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Seven Tests of True Fellowship and True Sonship


Mary J. Craig

Are you a child of God? Everyone can determine whether or not he/she is a child born out of God by examining himself/herself according to the following seven tests given in 1 John:

Because God is light and in Him is no darkness at all, and because the darkness is passing away and the true light is already shining, do I have fellowship with the light? Let’s see.

Because God is life, have I passed from death unto life? Let’s see.

Because God is love, do I have love for God and love for the people of God? Let’s see.

Because God is truth, am I in Him who is true? Let’s see.

Because God is righteous, do I practice righteousness? Let’s see.

Because God is the faithful and true witness, do I believe the testimony of Jesus Christ? Let’s see.

Because Jesus Christ is God, do I know Him who is true and abide in Him? Let’s see.

March 5, 1999

Now it is almost time, and I will reveal My glory in Zion. I am the Lord, and I will not share My glory with another. I will no longer tolerate that one who calls herself a prophetess and is not. I will no longer tolerate those who speak wrongly of Me. I am the Lord Most High, true, faithful, and coming in great glory to demonstrate that I AM and there is no other. I will have no other gods before Me.

I am coming for a holy Bride, a Bride without spot, washed in My Blood and in My Word.

You will know Me by the truth, for I am true and speak truth from a holy heart, pure love. Satan cannot love. He cannot love you as I love you. He has no desire for you to bless you, only that I not be worshipped, only that he be exalted above measure. He comes to deceive now as My Spirit withdraws.

The false comforter comes to delude the people into a false peace, a false safety. Know that this comfort will seem real even to many believers. It will seem true and they will defend the source of their comfort, their peace, their safety, but it is not My Spirit.

You will know Me by knowing My heart, by knowing My Soul. The Word will guide you as My Spirit guides you into truth.

I the Holy Spirit am not always comfortable, for I come to cleanse, to purify the Bride, to correct, to bring you to Jesus who is coming soon for you.

Prepare yourself as for your Bridegroom. Anticipate the day, for the Bridegroom comes. Will you be ready? Watch with anticipation for you shall soon see Him. He will be to you a lover, a friend, your God.

Take comfort in His Words, My Word. I am a holy God and come for a holy Bride. The false comforter encourages harlotry because she is a harlot herself. She encourages straying, sin, apostasy, lawlessness, making light of serious things. She says "it is okay," when it is not okay. She leads astray as a wanton. Her comfort is one of wantonness, wanton lawlessness, not abandoned trust to a faithful Creator.

I am He who formed you in the womb and called you. Come out of her, My people. Flee Babylon, for I come. I am coming. In My jealousy I will destroy all enemies to My love for Mine. Hear Me now in this, for I am coming soon.

That which I have received, I give to you in the Body of Christ. Mary Craig

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