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Go to Madagascar 5/8/00 (Added 10/31/2003)
Go to Madagascar, anywhere on the island. The whole island is corrupt, a seat of Satan immersed in poverty and death. The nation is cursed with a curse because of Edom, because of "spoiled seed," because of greed. They have no fear of God, and do not "see" My judgments are to deliver My people from their evil ways.

Call out My people. Call them from the North, South, East, and West, My sons and My daughters, for as to them, I will break the yoke of poverty, of perversion, of greed, their famine.

The waters flood, but My people will not be overtaken. Speak to the Rock that living waters may flow to My people. Weep and wail for the multitude of their sins and iniquity, for the hardness of their hearts, for their greed and exploitation, for the death and malice that prevails.

For I will prevail through you over My enemies to deliver My people....

I am gathering Israel 5/12/00
...I am gathering them in. Watch as I gather them in, watchman. Watch and pray. Get ready. Be ready, for My glory comes. You shall see it, though you may not believe it, lean and strain to see - Romans 9-11 - for I am coming. I am gathering all Israel of every tribe and every nation....

Watch what I will do 6/23/00
Watch what I will do, O watchman on the wall. Watch the mountain that I will make into a plain. Watch the mountain that before you O Zerubbabel will become rubble. I will make crooked places straight. I will divide the mountain. I will shake the earth. I will shake the kingdoms of the earth. I will shake the nations of the earth. For I am coming saith the Lord. I am coming in great power and great glory, and they shall know that I am the LORD, and they shall bow. For I am gathering the nations to Me, before me. And I will separate the nations before Me. To the left and to the right. I am calling forth the resurrection of the nations.

The Word for Madagascar 7/19/00
Go to Madagascar and tell this nation that I long to answer their heartfelt prayers for revival, prosperity, growth in grace, release from persecution and prisons of their own making. Nevertheless, they must repent and believe the gospel. I came to them before, and was not received. They chose their gods, their idols, their goddesses, their kings and princes, and objects fashioned of thier own making. They came to reject Me and despise Me. They rejected those I sent to them....

God is watching Jerusalem 11/17/00 [U.S. Presidential election results/legal crisis]
The world is watching America. God is watching Jerusalem.

Jerusalem belongs to the LORD 12/1/00
"Jerusalem, Jerusalem, they are stabbing at the heart…."
Jerusalem belongs to the LORD. They are making the fact that Jerusalem belongs to God political. It's not political, it's spiritual.

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