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Preach the whole counsel of God 1/1/03
The elect from every nation will come in and then the wrath of the Lamb shall be released upon those who disobey and disbelieve the Christ, the Child of the Holy Ghost. Many will blaspheme and mock the Holy Ghost, sealing their destiny as children of wrath, even as preachers water down the gospel more and more, denying the lake of fire, denying Gehenna and any and all places of punishment. The people will be armed into delusion so as no longer to despair of their sin and godlessness, lawlessness and apostasy.

But you, preach the
whole counsel of God. Guard the truth. Love the truth. Proclaim the truth, not according to the social constructs of man, but according to the construct of God. Hold fast to Him and to His Word in the hearing of itching ears....

How have you known me? 2/21/03
I, the LORD, am in the midst of your life, in the midst of your day, in the midst of your nights, in the midst. I was, I will be, I am in your midst, a sure hope and foundation. I am He who was and is and will be.

In what ways do you know Me?...

Many will die unless you pray 2/25/03
Come now, and I will tell you what I am about to do.
Many will die unless you pray to avert My wrath. It is your part in bringing to completion My perfect will. Seek Me for peace, that in wrath I will remember mercy. Bring to Me what you know of My graciousness, lovingkindness, grace. Call Me to remember My covenant with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob ==> Jesus, the New Covenant in the blood of My only Son. Point Me to the blood, that the elect will all come in....

I will protect My city 3/8/03
Come now, and watch what I will do. I will protect My city, Jerusalem. I will and have placed the walls of David around her.

Do you see her foes gathering as a storm? Black clouds, darkening skies. But I have Mine, My servants who do My will! They will not be daunted nor succumb to the taunts and cries of the enemy.

I am coming. Surely, I am coming. Every eye will see Me. I will come in glory and great power. Get ready. Be ready -- I will manifest Myself to those who seek and love My appearing. Will you see?

I weep for the woes that are coming 3/11/03
Shall I not uphold the honor of My Son?
I will strike the false shepherds and teachers.
I will sift and sort.
I will send forth My harvesters.
I am preparing for slaughter.
I will hold back the waters for My people to cross the Jordan.
I will calm the storm. I will prevail over every foe.

I cry for the tears of My people. I weep for the woes that are coming upon the earth. I am moved with compassion, and My bowels churn within Me....

I am the Good Shepherd 3/21/03
The wall of David is around Jerusalem this very night, but few have the heart of David to seek after the LORD. Therefore, I will come and purge My city. I will pass through looking for Mine.

I will break their shackles, loose them from their chains. Prepare the way of the LORD, for I have struck the shepherds, and the sheep are scattered. But I will find them. For I am the Good Shepherd. I lay down My life for the sheep, and I am the Chief Shepherd.

Come now, you who go to and fro, to and fro. What do you seek? You seek peace, but not Me. I am peace. You take up the sword, but not My sword. Nor the Word of God. You say you love My law, yet you do not keep it. Your hearts are defiled. You call yourself Israel, but I do not rule, so Ishmael is there to remind you. You have not entered the promise. Repent, for the Day of the LORD is at hand. Watch Me. Watch and pray.

Have I not called you to watch? 4/1/03
O watchman on the wall, have I not called you to watch? And you have watched, though not fully. Nevertheless, I call those things that are not as though they were, and have thus imputed to you righteousness. You have been faithful in this least and now will you be faithful in the more? You are not a son of Torah, but a son of God. You are not of Hagar, but of the free woman. You are not Ishmael, but Jacob -- Israel.

You are coming to know I rule My dominion. Take up the cross and carry it to the grave, for you shall rise in the resurrection of the just. Overcome as I overcame, and become a son in the glorious liberty of My gospel. For I love you. I called My son out of Egypt and through the wilderness to enter the Promised Land and obtain the inheritance. You have an inheritance. Enter into the joy of your Lord now. Enter in and possess the Land. For I have called you by name, and you are Mine. I have redeemed you, every whit. I have paid the price of blood guilt. You are free. Walk in the liberty of the sons of God, for so you are. Worship Me.

I come for you, Jerusalem 4/4/2003

I come for you, Jerusalem. I come for you, for you are My city. I will pour My Spirit upon you. I will move through your streets into every nook and cranny. I will come with the fire of My love and purge you of your leaven. I will purify you and prepare you for My appearing. And I will come to you, Jerusalem. I will come in power and great glory. And to those who love My appearing, I will reward you with a crown, a crown of compassion, as one who shares My passion.

Repent and turn to Me, you ends of the earth. Repent, for I am coming to purge.


I come for you, Jerusalem 4/4/03
I come for you, Jerusalem. I come for you, for you are My city. I will pour My Spirit upon you. I will move through your streets into every nook and cranny. I will come with the fire of My love and purge you of your leaven. I will purify you and prepare you for My appearing. And I will come to you, Jerusalem. I will come in power and great glory. And to those who love My appearing, I will reward you with a crown, a crown of compassion, as one who shares My passion.

Repent and turn to Me, you ends of the earth. Repent, for I am coming to purge.

"Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them also that love his appearing." 2 Tim. 4:8

Who weeps for My city? / Your redemption draws nigh. 4/18/03
Jerusalem, Jerusalem. Who weeps for My city? Did I not enter her gates and speak to her? Did I not come? But here she lies -- in hypocrisy, in idolatry. I shall come in a most excellent glory. Even now the preparations are complete.
Look, look, for your redemption draws nigh. Rejoice at My resurrection, at My restoration of your soul, at My redemption of your body. I am the Lord, the Holy One of Israel, and I come for a holy bride. I am, and there is no other savior.


What is coming? 5/6/03
What is coming? What is coming? I am coming, says the LORD of Hosts. I am coming with a mighty army of Mine, and I will cover the earth with My glory.

I will speak, and it shall be so. As I pursue and defeat My enemies, they will fall before Me and Mine as nothing. For am I not the Creator, Jehovah Elohim?...

Robbery in the burnt offering 5/9/03
...And when I come, will My people repent? Will they see their sin and iniquity and the price of their redemption? Or will they continue to mock and make light of the Blood of My Son?...

The Day dawns 5/30/03
Be careful. Watch and pray. I am coming on the clouds with My holy angels. And will you be ready at My appearing?...

Jerusalem's Destiny 6/15/03
Scriptures and comments on the the destiny of Jerusalem and the return of Jesus Christ as King of Israel and the nations.

I am coming 6/20/03
I am coming. I am coming in power and great glory. What I do in your midst is as nothing compared to the fullness of My power and glory. Will you stand? When I come will I find faith? How shall you be when I come? How shall you know My appearing?

Watch. Yearn. Strain to see. Long to see. Call forth the Jubilee for all the earth.

To be continued...

I am the living God 7/8/03
Have I not said it? I am alive, yet they treat Me as one dead. It is as they would wish, not as truth. I am the living God, I AM, who lives forevermore. I am coming with clouds.

I will fill with My life those who desire Me, who desire truth. I am the way, the truth, and the life. There is no life apart from Me, yet they seek the living, what is alive, among the dead.

Come out, come out of her, My people. Repent of your idolatries. These do not bring life or give life.

I am El Shaddai. I am the life-bringer, the life-giver. Come unto Me, for I hold the keys of death and hell. Come. Repent. Lest I strike the earth with a curse.

Prepare to meet Me 7/15/03
Prepare. Prepare. Prepare to meet Me, for I am coming to you. I am revealing Myself to you. And what will you do with the revelation as I unveil Myself to you? How will you regard Me? How will you worship Me now in spirit and in truth? What doctrines must go from you -- your thoughts, your mind?...

I rebuild the tabernacle of David 7/18/03
And now look O watchman on the wall. Watch as I rebuild the tabernacle of David, as I make of My people, My Body, a temple not made with hands. Watch for the glory of this temple to burst forth, shining out into the darkness of night.

For it is the night of the Day of the Lord, and I am shining out as the light in the temple of My people in the New Jerusalem in My holy hill, Zion. I am glorious, and I glorify Mine, all in whom I dwell.

Run to the waters and drink, and I will fill your souls and refresh your spirits. I am the Lord, the Holy One in your midst, and I am doing a new work in you, My people, but I am not bringing a new word, for I have spoken and I also will do it. Now it is time. Now it springs forth. Those who have eyes will see it and rejoice. I will manifest Myself to those who even now look for My appearing....

I the LORD am great 8/8/03

I the LORD am great and do great and marvelous things. You have been disobedient and full of unbelief, wandering in the wilderness for years, suffering judgment for insulting the Holy One of Israel, the Spirit of grace.

But now I call you out of the wilderness to enter the promised land. Again. Will you fear the giants? Will you obey My commands? Will you obtain your inheritance?

And if you obtain your inheritance, what will you do with it? Will you squander it on small pleasures, on meat (food) and bread which perishes? Is not your life in My hands and the power of My mouth?

Repent, for I the Lord would (desire) to do a marvelous work which even you cannot deny. Believe and you will see it. Do not be as the mule or as your ancestors. Ps 78. Repent for the fathers of your people, for are they not an example to you, a warning? 1 Cor 10

You have suffered, yet I desire to be to you Father of Glory. Call upon Me, and I will show you great and mighty things which you cannot now imagine.

I am great. Call upon My greatness and put away rebellion, stubbornness, control. I am sovereign. Submit to My sovereign rule and reign over you and your life. You will to do, but another thing rises in your members not in subjection to My authority. Call every member of your body into subjection.

Bless you, Ken [alias], son of David. You are Mine and I love you. I have chastened you sorely, but what I wound, I heal.

Rise up, son of David. Watch the wall. Build Me a tabernacle, and I will come to it in glory.

The glory shines in the dark and the dark comprehends it not. I am Glory, its origin and source. You haven’t seen anything yet until you ride on the wings of glory.

Some day, My friend. Some day.

The blackout will come 8/17/03
I am the Lord thy God who calls you out of the wall, who calls you to be a light unto the world, who calls you out of darkness to shine in the midst of darkness as great darkness comes to cover the land.

Comfort ye My people with the comfort where in you are comforted, evil shall increase and darkness grow thick. Yet I shall have places of refuge, places of light, that those who do not love the darkness may flee to the light and find shelter in the light, a place of safety and a place of rest for their quaking souls.

The man emerges. He energizes the evil and draws power to himself from the smoking flax and the burning candles. He draws power from the chants, the blood of sacrifice and ritual. He draws power from places on the earth, seats of satan. He does not generate power on his own, for he is no source in himself.

The black out will come -- moral darkness as has not been seen, major in its scope, deadly in its path of destruction....

The word of the Lord for Zimbabwe 10/15/03
.....The word of the Lord to Zimbabwe is: Mend your fences. Protect your borders. Isaiah 58.
.....I am the Repairer of the Breach who comes to you to say that believers in Zimbabwe must immediately mend broken hearts in your midst, restore the dignity of stripped souls, cast out bitterness from your waters, terminate the strife of contentious waters, and repent for the ways, the days of oppression.
.....The oppressed cry and I hear their prayer. You are in a time of curse and judgment, not because you have not sought reconciliation and peace in the earthly realm, but because you have not brought to Me the peace offering of My Son Jesus Christ. You are out for blood and seek to eat the fat. Leviticus 3
.....Bring Me that which alone can atone for the shedding of blood, the blood-guilt. Bring Me My Son's Blood, which you fail to honor, fail to apply, fail to sprinkle over your evil conscience, your depraved mind, your vessels and tabernacles of ministry.
.....I am coming to you, Zimbabwe, in judgment which will begin with the house of God, but I give you time to repent, for I am a gracious Lord, Ruler over the kings of the earth....

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