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Denizí Testimony

March 7, 2005

A young man, age 14, who came to Christ at Craighouse®, fell from a high fence Sunday, February 27th. As news spread, we were all praying. Rev. Craig suspended the worship service to pray for Deniz. Then, Rev. Craig said we would be "doing church," not "having church," and all who could went to the Trauma Center at Broward General Medical Center to be with Deniz and his family. To the glory of Godís goodness and grace, Deniz broke no bones, and suffered no damage. Every Friday night, Deniz closes our gathering with a blessing, "And may God give grace to you all." The Lord showed me that as Deniz extended grace to others, God extended this great grace of intervention to him. Here is his testimony.

The day that the Lord has saved me, I was blessed. I'm 14, and my name is Deniz Kutluay.

I was playing with my friends. We were at the basketball court playing, and the ball went over the fence. I had two choices. I could have just patiently used the gate, but I thought I could jump the fence. I thought I could get the ball faster if I went over the fence. The devil had tempted me.

I started climbing the fence that was about 10 feet high. I could have fallen straight down and broken my neck or worse. As I started to fall, I thought, "the helmet of salvation." Just then my shoelace got caught on the fence, and I fell down; but if my shoelace had not gotten caught, it could have been a whole lot worse. Thatís when the Lord saved me.

Two women came for me. They were kind, nice, and caring. They treated my head with ice. Then they called the ambulance. The ambulance person softly put a collar on my neck. I could have broken my neck there. I could have died. I was in the ambulance, and there was a Catholic policeman who prayed and cared for me. I was taken to the Trauma Center at the hospital. There they took my blood pressure, sugar, oxygen, and took a cat-scan-E and took X-rays.

I turned out 100% fine. I left the hospital with my church, my family, and friends behind my back. Then in two days my eye scar was gone. You could not even see it. Yet again, a miracleómy head was still curing and no pain.

On the next day, my school, a Christian school, had an Olympics. I got two goldís and one bronze medal in track and field. Amazing! Three days ago, I could have died. I was in the hospital, and three days after, I was up and running.

This shows God is real, and He is the only way you can be saved. Jesus saved me, and He can save you.

It was also the armor of God that saved me that Sunday. The Helmet of Salvation, the Belt of Truth, The Sword of the Spirit, the Shield of Faith, the Breastplate of Righteousness, and He shod my feet with the holy gospel of peace from Ephesians 6.10, the whole armor of God. Amen.

I say, "I AM HEALED!"

Deniz Kutluay March 3, 2005, as given to Dr. Mary Craig at Craighouse®

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