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The "Kingdom of God" Series

January 13, 2021 -- The Kingdom of God: The Idea

We begin a new study: "The Kingdom of God."

Sunday's message covers "The Idea." The Biblical idea of the Kingdom of God is deeply rooted in the Old Testament. It is based on the confidence that there is one eternal, living God who has revealed Himself to humanity. Likewise, He has a purpose for the human race which He has chosen to accomplish through Israel. Hope, biblical hope, forms an essential element in the revealed will and the redemptive work of the living God.

The Kingdom of God or the Kingdom of Heaven, is it a political kingdom, or a spiritual kingdom because it is within, or is it a future kingdom? Is it a realized or present Kingdom? Or is it one of those “already, and not yet” positions of Scripture? In the battle of kings and kingdoms, why does it matter?

January 27, 2021 -- The Need for the Kingdom of God

We have begun a new teaching series, "The Kingdom of God." This week's message explores the need for the Kingdom of God.

Jesus preached the gospel of God, saying that the Kingdom of God is at hand. The OT prophets looked forward to a Day of the Lord, a divine visitation to purge the world of evil and sin and to establish God's perfect reign in the earth. The Kingdom is an "already" but "not yet" reality. But why is the KOG necessary?

Find out...and with it, see how a person can find true satisfaction in life.

Teaching Series on the Kingdom of God
Go to to listen to all of the teaching from the series.

The Kingdom of God: The Idea 1/10/21

The Need for the Kingdom of God 1/24/21

The Kingdom of God: In History or Beyond History? 1/31/21

The Kingdom of God: Who is the Supreme Hedgemon? 2/7/21

Love in the Kingdom of God 2/14/21

The Hope of the Kingdom of God, Part 1, The Kingdom is not Yet 2/21/21

The Hope of the Kingdom of God, Part 2, The Kingdom is not Yet 2/28/21

The Kingdom of God: A Time to Thresh in Meekness 3/7/21

The Kingdom of God: The Temple Was Built on a Threshing Floor 3/21/21

Behold Your King, Meek and Lowly Riding on a Donkey, Palm Sunday 3/28/21

He Opened Not His Mouth, Good Friday 4/2/21

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the Truth That Sets Us Free 4/4/21

The Mystery of the Kingdom 4/11/21

The Life of the Kingdom 4/18/21

The Righteousness of the Kingdom 4/18/21

Mary, the Mother of Jesus Pt1 5/9/21

Mary, the Mother of Jesus Pt2 5/16/21

The Kingdom of God an Upside-Down Kingdom 5/23/21

A New and Living Way 5/30/21

The Kingdom and the Jubilee 6/6/21

Jesus on Wealth and Loyalty 6/13/21

Jesus on Embracing Jubilee 6/20/21

Kingdom, Church, Culture and Structures 6/27/21

Jesus on Power and Status 7/11/21

The Kingdom of God, Israel and the Church 7/18/21

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