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I am moving 1/14/11
Look, My son, for I am moving all around you and all over the earth. I move in power but also in quietness and nothing stops Me.

Look, My son, for I am moving in a way unprecedented in human history. The kingdom of God is advancing and the Day grows closer but will Mine be ready for Me?

The Holy Spirit moves to prepare Me a bride in holiness...

My land, My city, My people 2/4/11
Look, look, for have I not said, the Land is Mine? My land, My city, My people.

Nevertheless, though they surround Jerusalem with her enemies and though they may sack the city to its foundations I AM LORD. I am the God of Abraham, and of Isaac, and of Jacob. And I am the Faithful Amen. And though I have a controversy with My people, I will come to them and they shall be My people and I will be their God. And I will remember the land. Lev. 26

No man can plead the cause. Yet there is One who stands in the gap. There is One who stands between the dead and the living to stop the plague. There is One mediator. There is One....

Now it starts. Now it begins. 2/11/11
Now it starts. Now it begins. For I am doing a new work in the house of Israel, in the lives of My people. And they will look for Me, and will they find me? And they will desire Me, and will I fill their hearts desire?

For I am a holy God, yet the faithful God. I will be true to a generation of liars. I will be faithful to a faithless generation. I cannot deny Myself.

I look for Mine, and where are they? Have I not said to assemble yourselves together to stir one another up to love & good works, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching? (Heb. 10)

I gather all Israel 2/11/11
And so shall I gather all Israel. And I will gather my people from the North, the South, the East and the West. And no more, will they walk contrary to me as I have walked contrary to them. No more will they hide in their lies. For I will turn them. And they will face the Spirit of Truth. And they will face truth; Jesus Christ and the Spirit of Truth. And those who will seek the wisdom of God and repent of their earthly, sensual and demonic wisdom, they will ask of me and I will not upbraid them. And I will heal them of their double soul. Their soul, that runs to this god and runs to that god. That runs and hides form the Living God. They have hidden from me at the mountain. What did they think? Did I not redeem them from Egypt? Am I not a delivering God? Did I not give them my Law? Did I not reveal Myself to them? This people? That I chose, and called them "My glory"?...

Tell Jerusalem to repent 2/25/11
. . .

O watchman on the wall. I tell you, tell Jerusalem to repent. Lest it burn in the fire of my judgment. What will you see O watchman on the wall? For is it not in my word? Nevertheless, my eye is on the sparrow. And there is not a bird that falls that I do not know it. My heart is grieved. And inside I churn. And what will I do with my city?

(In the city you are to declare out "Jerusalem's Destiny".)

I shake the nations 3/11/11
Look O watchman on the wall for they not only defile Jerusalem but now they go out to defile what is Mine wherever it its found in Israel. Ancient sites, ancient strongholds -- this hatred, this envy goes back to ancient times.

Declare Me the
Ancient of Days for I am coming to Israel in a visitation unprecedented and I will sweep through Israel with a roar, a roaring wind that will be heard around the world.

These attempts are futile. I sit in the heavens and laugh. Psalm 2, Isaiah 40

Declare Me
Rose of Sharon. I am He who makes flowers bloom in the deserts. Do they think this is a god of some man-made religion? Look and laugh as do I.

I am coming to you, Israel 3/18/11
...So I tell you, son of David, you will write out the descriptions of Me in Revelation that you know how I will walk the Land of Israel in you. And will they turn as did John? To see the voice that was speaking to them? And when they see will they fall before the Living Christ? Or will their hearts remain stubborn and rebellious? For I am not Baby Jesus any more. And I am no more the Suffering Servant. I am Alpha and Omega. Faithful and True. Lion of Judah. A Sovereign Savior. Ruler over the kings of this earth.

And I am coming to you, Israel. And I will walk the Land. I am coming to you Israel to see. And I will judge. And when I come will I find faith? And now O watchman on the wall, be strong and very courageous. Like Joshua before you. Like David before you. Like Jesus before you. You may feel weak, but know that the Strength of Israel is within you.

How long? How long? My heart cries out, How long? And that also you will search out - when I have cried out "How long"?

I am treading on My high places 3/25/11
I am treading on My high places for look, O Watchman on the Wall, at their idols, their idolatries under every spreading tree and on every high hill.

The mountains cry out to Me. How long?

I am coming and I am treading down My enemies.

I am coming to you, Israel, and I will walk the ancient paths to establish what is Mine. I will fill the air with My glory and the fury of My Presence. I will sweep through you, Israel, and I will be proclaimed
Flame of Yah. The fire of My heart will burn within Me as My heart churns within Me.

Look to the North, O Watchman on the Wall, to the South, to the East, and to the West and proclaim Me
Messiah, Mighty God, the Everlasting Peace, for their covenants will not bring to them peace. I AM the Peace.

I am coming to take what is Mine. Repent or perish, People of the Land.

Weep for Jerusalem 4/8/11
Death will not hold you.

The warfare has begun. The battle lines have been drawn. The armies of heaven stand at ready. Every ear is opened to the sound of the trumpet. The eyes of Jehovah are looking. Looking.

I am coming to you, Israel. And my eyes will cover your land. From North to South. From West to East. And I will examine your wound to see whether there is yet hope. Is it incurable? Will I find any righteous? And how shall I judge? For My word does not return unto me void. I am the Flame of Yah. I am El Roi.

And shall I stir up the winds of war? And shall I blow the fire of consumption across the Land? You fail to remember, the Land is mine. And what shall I say to you, Israel? For there is yet stubbornness and rebellion; and ancient strongholds, following ancient paths.

Watch and be ready, People of the Land. For something greater than your next meal is at the very door.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, surrounded by her enemies 4/15/11
Jerusalem, Jerusalem, surrounded by her enemies. Look, for do I not see? Jerusalem surrounded by her enemies - perversion, uncleanness, sodomy, defilement, idolatry, adultery on every high hill. Filth, garbage dump, covetousness, greed, blasphemy, lies, false piety, snakes, polluted rivers and streams of water, death, pus, pollution, stench, impurities.

How can I dwell with these stubborn and rebellious people who blaspheme My Name ,My Son, My truth?

Who are the chosen? Who are the children of Abraham? They mock My glory, My grace. They do err and they move in witchcraft in some counterfeit authority. Are they all Israel who say they are Israel?

My heart churns within Me. I would strike. I am Jehovah Makkeh. My kindness is spurned....

I am coming to see 4/22/11
And what shall I say? For there is stirring within Me. A longing. A desire. To see the people of the Land. For I am coming to you Israel. And what shall I say to you? For I come to see.

You say I am Jehovah. But if I am your God, where is My honor? My words to you are Malachi. For you who would come to Me by rituals and the keeping of the Law, you find the cross an offense. But I have accepted the sacrifice of My Son. And to Me the cross is MOST pleasing.

What can I say to you O Israel? But I speak to a remnant. I speak to My own. And those I have given to My son, Jesus Christ, Messiah hear the voice of the Good Shepherd, and follow the Lamb wherever he goes. Watch and be ready. I am coming to you Israel. And the time grows short.

The days are coming... 4/22/11
Mourn and weep and wail. For the days are coming when few will be spared. Signs in the heavens. Signs on the earth. Creation groans. They know. They reach. They stretch their necks. Waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God. For the glory. For restoration. If I am God, where is My honor? If you call me Father where is My honor?

How Long? 4/30/11
...Do not fear to feel with the Holy Spirit. For I tell you I am touched with the infirmities of all my people. ...

You will see them as they MOCK;... MOCK;... mock me. Blaspheme. Sneer. Ignore. And does not my heart churn within me? And do I not say,
How long. How long. All the host of heaven stand at ready. The battle lines are drawn. Look. Look. How they pull at my mercy. How they spurn my mercy, my goodness, my grace. Have they not known? Has it not been in my word to them? But I tell you judgment will start with the church of God, with the household of God. For I gave them my Son. I gave them my Spirit. And they dishonor me. And they resist. And their flesh wars.

Now it starts. Now it begins. In the place where He was crucified, there in the garden [The crucifixion was near a garden. Jn. 19:41.] And there is a garden coming. I am coming for my own. And every eye will see me. Those that pierced Me. Weep and wail for the woes that are coming upon the earth. For the wrath of the Lamb draws nigh. Watch, be ready. Overcome. Stand firm. I am with you to prevail. I carry you. I am the Lion of Judah. And I am roaring.

How I longed for this day 5/17/11
(Jerusalem, Temple Mount area at the East Gate
How I longed for this day. How has My heart burned within Me because of the sins of My people. I will come and I will not spare until the last enemy is destroyed and all is fulfilled according to Scripture.

Be of good cheer for I have overcome the world. I am Jesus, King-Priest of Salem, High Priest in the Order of Melchizedek, and this city is Mine and the Land is Mine. I will prevail, and soon.

The United States of America and My people 8/5/11
Look O watchman on the wall. For my eye turns to the United States of America. Look at their apathy. Even the apathy of my own people. They are not watching, and they are not ready. They are not humble. They do not see Christ. They do not see Christ in each other. There is no joy in their lives. My heart weeps for them. And what shall I say? Who will stand in the gap? For have I not already turned and looked to find anyone, anyone, until my own Arm brought salvation. And now that salvation has come. And where will my people go? What more can I do now? For is it not complete?...

My heart grieves for My people 8/12/11
Woe, woe to the great harlot, for see what rises now, a false wisdom crying out in the streets calling to those so easily led astray.

Feel as My heart grieves once again for My people who go astray so easily, following after the lusts of their hearts with hearts full of iniquity.

My people do err not knowing the Scriptures or the power of God. There is no fear of God within them. They cry, "Peace and love," but what do they know of either?

It is time for My people to grow up and come to maturity. Have I not given them examples? Have I not called them to grow up and move beyond milk? Is it not in My Word?

And what if My people must go through that dark night of the soul that My Church might come into unity, into oneness, into love, loving one another fervently with a pure heart? For I tell you there is a wave coming upon this earth....

Pray for the United States of America 8/19/11
Look as I am raising up my people in politics. Pray for them. For I am forging an army. An army of my people. Who will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways? Pray that I place them in strategic places. Pray that they remain faithful. Pray against the wiles of Satan. For some will face false accusation. Others will be tempted and fall. Pray for them, for great grace. For I am building an army. A spiritual army. Pray that they walk in wisdom. That they watch their words. Pray 1 Peter. All of it. Pray that as I put them in these places that they remember the Lord their God. Pray that they carry the heart of the Holy Spirit and the mind of Christ. For I tell you the counterfeit is rising. The desire of destruction is to sweep the globe.

My people must humble themselves. They must not assume that because they are my people that they are in no danger. Remember Jeremiah. The wilderness is one thing, exile is another. The time is short. Many are busy, busy, busy. Pray that my people sit before me. That they learn to be still, quiet. Isaiah 40....

Pride goes before the fall
I will war over your nation
O watchman on the wall, Look, for he has yielded to the powers of darkness, to the kings of darkness who have formed an alliance against your nation. Leviathan has joined Apollyon along with the king of torment to bring down your nation.

Pride goes before the fall and a haughty spirit before destruction. The people are proud and are in poverty and do not know it.

I have spoken. I have warned. I have shown in symbols.

The nation needs a deliverer as in the days of Israel. Cry out for Me to send that one who is the deliverer of your nation....

They cry for peace 9/23/11
(Abbas and Netanyahu just gave their speeches at the U.N.)

For Me this is visceral, O watchman on the wall. Shall I let them walk where I walked and continue to defile My Land?

My people perish for lack of knowledge. They search the Scriptures and the Scriptures point to Me yet they won't come to Me that I might give them eternal life.

[Is. 28:15-18 came to mind]

There is a cry for peace, but there is no peace for the wicked. Is 55

I stand at the threshold. The holy host of heaven stands at ready for the command. The call to war has been released.

What shall it be? Is peace in the hands of man or in the hand of God?

I am coming soon. Weep and wail for the owes coming on the earth. Overcome in Me and prevail, for I tell you your houses will not stand unless built on the Rock. Men's hearts will fail them for fear. Behold the Great and Terrible Day of the LORD. There is no safe place but in Me.

Recently I couldn't sleep (Word received for 2012) 11/16/11
Recently I couldn’t sleep. I had spent most of the day writing the MCM Message for December on Jesus being the Son of the Highest. I was thinking about what God had shown me as I prepared that message. 3:00 a.m. and I am still awake. 4:00 a.m. the Holy Spirit speaks for two hours. He is speaking about Mary the mother of Jesus. He speaks also of 2012. This is what I believe I received from the Holy Spirit that early morning, November 16, 2011.

“Mary was pregnant with promise. She carried within her the Messiah, the One who would sit on the throne of David with a kingdom to be established forever. This Son of the Highest would rule with authority and dominion over heaven and earth, life and death, kings and kingdoms, powers and principalities.

Within her was the Child of the Holy Spirit, the Child of promise, the One of whom the prophets foretold, the fulfillment of the Word of God, Himself to be Immanuel, God with us.”

MaryAnd the angel said unto her, Fear not, Mary:
For you have found favor with God. And
Behold, you shall conceive in your womb, and bring forth
A son, and shall call His name JESUS.
He shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the Highest:
And the Lord God shall give unto Him the throne of His father David:
And He shall reign over the house of Jacob forever; and
Of His kingdom there shall be no end….The Holy Ghost shall come upon you, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow you; therefore also
That holy thing which shall be born of you shall be called the
Son of God. Luke 1.30-35

“Mary would labor as every woman labors to bring forth new life from within her. This baby would be born surrounded by love, announced by angels, feared by devils, worshipped as King of kings.”....

See Jeruslaem surrounded by her enemies 12/2/11
...See Jerusalem surrounded by her enemies. Do not fear. Cancel the words of the false prophets. For only my word will prevail; only my plan will prevail. Who is the one who holds back the waters? Who is the One who foils the plans and plots of the enemies of the Living God? Who is the One who strikes with plague and pestilence? Destruction? To that One cry out. But know that [against] the true Jerusalem, the enemies of the Living God, gather. Prepare for war. Not only is there war coming to the earth, but in the heavenlies....

Are they looking for the Living God? 12/9/11
Do you feel them O watchman on the wall? The winds of war are blowing. Soon my holy angels will gather from the North, South, East , and West. And nations will be gathered. Sifted and sorted. Mat 25. My eyes are going to and fro throughout the earth. Sweeping. Sweeping the earth.

They say they find the living God, that they are looking for the living God, but are they? Are they looking for the Living God? There is none righteous, no not one. Only Jesus Christ. The only righteous one. Is it not the Good Shepherd who looks for the sheep, who looks for the lost? For I tell you, they are all like the sheep who turn astray. They turn astray. It is the Lord who has laid on him the iniquity. Do they find me or do I find them? Are they looking for ME O son of David? For I tell you it is I who look for them. Nothing turns them, not the locusts, not the plague, not the pestilence, not war. Only my Spirit. They do not look for me, the Living God. They want food, shelter, health, riches....

Holiness unto the LORD 12/16/11
The message is this: Time is short. Holiness unto the LORD.

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