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Tuesday April 4, 2023
Dark Days Ahead, But Do Not Fear

Word Received by Dr. Mary Craig
April 4, 2023 (home)

"Word" I believe I have received from the Spirit of the Living God, at home.

There are dark days ahead, but do not fear for I am in the midst of you-sovereign, holy, mighty in power, giving you life and hope to face the day and temper the night.

Your nation -- evil rises in your nation. Evildoers have touched My anointed. They have set their hearts to do what they have plotted in the night to do in the day. They target Mine for destruction, without shame.

I, the Man of War, also rise. My Spirit fights for the life of My children. My weapons are not common but spiritual. My Voice breaks the cedars. My roar is such that anything that can be shaken will be shaken.

Do not make the error of the Pharisees and people of Jesus' time on earth. They desired a king to overthrow Roman rule and power and oppression. My kingdom is not of this world. I am already and now seated at the right hand of the throne of God.

I am the Holy One who rules and reigns supreme in the power of an endless life.

Trust Me now for I am God the faithful God. I do miracles. I care for you [not just about you].

Those who obey My Voice will find favor. I will be with them to prevail. My Peace I give unto you, My love, grace, power, and purpose.

This nation will not go into darkness if My people humble themselves and pray and seek My FACE, resist the devil, cease compromising The FAITH, stop being complacent, joining and abetting the corruption, and truly repent of their wicked ways.

Note: abetted; abetting: Synonyms of abet transitive verb 1 : to actively second and encourage (something, such as an activity or plan) abet the commission of a crime 2 : to assist or support (someone) in the achievement of a purpose. The singer was abetted by a skillful accompanist.

Pray for those in leadership -- government at every level, businesses, churches and ministries, families and households, organizations, and those with influence. My Word is Spirit and Truth. My Word is a Sword and weapon of war. My Word, the Scriptures, cannot be broken.

I have prepared you for the time that is coming. Be of good hope.

Easter Sunday April 9, 2023
Word received (After Easter service at clubhouse)

This is a time of rest, this is a time of rest and refreshing.

Come before Me and ask for nothing right now. Just remind yourself as
through the doxologies who I am, that you might be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might, that you might be strong in the grace that is IN Christ Jesus. I have always taken care of you, and WILL take care of you. Rest assured.

When you became born again
in Christ old things were past away, old things are past away, behold all things are become new. You are an in-Christ one. Who are the true children of Abraham? Who are they? ...

...But what did David know, what understanding did he have? He did things that seemed to contradict the law of Moses. Why did he do that? You think about it. What understanding did he have that was given to him by Me the Living God? What was his heart's desire? He was not a man with a heart like mine. He was a man
after, in pursuit of My heart. Think about David, and the Covenant. The sure mercies of David.

The people looked for an earthly king like David to come and restore Israel's glory days / Israel's glory days. My kingdom is not of this world. People call Me King of the Universe. Did they realize what that even
meant? I am the King, of the universe. Of/Over all creation. ... Though no one sees or may not see or see a little bit and not see everything, I see. I am the God who sees. I alone save. I save, and have mercy on whom I will have mercy. I save, according to my electing love. It is a hard truth.

Walk before Me and be ye holy. For few are in position to have the prayers heard, to have an audience in the divine court. There are very few, relative to all those in the invisible church.

So this person here lives in a sanctuary, and that person there lives in a sanctuary, where I am comfortable, where I am honored. For I have dispelled the forces of darkness. And prevailed against my enemies. And you are never alone when you pray. For I ever live to make intercession, for all the saints. So one believing one, and I, Myself, are two on earth agreeing.

For I tell you the days are coming and are now, when I will move in such power, mega power, that
those that mock, that those who walk in the ways of the no-gods, who preach a false gospel, who refuse to stop baking cakes to the queen of heaven - These will know, the one they mock. They will see, the effects of My power. There are those who have touched my anointed. They have touched my anointed. And not without consequence.

Who is on the LORD's side? Come over here. As for you and your house, whom will you serve?

Do not fear. Do not weep for the reprobate.

Dare I say more? There
is more. But not now. Amen.

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