Lord will roar out of Zion and roar from Jerusalem.
... One third will die. [Rev. 9:13-18 also Zech. 2; 13:6-14:21]

The stench of sin, the stench of Jerusalem 8/21/09

Do you smell the stench in this room tonight? It is the stench of sin, the stench of the unclean, the homeless, the orphaned, of those who have set their course against Me, My will, My ways, My plan. They defy My Word, doing all they can to prove it false.

And others in their pride resist My Holy Spirit, refusing to budge.

Is there competitor? Is there any real contest? Am I not GOD after all?

And this stench is nothing compared to the stench rising up to Me from Jerusalem! Look, O Watchman, for I am coming to Jerusalem and when I do every eye will see Me, even those who pierced Me. And how sad will they be? And what will they say in their hearts? What?

I am the Lion of Judah and I am roaring with a roar that will be heard over all the Middle East.

Watch, O Watchman, for who defies the Living God? The dead idols? The death of their sin?

I will be glorified and My glory will cover the earth. My Son's prayer (Jn 17) will be answered. You will see.

"Let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream." Amos 5:24

I am coming; prepare for Me 8/28/09
Do you see the death in My city Jerusalem? But My Holy One did no corruption and My people find in Him life.

I am coming for a holy Bride. And I will purify My people, separate them from sin and things leading to death, that they might be pure vessels filled with My glory.

I am coming with clouds and every eye will see Me. Prepare for the Day of Visitation of your God for I am a consuming fire and I will purify, sanctify.

Prepare a body for Me and let My people say, henceforth to do Your will, O God. For My will sets the boundaries of life. Let My people L I V E.

(Received by Israel team member)
My law is the sword. My truth is coming to Israel. They seek to draw maps, but My truth knows no boundaries.

(Received by Israel team member 9/23 & 24)
My people have forsaken Me. Have I forsaken them?
The people in Israel are walking a thin line. They seek after no-gods, but their no-gods are no good.
Do not go near the Golan Heights.

My peace is everlasting. They attempt to broker peace settlements, but their peace is a flash in the pan.

I will judge the nations; Seek Me with all your hearts 9/25/09
O Watchman on the wall, do you see the nations gathering against the Lord and against His anointed? Do you see them conspiring against Me? Psalm 2

Do you see the division coming upon the earth? The peoples are dividing. Who is on the Lord's side? Who calls upon the Name of the Lord? Who is not ashamed to be called "of Christ"? Who will fight the good fight of faith?

And I will call the nations to the Valley of Jehoshaphat, the Valley of Decision. And there I will judge the nations and I will separate the sheep from the goats. I will separate the light from the darkness. I will separate the living from the dead. I will separate clean from unclean, holy from unholy....

(Received by Israel team member 10/2/09)
My truth will transcend boundaries and history. My truth is everlasting. They wail and groan. Their god is their stomach. They worship other men.
To the people in Israel: Do not chart your own path.

W---- will carry the banner of the Lord, Jehovah Nissi, in Israel.
You will carry the peace of the Lord and revelation of His ways.
I am Jehovah Nissi and I am coming for My people.

Woe to the Bloody City 11/6/09
Violence; Violence. Woe to the bloody city. Innocent blood has been shed and have I not seen? Did I not hear the anguish?

Allah is great, the say. And do these confuse this god of violence with Me the Living God? Yes.

I am the Living God and I am roaring with a roar that will be heard across the Middle East. I will expose. I will oppose. I will come and roar into the roar of the lion who seeks to devour My people. I will stare him down. I will come of the defense of My people. I will not spare.

And in all My holy mountain they will know that I am the Covenant Lord who Smites, Jehovah Makkeh. I will strike and I will not spare. For I have been roused from rest. I will defend. I will strike. I will not spare. I will triumph.

(Received by Israel team member 11/13/09)
My truth is coming. The nations will bow before Me.
I am coming for My Harvest. Not one, no not one will be lost.
Give to the poor in Israel. Be the demonstration people of God.
I am coming for a holy bride. Be holy, as I am holy.

(Received by Israel team member 11/19/09)
I will encircle my people with peace. My peace will be everlasting. I am encamped around you. My peace will go before you. My peace will go behind you. I, the Lord, am the Eternal King. King over Jerusalem. King over the Arabs. King over the Israelites. I, the Lord, am King over My people and I am coming for My people. I seek an everlasting covenant with My people through My Son, Jesus Christ. Will you listen? Will you do what I tell you to do? Or, will you go in the way of the apostate?

I am coming to you Israel 12/4/09
I am coming to you Israel. For I am your King. King of Kings and Lord of lords. I will claim MY land. For is it not Mine, Israel?

Watch O watchman on the wall, for I tell you it is still true those that curse Abraham will be cursed and those that bless Abraham will be blessed.


(Received by Israel team member 2/11/10)
Why do you wail, Jerusalem? You have a King. He is El Shaddai. He is the One you have been looking for. He is the Alpha and Omega. He is the Word made flesh, the mighty One who saves, a leader, your leader. Will you submit to His authority? His blessings know no bounds. His truth is everlasting. I have cut a covenant with Him and those who follow Him to give them everlasting peace. Do not look for Him in empty tombs. Do not seek Him in empty palaces. His throne is at My right hand. A two-edged sword is in His hand. He is your conquering King. He is the One.

Look at the Lion of Judah 2/12/10
Son of David, son of Judah, look at the Lion of Judah and see why the Lion must roar. The Lion is roaring with a roar that will be heard over the whole Middle East. For Judah will go out with praise, and come into the Lord's temple with worship. Go with the heart of the Lion of Judah. For you do not go alone. The Lamb has prevailed and the Lion roars. And Judah will make way for Joseph to be a fruitful bow. For I tell you the anointing of Joseph is rising, but all in its order. For the Lord has an inheritance. And he will have it. And a blessing to bestow. And he will do it.

The Lord will triumph at the judgment of nations 2/26/10
Son of David, of Judah, go out with praise. For the battle begins. Carry the banner. For the Lord will triumph. Joseph is rising. And Mine will bear the fruit of righteousness in the kingdom of God. For Joseph is a fruitful bough. Now is not the time to doubt. Now is the time to believe. Do you see the Valley of Jehoshaphat? For I have called the nations to the Valley of Jehoshaphat. The Valley of Decision. For judgment. And what will that wicked do, when Jesus Christ shows up, shines forth in the brightness of His glory, shoots down His enemies, and strengthens His own? Look O watchman on the wall. For there stands before you the apostle of the last judgment. And how are the nations judged? Who goes to the right and who goes to the left? Ruth and ruthlessness. Look at it. Mat. 25 Who sees Jesus and gives Him the cup of water? Who has mercy, compassion, remorse, sorrow? Who carries the heart of the Holy Spirit? You do.

(Received by Israel team member in Israel 3/4/10)
My word is going forth to all nations and across generations. I am establishing thrones in every nation. Across valleys and on high hills, I will establish My kingdom. My throne will be forevermore. I am the rising sun and the setting sun. Look to Me for your needs. I am the I AM. I am the One who carved these mountains and valleys. Let me carve your life into My image. Be with Me and I will be with you forevermore. I reign and there is no one like Me. I am the forgiving father.

(Received by Israel team member in Israel 3/7/10)
(At a popular church/"shrine" site)
This is an abomination to Me. They profane My name. They sacrifice My Son. They know nothing about My ways. They make their own paths, their own gods. It is a ruse. Life in Me is life in the spirit, not in worshipping your beautiful building.

What do you sacrifice? What do you really worship? Are lives truly changed? Who do they think they fool? It is all a fake. They wanted to kill My Son. Now all they want to do is sell, sell, sell.

(Received by Israel team member at En Gedi 3/9/10)
Do you hear? Hooves. Leaves trembling. Preparation. The time of My coming. The beginning and the end. I hear the call of Masada and I will answer the call. Prepare the oil lamps. Watch. Wait. The time is short. My people assemble in caves, in churches, in high places and low places. My people prepare. I watch. I oversee the preparation for what is coming. It will be perfect as all My ways are perfect. Do not fear. There will be many wars and rumors of war. Stay battle ready.

Hallelujah for the Lord Almighty reigns.

Mountains rise and fall. Nations rise and fall. My kingdom reigns eternal. Rejoice for the Lord Almighty reigns. I protect. I preserve. I call My own. I call the eternal harvest. I am the conquering king.

Israel, America, the Day of the Lord 3/27/10
Broaden your horizons O watchman on the wall. Look to America, for the rift between Israel and America grows larger. For the truth of America's leadership will come out, will be exposed. I the Lord God of Israel will expose the darkness. He mocks Armageddon. He mocks the land where My feet walked. Watch O watchman on the wall, for secret things are happening in secret places. But I will expose the secret, for do I not speak to my prophets to show them?

Do not fear O watchman on the wall. For the Day of the Lord comes. In brightness, in shining glory. Evil has its day. But the time is short....


I am leveling mountains and raising valleys 1/14/11
Look, My son, for I am moving all around you and all over the earth. I move in power but also in quietness and nothing stops Me.

Look, My son, for I am moving in a way unprecedented in human history. The kingdom of God is advancing and the Day grows closer but will Mine be ready for Me?

The Holy Spirit moves to prepare Me a bride in holiness. Watch, My son, and be ready. Do not fear in the days ahead for I have you in My hand and in My heart.

I have called you, O Watchman on the Wall. Prepare this year for I am calling you back to Israel. I will be with you and prepare [you] for this next mission. Even now plan to go to mountains and through valleys in Israel for I will be leveling mountains and raising valleys and making crooked places straight. A Highway of Holiness is being prepared for My people. [Is. 35]

I will tell you when. Stay close to Me in these days - that you stay focused.

My land, My city, My people 2/4/11
Look, look, for have I not said, the Land is Mine? My land, My city, My people.

Nevertheless, though they surround Jerusalem with her enemies and though they may sack the city to its foundations I AM LORD. I am the God of Abraham, and of Isaac, and of Jacob. And I am the Faithful Amen. And though I have a controversy with My people, I will come to them and they shall be My people and I will be their God. And I will remember the land. Lev. 26

No man can plead the cause. Yet there is One who stands in the gap. There is One who stands between the dead and the living to stop the plague. There is One mediator. There is One....

I gather all Israel 2/11/11
And so shall I gather all Israel. And I will gather my people from the North, the South, the East and the West. And no more, will they walk contrary to me as I have walked contrary to them. No more will they hide in their lies. For I will turn them. And they will face the Spirit of Truth. And they will face truth; Jesus Christ and the Spirit of Truth. And those who will seek the wisdom of God and repent of their earthly, sensual and demonic wisdom, they will ask of me and I will not upbraid them. And I will heal them of their double soul. Their soul, that runs to this god and runs to that god. That runs and hides form the Living God. They have hidden from me at the mountain. What did they think? Did I not redeem them from Egypt? Am I not a delivering God? Did I not give them my Law? Did I not reveal Myself to them? This people? That I chose, and called them "My glory"? But they are a rebellious and obstinate people. Nevertheless I am God, the faithful God. And I remember the Covenant, Abraham. And I remember the Covenant, Isaac. And I remember the Covenant, Jacob. And I will remember the Land.

Be whole [shalom]. For in you, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I place The Peace. And you will carry the Peace to my people. The people of the promise. The children of the Covenant. For have I said, and shall I not do it? Am I a man that I should lie? But where is my glory? And who shall go for me, and whom shall I send? For I am high and lifted up. I AM and there is no other.

Son of David; son of Judah; son of the Living God. I say to you, I will be your God and you will be my son. And if any should touch you, they touch the apple of my eye.

They mock what they do not know. They scorn that of which they are ignorant. I will gather my people. And though they are faithless, I remain faithful.

Tell Jerusalem to repent 2/25/11
For I will go before you as the cloud by day, the pillar of fire by night. The fiery presence. Prepare yourself. To be a walking flame. For the LORD your God is a consuming fire. And you will walk into Israel and into my city as a flame of fire. This is a work that I will do saith the LORD. Know that apart from the righteousness of Christ covering you, you would die. For I will baptize Israel with a baptism of fire. And you will carry the flame. Know that the Day is approaching. Know that anything and anyone that gets in My way, the way of the Lord, I will remove.
. . .

O watchman on the wall. I tell you, tell Jerusalem to repent. Lest it burn in the fire of my judgment. What will you see O watchman on the wall? For is it not in my word? Nevertheless, my eye is on the sparrow. And there is not a bird that falls that I do not know it. My heart is grieved. And inside I churn. And what will I do with my city?

(In the city you are to declare out "Jerusalem's Destiny".)

I shake the nations 3/11/11
Look O watchman on the wall for they not only defile Jerusalem but now they go out to defile what is Mine wherever it its found in Israel. Ancient sites, ancient strongholds -- this hatred, this envy goes back to ancient times.

Declare Me the
Ancient of Days for I am coming to Israel in a visitation unprecedented and I will sweep through Israel with a roar, a roaring wind that will be heard around the world.

These attempts are futile. I sit in the heavens and laugh. Psalm 2, Isaiah 40

Declare Me
Rose of Sharon. I am He who makes flowers bloom in the deserts. Do they think this is a god of some man-made religion? Look and laugh as do I.

The anointing for Israel comes upon you and you will walk in the power of My Spirit. Though you weary, I never slumber or sleep. I keep watch as the Faithful God. You will declare Me FAITHFUL and TRUE. EL ROI.

I see it. I am thundering now and the lightening strikes will increase as I Jehovah Makkeh strike the nations.

I am coming to you, Israel 3/18/11
...So I tell you, son of David, you will write out the descriptions of Me in Revelation that you know how I will walk the Land of Israel in you. And will they turn as did John? To see the voice that was speaking to them? And when they see will they fall before the Living Christ? Or will their hearts remain stubborn and rebellious? For I am not Baby Jesus any more. And I am no more the Suffering Servant. I am Alpha and Omega. Faithful and True. Lion of Judah. A Sovereign Savior. Ruler over the kings of this earth.

And I am coming to you, Israel. And I will walk the Land. I am coming to you Israel to see. And I will judge. And when I come will I find faith? And now O watchman on the wall, be strong and very courageous. Like Joshua before you. Like David before you. Like Jesus before you. You may feel weak, but know that the Strength of Israel is within you.

How long? How long? My heart cries out, How long? And that also you will search out - when I have cried out "How long"?

I am treading on My high places 3/25/11
I am treading on My high places for look, O Watchman on the Wall, at their idols, their idolatries under every spreading tree and on every high hill.

The mountains cry out to Me. How long?

I am coming and I am treading down My enemies.

I am coming to you, Israel, and I will walk the ancient paths to establish what is Mine. I will fill the air with My glory and the fury of My Presence. I will sweep through you, Israel, and I will be proclaimed
Flame of Yah. The fire of My heart will burn within Me as My heart churns within Me.

Look to the North, O Watchman on the Wall, to the South, to the East, and to the West and proclaim Me
Messiah, Mighty God, the Everlasting Peace, for their covenants will not bring to them peace. I AM the Peace.

I am coming to take what is Mine. Repent or perish, people of the Land.

Weep for Jerusalem 4/8/11
Death will not hold you.

The warfare has begun. The battle lines have been drawn. The armies of heaven stand at ready. Every ear is opened to the sound of the trumpet. The eyes of Jehovah are looking. Looking.

I am coming to you, Israel. And my eyes will cover your land. From North to South. From West to East. And I will examine your wound to see whether there is yet hope. Is it incurable? Will I find any righteous? And how shall I judge? For My word does not return unto me void. I am the Flame of Yah. I am El Roi.

And shall I stir up the winds of war? And shall I blow the fire of consumption across the Land? You fail to remember, the Land is mine. And what shall I say to you, Israel? For there is yet stubbornness and rebellion; and ancient strongholds, following ancient paths.

Watch and be ready, People of the Land. For something greater than your next meal is at the very door.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, surrounded by her enemies 4/15/11
Jerusalem, Jerusalem, surrounded by her enemies. Look, for do I not see? Jerusalem surrounded by her enemies - perversion, uncleanness, sodomy, defilement, idolatry, adultery on every high hill. Filth, garbage dump, covetousness, greed, blasphemy, lies, false piety, snakes, polluted rivers and streams of water, death, pus, pollution, stench, impurities.

How can I dwell with these stubborn and rebellious people who blaspheme My Name, My Son, My truth?

Who are the chosen? Who are the children of Abraham? They mock My glory, My grace. They do err and they move in witchcraft in some counterfeit authority. Are they all Israel who say they are Israel?

My heart churns within Me. I would strike. I am Jehovah Makkeh. My kindness is spurned....

I am coming to see 4/22/11
And what shall I say? For there is stirring within Me. A longing. A desire. To see the people of the Land. For I am coming to you Israel. And what shall I say to you? For I come to see.

You say I am Jehovah. But if I am your God, where is My honor? My words to you are Malachi. For you who would come to Me by rituals and the keeping of the Law, you find the cross an offense. But I have accepted the sacrifice of My Son. And to Me the cross is MOST pleasing.

What can I say to you O Israel? But I speak to a remnant. I speak to My own. And those I have given to My son, Jesus Christ, Messiah hear the voice of the Good Shepherd, and follow the Lamb wherever he goes. Watch and be ready. I am coming to you Israel. And the time grows short.

How Long? 4/30/11
...Do not fear to feel with the Holy Spirit. For I tell you I am touched with the infirmities of all my people. ...

You will see them as they MOCK;... MOCK;... mock me. Blaspheme. Sneer. Ignore. And does not my heart churn within me? And do I not say,
How long. How long. All the host of heaven stand at ready. The battle lines are drawn. Look. Look. How they pull at my mercy. How they spurn my mercy, my goodness, my grace. Have they not known? Has it not been in my word to them? But I tell you judgment will start with the church of God, with the household of God. For I gave them my Son. I gave them my Spirit. And they dishonor me. And they resist. And their flesh wars.

Now it starts. Now it begins. In the place where He was crucified, there in the garden [The crucifixion was near a garden. Jn. 19:41.] And there is a garden coming. I am coming for my own. And every eye will see me. Those that pierced Me. Weep and wail for the woes that are coming upon the earth. For the wrath of the Lamb draws nigh. Watch, be ready. Overcome. Stand firm. I am with you to prevail. I carry you. I am the Lion of Judah. And I am roaring.

How I longed for this day 5/17/11
(Jerusalem, on the Temple Mount at the East Gate)
How I longed for this day. How has My heart burned within Me because of the sins of My people. I will come and I will not spare until the last enemy is destroyed and all is fulfilled according to Scripture.

Be of good cheer for I have overcome the world. I am Jesus, King-Priest of Salem, High Priest in the Order of Melchizedek, and this city is Mine and the Land is Mine. I will prevail, and soon.

See Jeruslaem surrounded by her enemies 12/2/11
...See Jerusalem surrounded by her enemies. Do not fear. Cancel the words of the false prophets. For only my word will prevail; only my plan will prevail. Who is the one who holds back the waters? Who is the One who foils the plans and plots of the enemies of the Living God? Who is the One who strikes with plague and pestilence? Destruction? To that One cry out. But know that [against] the true Jerusalem, the enemies of the Living God, gather. Prepare for war. Not only is there war coming to the earth, but in the heavenlies....


War is coming. Pray for Jerusalem; Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. 1/8/12
. . .
As Jerusalem is surrounded by her enemies. You are to pray for Jerusalem. For war; war is the agenda; and the prayer of many, many people in the region and around the world; the destruction of Jerusalem. O watchman on the wall, you are to identify the nations, make a list of the nations that want to see the destruction of Jerusalem; that want war to break out in the region. And then you are to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. For I tell you this war is more about Jerusalem than Israel. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. But know that I will prevail against my enemies. And know that there is a new Jerusalem, a heavenly Jerusalem, that cannot be destroyed, though these prayers, these hopes, these desires of these evil men is to destroy the heavenly Jerusalem and to prevent my return. There is a war, and it is coming. This is a year of upheaval. Pray for a deliverer.

My heart turns to Jerusalem... 1/13/12
O watchman on the wall, My heart turns to Jerusalem and churns within Me. Do you hear the drums of war? For they rise and plot and conspire. Psalm 2

So many years. So many cry out to Me, "How long?"; but do I not also in return say, "How long?"

Sin rises as a stench in My nostrils, iniquity, idolatry, the incense of no-gods, in every high place, under every tree.

Have I not sent My Deliverer? But now he will come again and He will judge with righteous judgment; holy and righteous is He.

I call My people to holiness. Have I changed? Be still and know that I am God, the Faithful God, and I will perform My Word at My pleasure....

The Jewish People 1/20/12
Generations of your people. Generations of your people. A stiff-necked, stubborn and rebellious people. Nevertheless, my name was upon them. You will confess their sin. Like Daniel. Like Ezra. Like Nehemiah. You will declare out the words of Jesus, to his people, to the Jewish people. Words of Jesus to everyone who is Jewish. For I tell you, they have been coming to faith in Jesus Christ; one, two; a family here and a family there. The time of the gentiles is coming to a close. You will go back to Jerusalem. Jerusalem surrounded by her enemies. You will declare Romans 11. And you will call forth the remnant of the generations of your people. For am I not God, the faithful God? Loving and gracious, and who will by no means clear the guilty. Have the two not been made one in Jesus? Have I not broken down the wall? Eph. Is there now neither Jew nor Greek in Christ Jesus? One new man....

The Great War. Everything in the realm of the spirit stands at ready. The Great Battle.

My heart weeps for Jerusalem 2/10/12
Son of David, My heart weeps for Jerusalem. I would heal. I would hear; but they will not cry out to Me. They walk in the vanity of pride, in stiff-necked rebellion. My love is blinded to their hearts and so their hearts are stone.

I came as the Stone which the builders rejected and became the Cornerstone. Yet they stumble and wallow in the mire of the old. Have I not made all things new, by a new and living way?

Son of David, you will go back to Israel, to Jerusalem and proclaim the "Stone" verses for from ancient days memorial stones were established to remember Me and the mighty works I have done. See Me revealed in "STONE" and "STONES."

And you will establish Me ROCK of Israel for I tell you the winds will roar and the waves will beat hard against the rocks and those who have not built their houses upon the Rock will perish.
. . .

I am coming to you, Israel. again. 2/10/12
O Israel, Israel. Are you not my glory? Have I not shown you my glory and the gloriousness of my ways. Have I not shown you the wonder of my works. And yes, a greater than Moses is here. I am coming to you, Israel. Again, I am coming to you. How many times have I walked your land in my servants, and yet you continue. You would not. You would not see the day of your visitation. But I strive. I remember my covenant, Abraham. I remember my covenant, Isaac. I remember my covenant, Jacob. I remember the land.

O WATCHMAN ON THE WALL. I TELL YOU MY HEART CHURNS WITHIN ME. HOW MANY TIMES, HOW MANY TIMES IN HOW MANY GENERATIONS, I HAVE CALLED. But do you answer? I HAVE WEPT OVER YOU JERUSALEM. I have cleansed the temple. And how shall I come to you O Israel? As a refiner's fire? For am I not the Flame of Yah.

O Israel, Israel 2/17/12

O Israel, Israel. Are you not my glory? Have I not shown you my glory and the gloriousness of my ways. Have I not shown you the wonder of my works. And yes, a greater than Moses is here. I am coming to you Israel. Again, I am coming to you. How many times have I walked your land in my servants, and yet you continue. You would not. You would not see the day of your visitation. But I strive. I remember my covenant, Abraham. I remember my covenant, Isaac. I remember my covenant, Jacob. I remember the land.

O watchman on the wall. I tell you my heart churns within me. HOW MANY TIMES,
HOW MANY TIMES IN HOW MANY GENERATIONS, I HAVE CALLED. But do you answer? I HAVE WEPT OVER YOU JERUSALEM. I have cleansed the temple. And how shall I come to you O Israel? As a refiner's fire? For am I not the Flame of Yah. O watchman on the wall. Yet again I prepare you.

Fri. 2/24/12
Now in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whose I am and whom I serve I stand in my office as an apostle of Jesus Christ to the nations, and as an apostle of the last judgment, and as an apostle of purity to purify God's people. I release the anointing for Israel in Jesus' name. The burden of the Lord for Israel, in Jesus' name.

Open their eyes, O God. For the say it themselves, "The LORD our God, the LORD is one." His name is One. They need a savior. It's ALL in there. You yourself said though, they don't believe Moses. And a greater than Moses is here. But you have a plan. Help us to keep in step with your Spirit. And not get sidetracked by the nonsense all around. For this is a battle. With principalities and powers, rulers of darkness and the spiritual forces of wickedness. This is a battle in the spirit realm.

There was a garden, and God was in it.

You're supposed to run a list of the garden verses. And then I'm kind of seeing the trees - The tree of Life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil; and then seeing Revelation, the tree of Life and the leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations; I'm seeing... Genesis and Revelation...

I'm hearing to pray (and this is for me too), to pray, to understand the... creative power of God....
. . .

WHEN *I* CALL 3/2/12
. . .
For I the Lord am in the garments of battle. I am the Lord of armies. I am the Captain of the hosts. I am Jehovah Nissi. I AM THE FLAME OF YAH. AND SHALL I SIT BY, AND JUST WATCH; AND SHALL I NOT MOVE? I AM THAT I AM. I am the Lion of Judah. And I roared with a roar of warning. Did they heed? Did they even hear? But noise filled their ears. And blocked. And when I call; WHEN I CALL; WHEN *I* CALL; will they answer? Oh... how they cry out; How they wail; How they weep. Lord, save. But WHEN *I* CALL; If indeed I have made my servants, weapons of war. What do you think the Lord your God is, as a weapon of war? Do you feel my heart burning hot? I AM a consuming fire.

Little men, little they are, in their committees. Shall
I have a committee? In the halls of heaven? And when I call, whom shall I send? Who will go for Us? How many will say, "Here I am. Send me."

I am sending you to Israel. The time is
soon. Prepare your heart.

War is coming, Gather My people, Plead for mercy 3/30/12
The ram's horn is blowing; the shofar is blowing. Can you hear it? It is gathering My people to war. It is calling forth the assembly, a most solemn assembly. (Solemn assembly verses)

The wind of My Spirit is blowing. Can you hear it? Do you feel its power? For the wind of My Spirit is blowing over Israel.

Gather My people to assemble before Me, before My Throne, for I tell you Court is in session and I am judging the nations according to My Word.

Plead, plead for mercy and truth to prevail. Cry out for mercy. Turn My eyes to the Mercy Seat, to the Blood upon it, for I have a controversy with My people and I am searching (El Roi) their hearts and minds.

Where are Mine? Where are the faithful remnant? Where are those who follow the Lamb wherever He goes? Where are those in My Son, the Faithful and True Witness? Tell them to number their days and walk in wisdom, in truth, in love, in Christ.

(Horse verses) The horses. The house and its rider. Do you hear the hoof beats?

He is coming. I am coming. Behold the Lamb.

I am walking the streets of Jerusalem 4/6/12
. . .

For I tell you I am walking the streets of Jerusalem. I am going into every nook and every cranny. I am looking in every closet and every attic. I am looking in the house and on the house, around the house and under the house. I am the Living God and I am El Roi.

Just like Nehemiah. Like Nehemiah. Remember Nehemiah. And then I will ask, What do you see O watchman on the wall? But of course I will know what you see. It is for you that you may carry the burden of my heart. The mind of Christ. Put your ear to the ground O watchman on the wall. Hear the hoof beats. The horse and it's rider. I am coming. And how many will know me in THIS visitation...O watchman on the wal?
. . .

How long O Lord? 4/13/12
They cry unto me, "How long O Lord, how long O Lord?" And now I cry unto them, How long O people, how long must I tolerate your sin and your rebellion and your stubborn hearts? For I tell you, you did not listen to the prophets before you. And you are not listening to my son, Jesus Christ, the final word. What more can I say to you? But I am coming soon. Prepare for war.

Jerusalem: I will walk every street 5/11/12
Look, O Watchman on the Wall, for I am set to come to Jerusalem, to Israel. And I will walk every street. I will traverse every alley. I will look into every nook and cranny.

For Like Nehemiah, I am making an assessment. The walls are broken down. I am the Repairer of the Breach, the Restorer of Streets and I will rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.

I will open the gates of glory and I will glorify My name. No one will thwart Me. I am the unstoppable God. Who is more sovereign than I? Is a man? Is Satan? Do I not do all My good pleasure?

I am Refiner's Fire and I will come to purify a people to Myself.
. . .

I am coming to you Jerusalem 5/18/12
Trust Me now in this, that I am He who sits in the heavens and laughs at those who conspire against the Lord and against His anointed.

I have turned the tables on the enemy; I turn captivity captive. I have foiled the plans of those who walk in pride, thinking themselves so wise, who walk in the wisdom of this world, who speak as sheep but are but wolves in sheep's clothing - Lucifer masquerading as a messenger of light.

I am He who forms the light, creates the darkness. Is it not all for My glory?

And I will remember My covenant, Abraham, and My covenant, Isaac and My covenant Jacob, and I will remember the land.

I am coming to you, Jerusalem, and what will I find? Nevertheless, I have Mine in your midst, and I hear your cries in the night seasons.

I will spare. I will relent, giving you time to repent before the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord.

In adversity, consider. Be not foolish, neither be presumptive, but wise.

I am coming to you and I will walk your streets and enter into every nook and cranny. And will I find the Blood?

My Son, the Lamb, let to the slaughter, the Servant Son, the Savior now become triumphant. Bow to Him. Kiss the Son lest you perish.

I am coing to you Jerusalem 5/25/12
Israel, My glory, how can I give you up? Ephraim, how can I give you up?

Behold, the Strength of Israel comes. Behold, I am doing a wondrous deed/work, one at which men will marvel, and say "Who is like God, our God?"

War is in the air, but open your spiritual eyes, O watchman on the wall, for am I not the Commander of the Hosts, Lord Sabaoth, Jehovah Nisse, Jehovah Gibbor, the Spirit of Glory and of God?

I am coming to you, Jerusalem, and I am walking your streets, entering your /every dwelling....

Egypt 6/15/12
O Watchman on the wall, look at Egypt now in particular and at the nations surrounding Israel, for I tell you her enemies are mounting and conspiring against the Lord and against His anointed... Ps 2

There is no rest, no peace for the wicked. [Is. 48:22, 57:21]

There is a fury stirring within me, for though I know how it will go; nevertheless I would that hearts were for Me and not against Me; these corrupt themselves. (Verses on God's "fury")

What words opened the door in Egypt? Find the Cairo speech and look. Proclaim Me Adonai, bind Abaddon / Apollyon.

Nevertheless, all will go according to My Word, My purposes, My plan and nothing and no one will stop Me.

(Not recorded)
. . . I am coming to you Jerusalem . . .
. . .There is a New Jerusalem . .

I am ready for the battle 7/6/12
...the anointing for Jerusalem and Israel, in Jesus' name, the burden of the LORD for Jerusalem and Israel...
The sword is in my hand. I am he who sits on a white horse. I am ready for the battle. Are you?.

Jerusalem...You would not 8/3/12
I don't know this perfectly, but I'm hearing, this is beginning... "O Jerusalem, Jerusalem; How long I have wanted together you like a hen gather's her chicks and you would not. You would not have it."
And the word that's coming out - It's Is. 30 again.
And I tell you, it is I the Lord, who cries out from my own heart and from my own mind; in my own thoughts, and by my own ways, for my people. And I am coming to restore. I am coming to repair the breach. Repent. My word is truth. And you would not. You would not receive the Living Word. But I tell you there is a people who will receive the Living Word, who have received the Living Word. And I will raise them up at the last day. And I am coming to you, Jerusalem. And I will walk your land. I will walk your streets. Not a baby in a cradle. Not as the suffering servant. But as the sovereign savior. Resurrected. And ascended into glory. Some of you will tremble and quake. Others will see nothing and hear no one. I am coming to you Jerusalem. And I will see you, and I will know you.

And times, times and half a time. And will you walk in tribulation? Have you not known persecution? Do you not talk of the time of Jacob's trouble? Talk on. Talk and talk and talk. Do you not hear the words of Is. 40? Do you hear ANY of the words of the living God? Do you CHOOSE what you will hear and what you will throw out? The whole truth from a whole and holy God, will bring to you wholeness.

I see them 8/24/12
For look O son of David; For though they do not see me, I see them. Though most do not desire me, I have a desire concerning Jerusalem and concerning Israel. The land is mine. The kings of the earth are conspiring. They sit around large tables and talk. Some conspire against the Lord and against his anointed. I am sitting in the heavens and laughing. My name is Jehovah Makeh. And when I decide, I will strike.

New Jerusalem and the One who rules 9/7/12
They can fight over Jerusalem being the capital of Israel; they can debate; they can change their mind; but, son of David, there is a Jerusalem that they cannot touch, a heavenly Jerusalem on which they have no claim. A Jerusalem which is mine saith the Lord, and a land that is mine saith the Lord. Declare this Jerusalem.

For who rules? God or government? Who rules in any nation? God or the government of that nation? Are their ears stuffed with cotton that they do not hear? But I tell you, yes. For they mock. They mock the word of the living God, and stand in unbelief. I tell you the nations rage and the peoples plot a vain thing, conspiring against the Lord and against his anointed. But there is One, who has inherited the nations. King of Kings and Lord of lords, Ruler over the kings of the earth....

Worshipers of the One true and Living God 10/12/12

. . .
:The one who knows his God will great exploits (Dan. 10).
. . .
And as you said to Abraham, I'm am your shield and your exceeding great reward.

____ will walk the streets of Jerusalem.

Child of the covenant of grace child of the Holy Ghost, Son of the Resurrection, a son of the Living God; Walking in that covenant.. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, Jesus Christ.'

For a NEW THING you are doing on the earth.. The sower plants the seed. Someone waters. Sun and rain. Now it springs forth. What has been scattered will be gathered. Now they come. From the North and from the South from the East and from the West. Worshipers of the One true and Living God. See them in the unity of the one new man. The body of Christ joined to the head, to the lordship of Jesus Christ. For you will look around and say, There is one, and There is one, and here is a family, and there is a family, joining in the white hot worship of the Living God. Son of David, do not be dismayed. For I AM that I AM.
. . .
Now it springs forth. Now it begins.

The Land is mine 11/23/12

The Land is mine. The Land is mine. I have a right to claim what is mine. I AM coming. I have used the Philistines in judgment against the people who call themselves Israel. I have used the situation to see what is in the hearts of MY people. Those who call me by MY name. To test their hearts. To chastise, and to chasten. To sanctify. And to build. I have surveyed the Land. I have walked the streets. A new pharaoh arises. They say the gates of hell have been opened. Though the gates of hell have been opened, the gates of hell will not prevail.

I am coming. Put your ear to the ground and hear the hoof beats. I am coming for what is mine. Watch O watchman on the wall. Watch as I approach. For I have put out the call - Who is on the LORD's side? And now I know. And though there were no one, I am the LORD and besides be there is no savior.

My name is Ihsou, Jesus. The anointed one. The Elect One. ... Can I not speak one word; and Egypt falls? One word, and Jordan falls? One word and Lebanon falls? One word, and
every enemy of mine falls. Every nation against me falls. Watch O watchman on the wall. For I am about to do something that has been foretold. It is all there. Now is the time. Now it begins.

... My word is truth. My Spirit is truth. I AM the truth. Cling to the truth, to that which is good. They will try to move the boundaries. They will smear the boundary lines. Like a hand in the sand. But I know the boundaries, for I set the boundaries. And I am coming O watchman on the wall, just as it was foretold. Watch for that which I am about to do.


And I will make [my enemies] like fertilizer 1/18/13
Ps 83
1 A Song or Psalm of Asaph. Keep not thou silence, O God: hold not thy peace, and be not still, O God.
2 For, lo, thine enemies make a tumult: and they that hate thee have lifted up the head.
3 They have taken crafty counsel against thy people, and consulted against thy hidden ones.
4 They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance.
5 For they have consulted together with one consent: they are confederate against thee:
6 The tabernacles of Edom, and the Ishmaelites; of Moab, and the Hagarenes;
7 Gebal, and Ammon, and Amalek; the Philistines with the inhabitants of Tyre;
8 Assur also is joined with them: they have holpen the children of Lot. Selah.
9 Do unto them as unto the Midianites; as to Sisera, as to Jabin, at the brook of Kison:
10 Which perished at Endor: they became as dung for the earth.
11 Make their nobles like Oreb, and like Zeeb: yea, all their princes as Zebah, and as Zalmunna:
12 Who said, Let us take to ourselves the houses of God in possession.
. . .
O watchman on the wall, do you see them, O watchman on the wall? They became like dung. And I myself will bury them. I will bury them like dung. And I will come on their field and fight the battle.

And I will make them like fertilizer. I will bury the dung. I will fight the battle. And they will be as fertilizer. Serving my purposes Who is it who conspires against the Lord and against his anointed? Watch me O watchman on the wall. For I do not bear the sword in vain.

If but one, I will forgive this city 7/19/13

For Israel: Jeremiah 5, if but one, I will forgive this city [Jerusalem].

Word for Israel 7/26/13

O Israel, Israel. Have I not shown you wondrous things out of my Law? Have I not been gracious to give you the Law? You above all the peoples of the earth? And O how you said, "We will do it! We will do it!" But there is a righteousness that comes by faith. And you cry out that Abraham is your father. Abraham believed and it was counted to him as righteousness. Where are those with the faith of Abraham? And I have sent my son. And you did not recognize the day of the visitation. Nevertheless, I am God, the faithful God. I will not deny myself, and I will not forget my promises, to do them.

The blood, the blood. The bloodshed upon the earth; covers the earth. Wars, and rumors of war. So much blood. But I too, sent my son, who shed his blood for the remission of sin, for all those who believe in him. Who's a liar, but those who deny the son? They are anti-Christ.

O Israel, look to the one of whom the Law and the Prophets speak. To Jesus, the Christ, the Anointed one, the Elect one, the Truth. The way, the truth and the life. Look and live. Your heritage will not save you. Your pride and your identity will not save you. The Law will not save you. It has no power to give life. You search the scriptures, and the scriptures, says Jesus, point to me, and you won't come to me that I might give you eternal life. But to as many as our Lord our God will call, to them he has given eternal life, the promise of the Holy Spirit. Has it not always been about life, truth, love, light, grace, mercy?

I am coming to you Israel. And shall I hold out to you the scepter of peace? How shall I come to you Israel? Nevertheless my word is true. And I will fulfill it.

The nations, Jerusalem, Israel and the whole creation 8/2/13

For I tell you I am sitting in the heavens and I am laughing. As I look at this conspiracy and that. How they plot. On their beds at night, they dream these things up. They do not heed the warnings to honor the Son. The nations are to me a drop in the bucket. Ps 2 and Isa. 40.

Son of David. You carry in your heart Jerusalem and Israel. But I tell you I carry in my heart the whole creation.

Israel, Israel. Hear the voice of the LORD 8/9/13
You will go to Israel and you will proclaim (the passage where God speaks of Israel, you were naked and I clothed you...) Ezek. 16.

Israel, Israel. Hear the voice of the LORD. For I am coming to you. For in your land, I have mine. And I will draw them out. I will draw them. To the cross of Jesus Christ. For there in your land are mine, those people who are mine. I and I will draw them out. John 3. You will proclaim John chapter 3. For the wind of the Spirit will blow. Will you hear it? Will you see? And the Lion will roar. The Lion of Judah will roar.

And you, son of David, will proclaim my word. And I am placing upon you a drawing anointing. To draw mine. My elect. To draw them to my Son. That they might be saved. And I will keep increasing the anointing on your life. To do this mission to which I have called you in Israel. For the authority of my word will be with you.

Jerusalem is surrounded by her enemies 8/16/13
Jerusalem is surrounded by her enemies. Israel is surround by her enemies. [Zech 12] Covenants with death will not hold. The Land is mine. Son of David. Remember the Covenant. David was a covenant man. Who are these uncircumcised Philistines to defy the army of the Living God? [1 Sam 17] For do I not have an army that no man sees? But some see the armies of the Living God. Have I not turned the battle at the gate? Have I not brought confusion into the camp? Son of David. You will start keeping track. Not of what my people did. But what *I* did. What *I* did. What *I* did. To bring the victory. You will list what *I* did. And then you will call upon my name. For I am coming in power and in great glory. No man stopping me.

I am laughing 8/23/13
Where am I? Look here and look there. Look here and look there. For I am here, and I am there and I am everywhere. And Jerusalem is surrounded by her enemies. But I tell you, I am the Living God. And I am the Lord of Hosts, Captain of the host of the armies of the Living God. And they think that they can conspire against me, and against the armies of the Living God. And I am laughing now. (laughter.) Laugh, because I am laughing. (More laughter.) I am laughing like Isaac. Did I not say to Abraham, take your son, your only son? I recognize but one son, the child of the Covenant.

They are little men, little men. Little men with their little talk, rising up to a VERY big God. (More laughter.) They talk. And they say this, and they say that. And all I do is whisper. For when it comes out of the mouth of the prophet, and the Lord speaks, it was done. And I spoke of it long ago. And I have given them generations. And they study, and they talk and one king rises, one ruler falls, and another ruler rises. And the nations are as a drop in a bucket.

Study the way I the Lord do war. For I tell you, I am at war.

I am still laughing 9/13/13
Watch, O watchman on the wall. Watch. For they gather together. They conspire on the beds at night. They contrive their evil deeds in the dark, thinking I do not see or know. They conspire against the LORD and against his anointed. And I am still laughing. (Ps 2) Look how they wait, they wait, they have the plans, they wait for the moment, the right moment to make their moves. And I am also waiting for the right movement to make my move.

Do you think man has evolved? That now he is so full of goodness and love in his heart? But I tell you, no. Not only do I have little birds telling me of the plots and the plans. I KNOW what is in men's hearts. I
know them.

And you, O watchman on the wall, have no allusions, about the nature of man. So, O watchman on the wall, prepare for war.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth whose I am and whom I serve… I release the anointing of the Holy Spirit for Israel, in Jesus' name. And I release the anointing war, in Jesus' name. This is war of truth against lie. This is a war of those that are true and those that are liars. Those who are IN the truth, and those who walk in lies.

Behold, He comes! 9/27/13
. . .
For you will go to Israel, and you will command the fulfillment of the scriptures, the outpouring of the love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. For that which he has created, and for that which he has created anew.
And you will call forth the fulfillment of every prophetic word yet to be fulfilled in the Scriptures. And you will call forth to make a straight path for the work of the Living God, for the feet of the Living God.

And when your feet walk in Israel, you will say, Behold He comes.
Behold He comes! And when he comes will he find
[the] faith on this earth? (Lk 18:9 Gk)

As the enemies surround the walls of Jerusalem, they forget that I surround them.12/13/13
As the enemies surround the walls of Jerusalem, they forget that I surround them.

Like the freshness of the morning, I will come to Israel 12/20/13
. . .
Like the freshness of the morning, I will come, to Israel. Many will be sleeping, and not aware. To those who are looking for my appearing, whenever I appear, whenever I am showing up, shining forth and shooting down the enemy, I will awaken them. They will not miss it. But remember this; when I send out disaster, it came come suddenly; it can also come softly. And I too, whether I come suddenly or softly, or with a shout, be ready son of David, be ready. Be ready for the still small voice. And be thankful for the sure mercies of David.


I am coming to you, Israel 1/10/14
. . .
Son of David, do you hear? Like Elijah (whoever it was), listening for the rain: "Is it raining yet?" "Is it raining yet?" [1 Kings 18] For I tell you, the God who sends the drought is likewise the God who sends the rain. In the quiet, hear the still small voice. [1 Kings 19] And remember, that the word of the prophet, bearing the voice of the Almighty, though it be a still, small voice, yet it carries ALL the power, and ALL the authority of the ONLY True God. Do not quiet - the - voice - of the Almighty. For that voice is the voice of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of the Father, the Spirit of Christ. Do not quiet that voice, lest he withdraw. Guard the anointing on your life.

For I am coming to you, Israel. And I may not be noisy. You look for manifestations. Lightning and thunder and earthquakes, and who knows what. Wonders you look for, and signs. But are you quiet, to hear the still small voice? Oh Jerusalem, there's a lot of racket. Are you trying to drown out the still small voice with all of your
noise? It is nothing to me, for I will say what I will say. But will you listen, and will you heed? I am coming to you Israel, and the days are short. You never thought, that the Messiah would appear in flesh in a baby, though it was written. It's a-l-l in there.

And now, so many people come to Jerusalem and to Israel, to walk where Jesus walked. And they go home, and they do not walk as Jesus would have them walk. It is a remarkable thing. Will you put on
my shoes? I help you put on your shoes.

Do not fear, O son of David, for I am with you. I have called you by your name, and you are mine. I am with you, but now I am coming on you. For you must
stand against the wiles of the enemy. I am coming for mine, and when I come, will I find faith?

For all Israel -- Death crucified in Christ/Messiah, life out of death 1/24/14
. . .
Son of David, you will take a map of the entire region of what was originally given. Israel, the original map, from river to river. And you will draw death out of that entire region. You will command death to go to the cross of Jesus Christ. You will draw out the death, out of the people, out of the creation, the entire creation. And you will declare Heb. 2:14-17.

And you will go to Israel, and I will tell you where. You will take a seed, and you will plant it in the soil. And the seed will die. And out of it will come life. And you will declare the parable about the seed dying, but out of it coming life.

And you will command life to come forth, in Jesus' name. For I will be an oak tree of righteousness to my people. You will declare out the passage about a root, a root of Jesse, the branch coming out, the branch of righteousness, those passages. And the passage in Revelation, about being the Root and the Offspring of David. And you will declare to Israel, the passage, "Arise, shine, for your Light has come." And you will pray, where it says, "Arise O Lord, let your enemies be scattered." And you will declare out the passage... about the glory of the Lord filling... The earth being filled with the glory and knowledge of the Lord, the glory of the Lord and knowledge [of the glory of the LORD filling the earth]. You will declare that.

And finally, you will declare 2 Thess. 2. Satan has his day. I tell you, that day is limited. For I am coming. And I will shine forth, and I will shoot down my enemies. For even now I rule in the midst of my enemies. And I will strengthen the faith of my people. Is there a God in Israel? They will find out.

Now, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whose I am and whom I serve, I stand in my office as an apostle of Jesus Christ to the nations, as an apostle of the last judgment, as an apostle of purity to purify the people of God, and as an apostle of mercy, offering the scepter of mercy and peace, as the Lord wills, in Jesus' name. I release the anointing of the Holy Spirit now, for Bethlehem, Jerusalem and Israel, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Son of David, I am anointing you with an anointing of life. To carry my life into Israel, in Jesus' name. Remember the mustard seed.

(For Mary Craig) Israel and the Last Judgment, My grace, Pray for laborers to be sent 2/21/14
You will go to Israel as a [sent one] of the Last Judgment, for I tell you My longsuffering, My patience is being tested and what shall I do? I see. I here.

What is man that I am mindful of him? He is made in My image, but his sin has separated him from Me. Yet in My grace I have spared many and been good to all, even the evil and the unthankful who suppress the truth in unrighteousness.

I see beyond today and tomorrow, even beyond the horizon. Yet I give room for repentance.

And how shall they hear [without a preacher? And how shall they preach, except they be sent? (Rom. 10:14b, 15a)]. And who will go for us? [Isaiah 6:8] Pray for laborers in the harvest as the time grows short now.

Friday, Feb. 21, 2014

The LORD is in His holy temple. Let all the earth keep silence before Him. Habakkuk 2:20.

Psalm 83
Isaiah 62
Zechariah 2

I hear you; and as you are preparing, know that I am prepared. I will fulfill My Word. I am the faithful God, maker of heaven and earth. I will be with you in battle. I will see you through. Do not fear. I am your God.

He that sits in the heavens laughs 3/714
. . .
For you, Lord God, are at war with Amalek from generation to generation.

O, lawless ones, have you not seen and have you not heard? The Lord is in his Holy Temple. Let all the earth keep silence before him. For I tell you, though you hide the standard, though you hide my word, but not in your heart, there is a sound, like A-440 (Hz), and it rings true. For O lawless one, you run around in your perverse ways, but that does not make the True go away. And you can socially construct reality, and he that sits in the heavens laughs. And you can conspire against the Lord and against his anointed. And he that sits in the heavens laughs. The voice of the Lord, by the clamor of evil, may be muted, but not refuted. I am coming, and I anoint to war.

Be strong, son of David. For there is not harmony in the spirit world, there is cacophony. There is noise. There is tension and distortion. And it is reaching my ears. And when I say, No more! I will bring it to resolution.

Death comes to all. Your life is in me. The blood, the blood. This year, Passover will be different 3/14/14
Death comes boldly. Death comes softly. Death comes suddenly. Death comes, eventually. Death comes to all. I have overcome death. Many will walk through the valley of the shadow of death. Many will fall, all around. Ps 91. Ps 23.

Be strong, son of David. Know the one in whom you believe. Do not faint. Do not grow weary. And do not fear. I see the sparrow fall. I see the grass wither and the flower fade. Number your days, son of David. If you can number the days of eternity. For I am the eternal God. Remember your life, is in me. And you will live and not die. You find that psalm - "I will live and not die." [Ps. 118:7]

The blood, the blood. Who sent out the death? [pause] And who was passed over? [pause...] I tell you, this year, Passover will be different. Not in what it is. It has been ritualized to meaninglessness. Not this year.

Bethlehem 3/28/14
O Bethlehem, Bethlehem. Out of you, came a savior. A savior was born. O Bethlehem, you, called the City of David [Lk 2:4], what are you now? For in you I find people, who commercialize the great things that I have done. In you are people, who despise my holy name. Who despise my son. Who despise the heritage of my son.

And what will I do with you, Bethlehem? Some do not even call you anymore, a House of Bread. For the Living Bread came. A baby wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. And you may fight, on this hill and that and this place and that place, but now it is about truth and lies, and the souls of men. It is about; what will you do with my son?

Conspiracies and plots. And plans. But I am searching you out, Bethlehem. And there is no place you can hide from my Spirit. Out of you, Bethlehem came a baby. Infinite God. Infinite God-man. And in another city of David, a cross. Outside the camp.

You make covenants. Man to man. Covenants of death. [Is. 28:14-18] For only in the one you despise is life. But I am the living God. And I am coming to you, Bethlehem. True and righteous are my judgments. The winepress of the wrath of the Lamb, is ready. Are you ready Bethlehem?

I am coming 4/11/14
. . .
I am riding the wind! I will blow across the land. My feet, like burning brass. My eyes, as a flame of fire. [Rev 1:15, 2:18] I tell you, son of David, I am coming. And they will see whom they pierced. [Zech 12:10] And they - will - bow. [Isa 45:23, Rom 14:11] And they will say, Blessed is he that comes in the name of the LORD. [Mat. 23:39]
. . .

Watch Israel now. Everything will go according to my word, and my will, and my plan. 7/4/14

Son of David, watch Israel now. For you are starting to see the results of this last mission. Know that I am in it. For everything will go according to my word, and my will, and my plan.

Sept 4, 2015
Call to Lebanon, KS/geo center of USA (and concerning Jerusalem and the nation of Lebanon)


Go to Lebanon, KS and release the judgment against My enemies surrounding Jerusalem.

Research Lebanon, its roots, and declare out My Word regarding Lebanon.

For those who live by the sword will die by My Sword. Now it begins. Now it starts.

For the Remnant, I will come. For have a controversy with My people who compromise, who sit in complacence, who corrupt themselves, who walk astray.

Weep for the nation of Israel 9/18/15

Weep. Weep, son of David. Weep for the nation of Israel. For joy is only found in me, the Lord Jesus Christ. Take up a lamentation. For as the nations, surround Israel, as enemies, so also the nations gather, to make war, against Har-Mageddon, to assault the assembly, of my true people, in the Mount of Assembly. War in the heavenlies. War, on the earth.

Son of David, I called you out of darkness, and I translated you into the kingdom, of my dear son. And I said, I will be your God, and you will be my son. And you saw, only in Jesus Christ, the Faithful Servant, the Faithful and True Witness, the Amen, the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the Servant Son, the Savior, the Sovereign. For what is coming, will cause, the Jews who are Jews by nature, to jealousy. I will move them to jealousy. I will surely fulfill Rom. 11. Do not be surprised at what I do. Do not be deceived, as are many. When Jesus came, they looked for an earthly kingdom, the restoration of the kingdom of David. I am coming for a holy bride. I am preparing that bride.

...Be strong, and courageous. Hold to the Faith. Some people will come apart at the seams. They will be scattered, flying apart. For they do not know, and they do not trust, that it is by Jesus Christ that all things consist, hold together, and are kept. I will garrison you, I will keep you by my power.

My peop;le in bondage to the spirit of harlotry 6/3/16
Look at my city, Jerusalem... Why should you die O house of Israel?
. . . Put your ear to the air, and you will hear the laments and the wails, and the sound of the crying. For my people are in bondage. They are in bondage to the spirit of harlotry.

Look at my city, Jerusalem. This spirit pervades my city. So you will go home and you will release the judgments of Isa 47. For I will deliver my city, from that which is false, that which is counterfeit. I will deliver them from of the Pharisees and the leaven of Herod. For the city is
mine. It is my land. The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof, the world and they that dwell therein.

Why should you die O house of Israel? For have I not said, though your sins be as scarlet, what I will do… Find it! For the smell of the perfume of the harlot rises as a stench in my nostrils, as the odor of death. Whereas of
me there is a fragrance of life. But the fragrance is life to some and death to others. There is no life with this goddess, with these false gods, with this false church. Apostate. The apostate Jews. My word stands forever. And even in your midst, I will overcome, and the spirit of harlotry will not prevail in your midst.

For I grow weary of the confusion. I grow weary of all of it. There is a time. These make war with the Lamb. But the Lion roars. And know, I
will have the victory. And it will all go just the way I want it to, according to my purposes, according to my plan, according to my pleasure. So, cheer up! For my son, Jesus Christ, the anointed one, the elect one, has overcome. His faith overcomes.

Cheer up! For I ride a white horse. And I come conquering, and to conquer.

Friday 12/30/16
. . .
Son of David, watch Israel now. For those that have sought to set traps, will themselves be caught in the traps they set. For I have called many, to a 21-day Daniel fast. For who do they think is God over Israel? Who do they think is God over the nations? Guess who is God. I am the LORD, the sovereign God. I am the one who raises up deliverers. And I am the one who sits in the heavens and laughs. How they plot, and how they conspire. They think no one knows, and know one hears. But the secret things belong to me. And I know the motives of the heart, and I know men's minds. And I am coming [unintelligible].

Psalms 33:10-11, Psalms 9:15-16, Job 5:12-16, Psalm 120, Jeremiah 30:8, Psalm 2

Friday, March 17, 2017
Message to Israel and Jerusalem

O Israel, Israel, Do I not see you now? O nation of nations, Have I not blessed you with the giving of my Law? With the sending of my Son? With the promises from my heart? And what is it you do now? Make no presumptions. Make no assumptions. Do not in your pride cling to that which is passing away. But see, who is the Messiah. For I have come to you. And I am coming again.

O yes, you market, you market me. People come from everywhere, making pilgrimage. See the place where this happened and that happened. But many are clueless as to
what happened. The people cry for spectacle. Flashing lights. Jumping up and down. Loud sounds. Noises they call music. Raising hands to whom? The people want the spectacle. But I tell you, on the very place, of the skull, I GAVE A SPECTACLE. Darkness. Lightning. Earthquake. People coming out of graves. And I made my own public spectacle that triumphed over the principalities and powers and over all the kingdom of darkness. I made that public spectacle and triumphed. RIGHT THERE! [Colossians 2:15]

O Jerusalem, Jerusalem. Do not remain in your apostasy, in your pride, in your cluelessness. You may not hear, but I call you to repentance, as has been done before. I call you to repent and believe. Do you yet even now not believe Moses and the prophets? [Luke 16:31] What
do you believe?

Life. LIVE IN THE LIFE. There is life in THE Life.

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