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Watch, I AM coming, hold fast to My word 1/16/09
O watchman on the wall, watch Jerusalem now for Condi Rice has been My servant. She has prayed, sought my face for My will and I have given her favor, steadfastness, strength, discipline, and graciousness in her position.

Watch now Jerusalem for you will soon see what I will do, for, yes, change is coming. But do not think all change is good for the mere sake of change.

Watch Egypt now and put your ears close for the treaties and stipulations coming forth. History will repeat itself -- like a nation / Pharaoh who did not know Joseph and like a nation who knows not the LORD and the Book of the LORD....

My plans 1/23/09
Shall I tell you My plans for your nation? For then many will seek to thwart My plans; but they cannot prevail for I am the Almighty, the Mighty One of Israel. I am the Holy One of Israel, the Strength of Israel, the Light of Israel, the One who says of Israel, Israel, My glory.

Watch Me for I am planning a great deliverance such as the world has not imagined. I will glorify My Name that kings and princes slander. I will glorify My Son whom these use in pretense of faith. I will save My people with an outstretched arm....

The chariots are gathering 2/9/09
The chariots are gathering,
the riders ready.
Death; then Hades follows.
Deep darkness has covered the earth.
The winds die down,
the air thick,
hard to breathe.

Divorce has brought about violence....

Go back to Israel 3/14/09
Go back to Israel. I will tell you when.
Pray Lamentations - Weep and wail. For the woes that will come to My city.
You will go back to the Galilee...
to the place where I met My disciples

My heart churns within Me. Will you carry My heart for My city?

Cry, cry for My people 3/20/09
Cry, Cry for My People.
Cry, Cry for My holy city.

Weep and lament over Jerusalem, that holy city which has gone to the dogs, filled with idolatries, filled with adulteries.

Weep. Cry for the impending destruction of My holy city.

For I am coming and every eye will see Me. And that New Jerusalem will come down from heaven and I will be in the midst, dwelling in the midst of My holy people, those I have called and chosen from every tribe and every tongue.

Watch, O watchman on the wall as I do what no man can do. Watch as I the LORD prevail over My enemies.
I AM the LORD.

Prepare Me, prepare Me a place in your heart - no idols, no other thrones - for I will have you. I own you.

Do not fear. Proclaim Me LORD and devils will tremble at My Name. Their time is short and they wonder for the terror of their end but stand and overcome in My Name. Do not be moved.

I AM that Rock - I AM the Holy One of Israel. I AM He.

Angola, Iceland and Greenland 3/21/09
You will go to Angola and deliver My people from the strongholds of Satan and break the blood curse and the curse on the ground; for I, Kinsman-Redeemer, will go with you to prosper the word I will give you for My people.

You will go to Ireland and Greenland and I will provide that you may declare My Name from North to South, East to West, and you will release healing into the seas that it may flow into the oceans and I will make bitter waters sweet....

Choose this day whom you will serve 3/28/09
I am the Lord God in your midst who takes away your shame. I have drawn the battle line, people flocking in one direction or another. Those on the Lord's side live. Those not, prepare for judgment. My Kingdom is coming in power. No one knows what level, what degree, what force! No eye has seen, yet you will see a flood of force.

Choose this day whom you will serve. Call out to the East, South, West and North, "Come to the table of the Lord, for a feast is being prepared." You are to rise and reign, but in humility, My humility. Your nation, My land, will one day lie desolate. But that day is not yet....

The Galilee 4/3/09
The Galilee. The Galilee.
Watch O Watchman what they conspire to do with the Galilee. The place where I taught; walked, preached, healed. The LAND, the LAND.

You will go to the Galilee and read/proclaim every verse on "Galilee." You will recall Me in the Galilee. For the enemy comes to desecrate the Galilee, to defile what I cleansed, to desecrate, to destroy.

I will prevail. And you will carry My Voice. My Word, and I will destroy with the breath of My mouth, with the Sword of the Spirit.

The war against Apollyon begins. Join ranks with Me. I am coming and no one will stop Me.


The glory of the Lord covers the earth 4/4/09
Yet a little while and you wil see the destruction of your enemies. You will rise to new heights. You will rise to reign in the power of the Highest to build and to plant, to uproot and to destroy, to set the nations in order, to go to nations where I send you. Do not presume where I will send you. It will not come from your heart or mind but from Mine.

I am He who travels on the wind to reach into the hearts of men to touch and to transform their lives. I am He who lives and breathes life into what is dead, dying, and moving to the grave.

I am the Lord and I rule with an iron rod, a rod of justice tempered by mercy....

The great harlot (For U.S.) 4/17/09
The Great Harlot rises up with blasphemies at the Most Holy One. Watch now and pray; for I the Living God will do a work in My people who are devoted to Me.

I will separate them, establish boundaries around them, and deliver them from the evil that rolls perniciously over the land like a fog.

But I will come not in thunder or earthquake but in the still small voice of the prophet who speaks for Me.

I the Voice of the Lord will whisper a word and fell the giants in the land. For I am not dead but alive, only that Apollyon cannot look upon truth or life for he is full of death.

Watch and pray. Be holy.

My Burden, My Pain 5/15/09 (Added 8/6)
For look how they plot and scheme to overthrow Jerusalem. And yet all that is written will be done. Weep and wail for the woes coming to earth. Weep and wail for the grievous things about to transpire. For as they have grieved My Holy Spirit, so will I let them feel grief and know sorrows. I will do to them as they have done to Me. Yet will I show mercy, for the/no one could handle My grief.

Do they share My burden? Do they feel My pain? Yet they will suffer to know Me. Pray the days are shortened.
Pray to be ready.
Watch, O Watchman on the Wall.
Watch and pray.

I am stirring things up in the Middle East 6/19/09
I am stirring things up in the Middle East.

O watchman on the wall, will you hear their cries? They cried slogans – Death to America. Death to Israel. Death to Britain. As they have said, so I will do to them. For I am a holy God and I will not be mocked. I am a roaring lion.

The roar of Zion. The Lion roars. Roars. The roar out of Zion. The Lion of Judah; Roars. With a roar – I will be heard over the entire Middle East. The Lion of Judah roars. Out of Zion – Roar. The Lord will roar out of Zion and roar from Jerusalem.
... One third will die. [Rev. 9:13-18 also Zech. 2; 13:6-14:21]

The vultures attack and devour; I come for a holy bride 6/09 (Added 9/16)
The vultures gather as death and destruction are loosed over the land. They abide their time.

Does no one see? Are their heads in the sand? I tell you, no, but My people fail to cover themselves from attack.

The attack is slow. The vultures will swoop, pick at wounded flesh, bite and devour. And where is the covering for My people? And who will shield them in the day of battle?

The Lion roars against the vultures, but what is there left of the prey? For it is the day of rottenness and putrefaction. The Spoiler has spoiled and only a stench rises from heaps of rotting flesh in the blazing sun.

You say, how vicious; but do you not see your rotten flesh and smell the stench of your sin in My nostrils?

Sin crouches at the door and its desire (aim) is for you, but you must master it. Gen 4.7

I am He who comes for a holy Bride. Put away the perversion of your worship and your ways. Put away the froward mouth, deceit, lies, whoredoms. Under every green tree idols gawk, gloat, and grow as a wild olive shoot....

My people cry to Me, "How long, O Lord…" 7/27/09
My people cry to Me, "How long, O Lord..." And yet it is I who cry in response--How long must I tolerate My people who halt between two opinions, who are double-souled, who worship Me in one place and then fellowship with demons in another? If the LORD is God, worship Him. If Baal is god, serve him; but choose you this day whose you are and whom you serve.

For I the Lord know the hearts of My people, and their hearts are divided; their loyalties are divided. They serve two masters. They seek to please Me and to please the world; even though I have said that the one who is friend to the world is enemy to Me.

Rejoice, O heavens. Take heed O Earth. The devil has come down to you, O Earth, and as his time draws close, he wanders the earth seeking whom he may devour.

Apollyon gains strength as the people make his man king in their minds and hearts. This king of death and destruction will move forward in his deceitful ways until the people awaken and see him for what he is. The people are going into deep slumber as the spirit of slumber causes them to pull back from reading My Word, from gathering for fellowship with the saints, from partaking of the means of grace.

The people are heavy with sleepiness, drawn to the earth, to a heaviness where they cannot arise to fight the death rolling in upon them.

But I will arise from My sleep and I will roar in response to the roar of Apollyon. I will cause an Awakening in My people and wake them up from their slumber. And they will know that I am He who commands; and who sets aside My counsel?
I am the commander of the morning, and no man [is], and I am He who triumphs over death, hell, and the grave....

The stench of sin, the stench of Jerusalem 8/21/09

Do you smell the stench in this room tonight? It is the stench of sin, the stench of the unclean, the homeless, the orphaned, of those who have set their course against Me, My will, My ways, My plan. They defy My Word, doing all they can to prove it false.

And others in their pride resist My Holy Spirit, refusing to budge.

Is there competitor? Is there any real contest? Am I not GOD after all?

And this stench is nothing compared to the stench rising up to Me from Jerusalem! Look, O Watchman, for I am coming to Jerusalem and when I do every eye will see Me, even those who pierced Me. And how sad will they be? And what will they say in their hearts? What?

I am the Lion of Judah and I am roaring with a roar that will be heard over all the Middle East.

Watch, O Watchman, for who defies the Living God? The dead idols? The death of their sin?

I will be glorified and My glory will cover the earth. My Son's prayer (Jn 17) will be answered. You will see.

"Let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream." Amos 5:24

I am coming; prepare for Me 8/28/09
Do you see the death in My city Jerusalem? But My Holy One did no corruption and My people find in Him life.

I am coming for a holy Bride. And I will purify My people, separate them from sin and things leading to death, that they might be pure vessels filled with My glory.

I am coming with clouds and every eye will see Me. Prepare for the Day of Visitation of your God for I am a consuming fire and I will purify, sanctify.

Prepare a body for Me and let My people say, henceforth to do Your will, O God. For My will sets the boundaries of life. Let My people L I V E.

I will judge the nations; Seek Me with all your hearts 9/25/09
O Watchman on the wall, do you see the nations gathering against the Lord and against His anointed? Do you see them conspiring against Me? Psalm 2

Do you see the division coming upon the earth? The peoples are dividing. Who is on the Lord's side? Who calls upon the Name of the Lord? Who is not ashamed to be called "of Christ"? Who will fight the good fight of faith?

And I will call the nations to the Valley of Jehoshaphat, the Valley of Decision. And there I will judge the nations and I will separate the sheep from the goats. I will separate the light from the darkness. I will separate the living from the dead. I will separate clean from unclean, holy from unholy....

Find the Truth 10/2/09
It will get harder and harder to discern truth, to find the facts. The perspective of people will be so perverted, so cloudy, so crooked; very few will have clear vision because their hearts are darkened, their eyes are blind, their ears are deaf. They won't even be saying, Where is God?". A whole generation is rising filled with chaos. They can't even be still.

As the Lord moves in judgment, translations of the Bible will abound. But the truth is, there will be a famine of the Word of God. Even the elect will be deceived, even as they are now. Only those who love the truth and seek it will find it. Find the truth and you find the true Christ.

This is satan's hour. Watch and pray. Have your lamps filled with oil. Be ready. Do not let that day take you by surprise. Get the Word in you now. Only there will you find life. There will be death all around. Flies, vultures, carrion. Remember the LORD your God. Overcome.

I am coming soon. I will prevail. I love My People and I will not lose any. Be strong. Fight the good fight of faith Life awaits you.

Who will be ready? Who is preparing?10/23/09
Call Me Jehovah for I am the Covenant Lord. Call Me Breaker, the Breaker, for I give you the neck of your enemies. Call Me Master of Breakthroughs for I make a way where there is no way.

I am doing something in the earth (which I made) that will astound scientists, for surely I must keep them exploring, keep them wondering, keep them "guessing". They see the work of My hands and some see the soul of My heart. Few honor Me as Creator (those that know Me truly as Redeemer). Even the wrath of man will praise Me!

Comfort My people for I do not neglect them in their days of need. I am moving in the midst of My people to purify, to sanctify, to cleanse now for all things must be made ready for the Great Appearing.

Do you hear the hoof beats? They are galloping now, growing in number, growing in strength, growing closer. Who will be ready in the day of battle? Who will bury the dung that I might come on their battlefield to war for them? Who will have fresh oil in their lamps? Who is preparing for that Great Day of the Lord? [Ezek. 37; Rev 9; Deut. 23:13; Mat. 25:1-13; Acts 2:20; Rev. 16:14, etc.]

Woe to the Bloody City 11/6/09
Violence; Violence. Woe to the bloody city. Innocent blood has been shed and have I not seen? Did I not hear the anguish?

Allah is great, the say. And do these confuse this god of violence with Me the Living God? Yes.

I am the Living God and I am roaring with a roar that will be heard across the Middle East. I will expose. I will oppose. I will come and roar into the roar of the lion who seeks to devour My people. I will stare him down. I will come of the defense of My people. I will not spare.

And in all My holy mountain they will know that I am the Covenant Lord who Smites, Jehovah Makkeh. I will strike and I will not spare. For I have been roused from rest. I will defend. I will strike. I will not spare. I will triumph.

I am coming to you Israel 12/4/09
I am coming to you Israel. For I am your King. King of Kings and Lord of lords. I will claim MY land. For is it not Mine, Israel?

Watch O watchman on the wall, for I tell you it is still true those that curse Abraham will be cursed and those that bless Abraham will be blessed.


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