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Tragedy: Word for the U.S. 2/6/08
To speak His name only in time of tragedy is a tragedy... It is not only politically correct to pray during times of tragedy.

If you as a nation want protection from the Most High God -- it must be consistent, not only during times of good and plenty. A track record -- ongoing -- do I require. Fill your prayer bank accounts. Do not wait till destruction is upon you, U.S. I the Lord require fellowship -- obedience -- confidence to approach Me. Be as lambs seeking fresh grass....

Jerusalem, Christ and the nations, witches, vengeance, I alone save. 3/21/08
O watchman on the wall, Behold and see what they do in My city Jerusalem, for do they not know that My Name is there? Shall I withhold My peace? Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Behold the nations gather against the Lord and against His Christ. They conspire, but I sit in the heavens and laugh. Ps. 2

For the nations are given to My Son as His inheritance and behold, He comes in glory with all His saints and will rule and reign and every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord....

Word for Belgium 2 3/30/08 [See Word for Belgium from 6/07]
Go to, you who say, Today or tomorrow we shall go into such a city, and continue there one year, and buy and sell, and get gain: Whereas you know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is indeed a vapor that manifests for a little time, and then vanishes away. For that you ought to say, If the Lord will, we shall live, and do this, or that. But now you boast in y our boastings: all such boasting is evil. Therefore to him that knows to do good, and does it not, to him it is sin. (James 4.13-17)

You should say, if the Lord wills, we will sow and reap, plant and harvest, glean and disperse. How do you know what I will do in y our midst, in your land, in the world?

It is in your mouth to tear down and destroy, to build or to uproot, to plant and establish.

Behold I am sending you [Mary Craig] to Belgium to tear down, uproot, and destroy the things of darkness, things of the past, things of war; and to build, plant, and establish My kingdom....

The beauty of the blood 4/15/08
During a private time with the Lord, I received:
I am the Mighty One of Israel who answers you, the Holy One in your midst. Do not fear, for I am here, Your Protector. I slaughter your enemies. I feed and clothe you. I watch over you with great care. I love you. I comfort you in times of distress. I am yours, your God, your Lover, your Friend, your Provider. I speak and creation moves, shifting to My command. I am the Voice of Many Waters.

I come to you today. Write. Let the handwriting be on the wall. Babylon is fallen. I have overcome. I overcome every enemy with the greatness of My power…I am a God of surprises. I act suddenly, unexpectedly. I am most creative, don't you agree?...

I am the Holy One of Israel 6/15/08
The time of the Gentiles comes to a close
They cry for change, but fail to discern
I will judge and I will spare
I am the Holy One of Israel in your midst. I am He who lives forevermore. A am He who raises the dead and who causes the thunder to be heard with peels heard around the globe. And I am about to roar with a roar that will be heard across the Middle East. I am thundering and My Voice will be heard and not silenced.

They cry to Me and I have turned away from the deaf ear, but now I will open deaf ears and blind eyes and they will both hear and see what I am about to do.

For I tell you the time of the Gentiles comes to a close [Luke 21:10-28, Rom 11:22-32] and I whose Name is jealous will fulfill jealousy in those of Abraham. Rom 11 And they will see the One they pierced [Zech 12, Acts 2] and scriptures will cause them to tremble, e.g. one man to die for the nation [Jn 11:50-53]; e.g. his blood be on us and our descendants [Mat 27:22-26]; e.g. Acts 13:13-50

And many of the Jews and those appointed to life will come by the droves, their eyes opened and their ears. And I will turn their hearts that they might be healed. And not they only but all who are Mine as the Father has given inheritance.

Behold, the war comes and do not fear but rejoice. Know the seasons. Prepare for war. Watch and be ready. Stand faithful now and overcome....

Inside the veil, outside the camp 6/20/08
Man, My law and Israel

To live within the Veil is to live outside the camp. Deep pain comes to the soul as the veil is rent. Brokenness, stillness, cherubim guarding the Holiest. The soul comes to the end of itself. The more it fights in pride the more it is crushed. The salt preserves and gives flavor to the fragrance produced in the mixing of the incense sweet to the Father.

It is a soul dead to sin and alive to righteousness. It is a soul dead to self, selfishness, self-preservation, self-assertion. It is a soul dead to lies, deceit, to the dictates of the flesh and the devil. It is a soul over which Satan has no rule, dominion, authority, say.

It is the end of separation from all that separates from Me a holy God. The spirit [human] joins to My Spirit in salvation and here the soul in surrender to Me is infused with My Life to live surely. With life flowing to the soul the body lives until all is life and no death remains.

Come to the waters and drink. Come to the Mercy Seat secure in the Father's love. See in the Ark the treasure that is the Law. See the treasure of the Manna and the Rod that buds. The Law is life because the Law is love....

A word to the believers in Zimbabwe 7/14/08
...I have not had a specific word, but the challenge of Mugabe to God is much like the challenge of Korah in his rebellion. I heard Mugabe say on TV that he would stay in power until God took him out, or similar words. In Numbers 16 Aaron stood between the dead and the living in order to stop the plague. This was interposition. The plague was first stopped by this act of interposition before God established Aaron's authority.

God had wanted to consume everybody. He says in Numbers 16.46 for Aaron to make an atonement for the people because the wrath had gone out and the plague had begun.

I am praying that people will stand spiritually between the dead and the living in interposition to stop the plague and that God Himself will
establish godly authority in Zimbabwe. In accord with this, I am praying Leviticus 26, paying special note to Lev. 26.40ff....

Calling the nations to the Great War 8/1/8
Something about calling all the nations to the Great War. We prayed for a repeat, based on Jer. 36:28 & 32

Gather the nations to the Great War, I am coming with clouds 8/8/8
Go, Watchman on the wall, gather the nations to the Great War. I am coming with clouds and I will be glorified on earth. I will fill the earth with My glory.
. . .

Be faithful untio the end and I will give you the crown of life.

Run to the prophets or hear from Me 8/9/08
Now hear what the Sovereign Lord says, for the time is short and My people are perishing for lack of knowledge. My people run more to the prophets than to Me. Is this the time of Moses? Have I not given, poured forth My Spirit that Mine might hear and obey My Voice? Have I not rent the Veil that Mine might enter into the Holy of Holies to receive from Me? Have I not put the Law written on the heart that My people might respond to My grace and be blessed? Am I a God afar off and not near?...

My Son, My kingdom 9/5/08 (Added 3/1/09)
My Son, sitting lowly on a donkey, is He not King? Is He not Ruler? Did He not speak all of creation into being? By His words all things that are created were made. Do you see Him high and lifted up? As He is?

Look. Look. See My Son Jesus Head above every nation. [Here I saw in my mind the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.] Man-made – laughter – My Son is Ruler over all, King of kings, Lord of lords, over everyone – everything, under His feet, under His subjection!...

I am shaking foundations in heaven and on earth 10/3/08
O Watchman on the wall, watch as I the Lord of heaven and earth cause nations to rise and nations to fall. Is. 40. Am I not glorious? And who is it who opposes Me?

I see the hearts and I know what is in man's heart. Men's hearts will fail them for fear. I am shaking foundations in heaven and on earth and everything that can be shaken will be shaken....

I deliver my darling... 12/5/08
I deliver My darling from the power of the grave. [Hos. 13:14] I will put a difference between My people and those who worship false gods. I will be their God and they will be My people.

I am roaring with a roar that will be heard over all the Middle East. Watch and be ready for though others do not take up the cause of Jerusalem, I take up the cause.

I have a controversy with My people for they do not love the truth but presume upon My grace. I will teach them My ways, for I am coming for a holy Bride and these must be prepared to receive/handle My glory, who I am.

I AM the Glorious One and a consuming fire, and I am sending you to Iceland and Greenland to release the glory of the LORD to cover the earth. (Here I saw the earth being covered with the glory of God beginning from the North Pole.) I will crown the earth with My glory and I will prevail against evil and darkness for I am the LORD and no man will prevail against Me.

2009 12/19/08
For I say 2009 will begin judgment upon the nations as I the Spirit of Burning and the Spirit of Judgment run to and fro over the earth. I will hold the nations to the Standard and to the standards they have set for themselves. I will hover over them and see who is their god. Blessed is that nation whose God is the LORD.

I will put a difference between My people and not-my-people as I bring forth the plagues of Egypt. For I tell you grace has preceded judgment and I have given time to prepare. I have told you to watch and pray, to get ready, to prepare your hearts.

You who are sons of light, walk as children of light and have nothing to do with the unfruitful works of darkness. Command the light of the gospel and the glory of God in the face of Christ to shine in the darkness....

Prepare for war 12/21/08
Repent, O sleeper, of slothfulness. Dust off the filth of your ways. Awake and put on Christ the Living God. Armor up for the Day of the Lord is at hand. A battle is taking place for the souls of men. It is about to manifest in the earth/natural.

Prepare for war.

Good versus evil—
Darkness versus light—
Satan versus truth....

I am visiting the nations.... Prepare yourself.... Overcome.... 12/26/08
Pray O Watchman on the wall, for I am visiting your nation and the nations of the world/earth in judgment. Look - they go after the no-gods. They do not acknowledge Me, Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, Redeemer of My people.

I will begin in Jerusalem (Acts 1:8) and move out to the uttermost parts of the earth just as the gospel moved out. I will see what they have done with My Word, My Son, My Covenant, My gospel. And I will judge righteously (Gen 18:25) in accordance with the Word.

I will deliver My people. Do not fear or be alarmed. Search the Scriptures to prepare yourself. Overcome. The times are in My hands. The Word is near you.

Draw close to Me, hope, hiding. Fill your mind and heart with My Word so that no one can take it from you. I am with you to prevail in the Great War.

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