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Recently I couldn't sleep (Word received for 2012) 11/16/11
Recently I couldn’t sleep. I had spent most of the day writing the MCM Message for December on Jesus being the Son of the Highest. I was thinking about what God had shown me as I prepared that message. 3:00 a.m. and I am still awake. 4:00 a.m. the Holy Spirit speaks for two hours. He is speaking about Mary the mother of Jesus. He speaks also of 2012. This is what I believe I received from the Holy Spirit that early morning, November 16, 2011.

“Mary was pregnant with promise. She carried within her the Messiah, the One who would sit on the throne of David with a kingdom to be established forever. This Son of the Highest would rule with authority and dominion over heaven and earth, life and death, kings and kingdoms, powers and principalities.

Within her was the Child of the Holy Spirit, the Child of promise, the One of whom the prophets foretold, the fulfillment of the Word of God, Himself to be Immanuel, God with us.”

MaryAnd the angel said unto her, Fear not, Mary:
For you have found favor with God. And
Behold, you shall conceive in your womb, and bring forth
A son, and shall call His name JESUS.
He shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the Highest:
And the Lord God shall give unto Him the throne of His father David:
And He shall reign over the house of Jacob forever; and
Of His kingdom there shall be no end….
The Holy Ghost shall come upon you, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow you; therefore also
That holy thing which shall be born of you shall be called the
Son of God. Luke 1.30-35

“Mary would labor as every woman labors to bring forth new life from within her. This baby would be born surrounded by love, announced by angels, feared by devils, worshipped as King of kings.”....

War is coming. Pray for Jerusalem; Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. 1/8/12
. . .
As Jerusalem is surrounded by her enemies. You are to pray for Jerusalem. For war; war is the agenda; and the prayer of many, many people in the region and around the world; the destruction of Jerusalem. O watchman on the wall, you are to identify the nations, make a list of the nations that want to see the destruction of Jerusalem; that want war to break out in the region. And then you are to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. For I tell you this war is more about Jerusalem than Israel. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. But know that I will prevail against my enemies. And know that there is a new Jerusalem, a heavenly Jerusalem, that cannot be destroyed, though these prayers, these hopes, these desires of these evil men is to destroy the heavenly Jerusalem and to prevent my return. There is a war, and it is coming. This is a year of upheaval. Pray for a deliverer.

My heart turns to Jerusalem... 1/13/12
O watchman on the wall, My heart turns to Jerusalem and churns within Me. Do you hear the drums of war? For they rise and plot and conspire. Psalm 2

So many years. So many cry out to Me, "How long?"; but do I not also in return say, "How long?"

Sin rises as a stench in My nostrils, iniquity, idolatry, the incense of no-gods, in every high place, under every tree.

Have I not sent My Deliverer? But now he will come again and He will judge with righteous judgment; holy and righteous is He.

I call My people to holiness. Have I changed? Be still and know that I am God, the Faithful God, and I will perform My Word at My pleasure....

The Jewish People 1/20/12
Generations of your people. Generations of your people. A stiff-necked, stubborn and rebellious people. Nevertheless, my name was upon them. You will confess their sin. Like Daniel. Like Ezra. Like Nehemiah. You will declare out the words of Jesus, to his people, to the Jewish people. Words of Jesus to everyone who is Jewish. For I tell you, they have been coming to faith in Jesus Christ; one, two; a family here and a family there. The time of the gentiles is coming to a close. You will go back to Jerusalem. Jerusalem surrounded by her enemies. You will declare Romans 11. And you will call forth the remnant of the generations of your people. For am I not God, the faithful God? Loving and gracious, and who will by no means clear the guilty. Have the two not been made one in Jesus? Have I not broken down the wall? Eph. Is there now neither Jew nor Greek in Christ Jesus? One new man....

The Great War. Everything in the realm of the spirit stands at ready. The Great Battle.

The time is short and My people must be ready now. 1/20/12
The time is short and My people must be ready now. Do not assault My glory, My holiness, but walk before Me in holiness and righteousness without fear, serving the Lord. Holiness will be your power. Be sanctified in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. Take heed to the Word for your very life.

Do not defraud. Stay unstained by the world. Come out of Egypt, out of Babylon, out of darkness, out of death and darkness and the dwelling places of devils, out of dis-ease. Come out! For I would dwell with you and be your God, love you and be close to you. My heart churns for do
I change? I am the LORD; I change not. Repent and come to Me that the glory of My holiness be imparted to you.

Behold the Lamb.

My heart weeps for Jerusalem 2/10/12
Son of David, My heart weeps for Jerusalem. I would heal. I would hear; but they will not cry out to Me. They walk in the vanity of pride, in stiff-necked rebellion. My love is blinded to their hearts and so their hearts are stone.

I came as the Stone which the builders rejected and became the Cornerstone. Yet they stumble and wallow in the mire of the old. Have I not made all things new, by a new and living way?

Son of David, you will go back to Israel, to Jerusalem and proclaim the "Stone" verses for from ancient days memorial stones were established to remember Me and the mighty works I have done. See Me revealed in "STONE" and "STONES."

And you will establish Me ROCK of Israel for I tell you the winds will roar and the waves will beat hard against the rocks and those who have not built their houses upon the Rock will perish.
. . .

I am coming to you, Israel. again. 2/10/12
O Israel, Israel. Are you not my glory? Have I not shown you my glory and the gloriousness of my ways. Have I not shown you the wonder of my works. And yes, a greater than Moses is here. I am coming to you, Israel. Again, I am coming to you. How many times have I walked your land in my servants, and yet you continue. You would not. You would not see the day of your visitation. But I strive. I remember my covenant, Abraham. I remember my covenant, Isaac. I remember my covenant, Jacob. I remember the land.

O WATCHMAN ON THE WALL. I TELL YOU MY HEART CHURNS WITHIN ME. HOW MANY TIMES, HOW MANY TIMES IN HOW MANY GENERATIONS, I HAVE CALLED. But do you answer? I HAVE WEPT OVER YOU JERUSALEM. I have cleansed the temple. And how shall I come to you O Israel? As a refiner's fire? For am I not the Flame of Yah.

O Israel, Israel 2/17/12

O Israel, Israel. Are you not my glory? Have I not shown you my glory and the gloriousness of my ways. Have I not shown you the wonder of my works. And yes, a greater than Moses is here. I am coming to you Israel. Again, I am coming to you. How many times have I walked your land in my servants, and yet you continue. You would not. You would not see the day of your visitation. But I strive. I remember my covenant, Abraham. I remember my covenant, Isaac. I remember my covenant, Jacob. I remember the land.

O watchman on the wall. I tell you my heart churns within me. HOW MANY TIMES,
HOW MANY TIMES IN HOW MANY GENERATIONS, I HAVE CALLED. But do you answer? I HAVE WEPT OVER YOU JERUSALEM. I have cleansed the temple. And how shall I come to you O Israel? As a refiner's fire? For am I not the Flame of Yah. O watchman on the wall. Yet again I prepare you.

Fri. 2/24/12
Now in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whose I am and whom I serve I stand in my office as an apostle of Jesus Christ to the nations, and as an apostle of the last judgment, and as an apostle of purity to purify God's people. I release the anointing for Israel in Jesus' name. The burden of the Lord for Israel, in Jesus' name.

Open their eyes, O God. For the say it themselves, "The LORD our God, the LORD is one." His name is One. They need a savior. It's ALL in there. You yourself said though, they don't believe Moses. And a greater than Moses is here. But you have a plan. Help us to keep in step with your Spirit. And not get sidetracked by the nonsense all around. For this is a battle. With principalities and powers, rulers of darkness and the spiritual forces of wickedness. This is a battle in the spirit realm.

There was a garden, and God was in it.

You're supposed to run a list of the garden verses. And then I'm kind of seeing the trees - The tree of Life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil; and then seeing Revelation, the tree of Life and the leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations; I'm seeing... Genesis and Revelation...

I'm hearing to pray (and this is for me too), to pray, to understand the... creative power of God....
. . .

WHEN *I* CALL 3/2/12
. . .
For I the Lord am in the garments of battle. I am the Lord of armies. I am the Captain of the hosts. I am Jehovah Nissi. I AM THE FLAME OF YAH. AND SHALL I SIT BY, AND JUST WATCH; AND SHALL I NOT MOVE? I AM THAT I AM. I am the Lion of Judah. And I roared with a roar of warning. Did they heed? Did they even hear? But noise filled their ears. And blocked. And when I call; WHEN I CALL; WHEN *I* CALL; will they answer? Oh... how they cry out; How they wail; How they weep. Lord, save. But WHEN *I* CALL; If indeed I have made my servants, weapons of war. What do you think the Lord your God is, as a weapon of war? Do you feel my heart burning hot? I AM a consuming fire.

Little men, little they are, in their committees. Shall
I have a committee? In the halls of heaven? And when I call, whom shall I send? Who will go for Us? How many will say, "Here I am. Send me."

I am sending you to Israel. The time is
soon. Prepare your heart.

War is coming, gather My people, plead for mercy 3/30/12
The ram's horn is blowing; the shofar is blowing. Can you hear it? It is gathering My people to war. It is calling forth the assembly, a most solemn assembly. (Solemn assembly verses)

The wind of My Spirit is blowing. Can you hear it? Do you feel its power? For the wind of My Spirit is blowing over Israel.

Gather My people to assemble before Me, before My Throne, for I tell you Court is in session and I am judging the nations according to My Word.

Plead, plead for mercy and truth to prevail. Cry out for mercy. Turn My eyes to the Mercy Seat, to the Blood upon it, for I have a controversy with My people and I am searching (El Roi) their hearts and minds.

Where are Mine? Where are the faithful remnant? Where are those who follow the Lamb wherever He goes? Where are those in My Son, the Faithful and True Witness? Tell them to number their days and walk in wisdom, in truth, in love, in Christ.

(Horse verses) The horses. The house and its rider. Do you hear the hoof beats?

He is coming. I am coming. Behold the Lamb.

I am walking the streets of Jerusalem 4/6/12
. . .

For I tell you I am walking the streets of Jerusalem. I am going into every nook and every cranny. I am looking in every closet and every attic. I am looking in the house and on the house, around the house and under the house. I am the Living God and I am El Roi.

Just like Nehemiah. Like Nehemiah. Remember Nehemiah. And then I will ask, What do you see O watchman on the wall? But of course I will know what you see. It is for you that you may carry the burden of my heart. The mind of Christ. Put your ear to the ground O watchman on the wall. Hear the hoof beats. The horse and it's rider. I am coming. And how many will know me in THIS visitation...O watchman on the wal?
. . .

How long O Lord? 4/13/12
They cry unto me, "How long O Lord, how long O Lord?" And now I cry unto them, How long O people, how long must I tolerate your sin and your rebellion and your stubborn hearts? For I tell you, you did not listen to the prophets before you. And you are not listening to my son, Jesus Christ, the final word. What more can I say to you? But I am coming soon. Prepare for war.

Jerusalem: I will walk every street 5/11/12
Look, O Watchman on the Wall, for I am set to come to Jerusalem, to Israel. And I will walk every street. I will traverse every alley. I will look into every nook and cranny.

For Like Nehemiah, I am making an assessment. The walls are broken down. I am the Repairer of the Breach, the Restorer of Streets and I will rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.

I will open the gates of glory and I will glorify My name. No one will thwart Me. I am the unstoppable God. Who is more sovereign than I? Is a man? Is Satan? Do I not do all My good pleasure?

I am Refiner's Fire and I will come to purify a people to Myself.
. . .

I am coing to you Jerusalem 5/18/12
Trust Me now in this, that I am He who sits in the heavens and laughs at those who conspire against the Lord and against His anointed.

I have turned the tables on the enemy; I turn captivity captive. I have foiled the plans of those who walk in pride, thinking themselves so wise, who walk in the wisdom of this world, who speak as sheep but are but wolves in sheep's clothing - Lucifer masquerading as a messenger of light.

I am He who forms the light, creates the darkness. Is it not all for My glory?

And I will remember My covenant, Abraham, and My covenant, Isaac and My covenant Jacob, and I will remember the land.

I am coming to you, Jerusalem, and what will I find? Nevertheless, I have Mine in your midst, and I hear your cries in the night seasons.

I will spare. I will relent, giving you time to repent before the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord.

In adversity, consider. Be not foolish, neither be presumptive, but wise.

I am coming to you and I will walk your streets and enter into every nook and cranny. And will I find the Blood?

My Son, the Lamb, let to the slaughter, the Servant Son, the Savior now become triumphant. Bow to Him. Kiss the Son lest you perish.

I am coing to you Jerusalem 5/25/12
Israel, My glory, how can I give you up? Ephraim, how can I give you up?

Behold, the Strength of Israel comes. Behold, I am doing a wondrous deed/work, one at which men will marvel, and say "Who is like God, our God?"

War is in the air, but open your spiritual eyes, O watchman on the wall, for am I not the Commander of the Hosts, Lord Sabaoth, Jehovah Nisse, Jehovah Gibbor, the Spirit of Glory and of God?

I am coming to you, Jerusalem, and I am walking your streets, entering your /every dwelling....

Egypt 6/15/12
O Watchman on the wall, look at Egypt now in particular and at the nations surrounding Israel, for I tell you her enemies are mounting and conspiring against the Lord and against His anointed... Ps 2

There is no rest, no peace for the wicked. [Is. 48:22, 57:21]

There is a fury stirring within me, for though I know how it will go; nevertheless I would that hearts were for Me and not against Me; these corrupt themselves. (Verses on God's "fury")

What words opened the door in Egypt? Find the Cairo speech and look. Proclaim Me Adonai, bind Abaddon / Apollyon.

Nevertheless, all will go according to My Word, My purposes, My plan and nothing and no one will stop Me.

(Not recorded)
. . . I am coming to you Jerusalem . . .
. . .There is a New Jerusalem . . .

Colombia 6/29/12
After hearing recently, “It is time to go to Colombia,” I received this on June 29 at Craighouse:

Go to Colombia and tell My people that I hear their cries, for they are crying out for revival in their land, in the Church, in their families, in their cities.

I am the Breath of the Almighty, and I will blow across the land. I will come as El Roi and I will look and I will see, for I know what is the condition of the heart. (Mark 7, Matthew 15, John 2:24, 25)

You will go into the land as a purifying fire, an apostle of purity to purify My people.

For it must begin with those whose desire it is to follow the Lamb wherever He goes. You will start the fire of My holiness and I the Breath of the Almighty will blow the embers into a flame; for I will cleanse My people as a Refining Fire. (Isaiah 6; Zech. 13:9, Isaiah 48:10; Malachi 3:2, 3)

Their lips speak but I will search the hearts. They pray, but how much is lip service? I know. I am not committed to them but to the glory of My Father. I will glorify Him and the Spirit will testify of Me.

For it is not their holiness that saves them nor their righteous deeds (Titus 3:4-7) but My holiness and My righteousness. (Romans 5)

I am El Roi and I will search out the land; I will survey hearts and see who wears the mask and who desires truth. The Spirit is truth. (1 John 4:6; 1 John 5:6; 2 Cor. 11:14; Matthew 23)

Travail for Colombia 7/6/12
Lord, you are showing me that the people are so dry, there is such dryness, that they are brittle. They seek water from a different source; they are so dry. You, Lord, are offering them water, the living waters, and not waters from cisterns and not water from wells and not polluted water but the living water, the water of the Living God. (Jeremiah 2:10-19)

Lord, they are so weak they can barely hold their hand out; but you can overrule all of that, God; for the Spirit breathes where He wills and comes and goes as He pleases, the Breath of the Almighty. (John 3:8; Job 33:4)
. . .

For My people are dying there in a wilderness, wandering in a wilderness, in a dry and dusty place, returning to their wells, their cisterns they have made with their own hands. For they will not come to the Living Waters though the Spirit and the Bride say, Come, and He that is Life says, Come. For He would repair the breach; He would restore; He would pour balm into the wounds, into their woundedness. He would give His water to quench their parched lips. The Breath of the Almighty will blow across the land, and He will come as El Roi and He will see what will come from the Voice of the Lord, the Living Fire, the Living Water. Shall He come in judgment or in peace? (Isaiah 55:1, 2; Isaiah 58; Jeremiah 8:22; John 4:10-14; John 6:35; John 7:37, 38; Hebrews 12:28, 29; Revelation 22:17)....

I am ready for the battle 7/6/12
...the anointing for Jerusalem and Israel, in Jesus' name, the burden of the LORD for Jerusalem and Israel...
The sword is in my hand. I am he who sits on a white horse. I am ready for the battle. Are you?

Word for Colombia 7/20/12
And I have called you to Colombia to speak to the river and the rivers to say, there is only one river of life, only one life-giver; for where comes life? Is it not from the One True and Living God, the Almighty, the Creator? For who made the rivers which you worship and adore and at whose shores you sacrifice what is Mine?

I tell you the rivers are Mine and it is in My power to turn the channels of the rivers at My will. It is in My power to dry up your rivers and to expose the death they cover. It is in My power to kill whatever moves in the rivers.

Do not be deceived. You worship the creation and I am the Creator. You invoke devil gods and I am the Almighty.

You worship snakes, serpent spirits but I have crushed the head of the serpent by My Son lifted up, exalted.

Jerusalem...You would not 8/3/12
I don't know this perfectly, but I'm hearing, this is beginning... "O Jerusalem, Jerusalem; How long I have wanted together you like a hen gather's her chicks and you would not. You would not have it."
And the word that's coming out - It's Is. 30 again.
And I tell you, it is I the Lord, who cries out from my own heart and from my own mind; in my own thoughts, and by my own ways, for my people. And I am coming to restore. I am coming to repair the breach. Repent. My word is truth. And you would not. You would not receive the Living Word. But I tell you there is a people who will receive the Living Word, who have received the Living Word. And I will raise them up at the last day. And I am coming to you, Jerusalem. And I will walk your land. I will walk your streets. Not a baby in a cradle. Not as the suffering servant. But as the sovereign savior. Resurrected. And ascended into glory. Some of you will tremble and quake. Others will see nothing and hear no one. I am coming to you Jerusalem. And I will see you, and I will know you.

And times, times and half a time. And will you walk in tribulation? Have you not known persecution? Do you not talk of the time of Jacob's trouble? Talk on. Talk and talk and talk. Do you not hear the words of Is. 40? Do you hear ANY of the words of the living God? Do you CHOOSE what you will hear and what you will throw out? The whole truth from a whole and holy God, will bring to you wholeness.

Love My Law (Colombia) 8/3/12
Love My Law, for I tell you they hate My Law. My Law is life and My Law gives the boundaries; in love I gave My Law. You who say, “Oh, how I love Your Law, O Lord,” yet you would not hear, you would not listen, and you do not obey.

So I Am coming to you, Colombia. And how shall it be? Repent…for your time is short.

I want repentance 8/10/12
Word received by Mary Craig for Craighouse and the Body of Christ

I asked, What do you want tonight, Lord? (At the beginning of the ministry time)

I want repentance. I have sent My Son who has given His life that Mine might have life. Now repent that you may not perish. Receive the engrafted Word that you may live. For the time is short.

Do not be lukewarm. Do not be timid. Do not hold back from partaking.

I have committed to loving you, and you cannot make the slightest commitment in response? The flesh is weak and the spirit -- willing?

Pray that repentance be granted to you lest when you cry for it, it will ... be denied.

For do you think I do not know you? You come to Me in your need. But the rest of the time you feed your faces, you numb out, you turn to your idols.

Shall I say to you, let your idols save you? The no-gods whom you serve and thus worship?

I tell you the call to you tonight is REPENT.

I see them 8/24/12
For look O son of David; For though they do not see me, I see them. Though most do not desire me, I have a desire concerning Jerusalem and concerning Israel. The land is mine. The kings of the earth are conspiring. They sit around large tables and talk. Some conspire against the Lord and against his anointed. I am sitting in the heavens and laughing. Myu name is Jehovah Makeh. And when I decide, I will strike.

New Jerusalem and the One who rules 9/7/12
They can fight over Jerusalem being the capital of Israel; they can debate; they can change their mind; but, son of David, there is a Jerusalem that they cannot touch, a heavenly Jerusalem on which they have no claim. A Jerusalem which is mine saith the Lord, and a land that is mine saith the Lord. Declare this Jerusalem.

For who rules? God or government? Who rules in any nation? God or the government of that nation? Are their ears stuffed with cotton that they do not hear? But I tell you, yes. For they mock. They mock the word of the living God, and stand in unbelief. I tell you the nations rage and the peoples plot a vain thing, conspiring against the Lord and against his anointed. But there is One, who has inherited the nations. King of Kings and Lord of lords, Ruler over the kings of the earth....

I AM Jehovah Makkeh 9/14/12
My Name is maligned and shall I not take vengeance on their deeds? [Psalm 99] Vengeance is Mine. I will repay. [Romans 12:19; Deuteronomy 32:35, 36; Hebrews 10:30]

Who is God among the nations? Is it not I, the One True and Living God?

They mock. They laugh. They feel encouraged. They plot. They conspire against the Lord and against His Anointed. [Psalm 2]

My heart churns within Me. Shall I not stir Myself? But am I as them? No, for My ways are just and righteous.

I will deal with them according to their iniquity, according to their sin.

I AM Jehovah Makkeh.[The Covenant Lord who Smites] Call Me to the Covenant. Call upon Me. I will come for My own. I am ready. Put your ear to the ground and hear. I have opened your ears. Now hear.

I am coming and no one will stop Me.

These are the times 9/14/12
I have much to say, because my fury burns within me. And I am a consuming fire. How I long for the Day of restoration. But these are the times. These are the times. Let those who have ears hear. Hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches. I give room for repentance. But many have kindled my wrath....

Where are the People of the Spirit? 10/12/12
_________ will win but your nation will remain under judgment; for My Church repents only out of fear, not because their hearts are turned toward Me. [Mary Craig heard someone's name, but does not wish to publish it. The webmanager]

There remains among My people much resentment towards My ways. The desire for personal freedom carries into “the walk” so that these are self-directed and not directed by the Holy Spirit. [Galatians 5]

Religious spirits hinder the flow of the Breath of the Almighty. People choke, cough, and cannot breathe because the freshness of the Breath is lacking. There is not enough to breathe well; only to labor, as Marmee is laboring now.

[Marmee is one of our older cats.]

Marmee’s trachea is bent out because of a tumorous cancer just as the cancer in My Church blocks and impedes a pure flow of My Spirit. Marmee’s heart is displaced, just as the hearts of My people are displaced. Marmee’s health wanes not because her heart has disease or because her lungs are “bad,” but because a cancer is present, bringing a death. She labors as My Church is laboring now, to breathe. She struggles to stay clean. She struggles to eat and can only eat the softest of foods…so also My people.

As the Sprit is impeded, so life wanes. The Spirit gives life; the Law does not give life—only showing the boundaries of life and death. The Law has no power to give life; only the Spirit. [John 6:63; 2 Corinthians 3:6; Romans 8:2-10; Galatians 3:21, 22]

Where are the People of the Spirit, the People of My Spirit? Where are those born of the Spirit? And if born, how will they live apart from My Spirit?

Cancer is rooted in rebellion, and Mine rebel in seeking to direct their own steps. They want life their way. But My Spirit gives life His way. His is the way of love, of offering, of giving, of light, of truth.

My people want [they desire] only for the yoke of consequences, the pressure of correction, and rebuking lifted. They do not desire the spirit of sonship, though some do. [Romans 8:15]

Receive life in the Spirit. The flesh profits nothing. The flesh is weak.

Worshipers of the One True and Living God 10/12/12
. . .
:The one who knows his God will great exploits (Dan. 10).
. . .
And as you said to Abraham, I'm am your shield and your exceeding great reward.
. . .
Child of the covenant of grace child of the Holy Ghost, Son of the Resurrection, a son of the Living God; Walking in that covenant.. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, Jesus Christ.'

For a NEW THING you are doing on the earth.. The sower plants the seed. Someone waters. Sun and rain. Now it springs forth. What has been scattered will be gathered. Now they come. From the North and from the South from the East and from the West. Worshipers of the One true and Living God. See them in the unity of the one new man. The body of Christ joined to the head, to the lordship of Jesus Christ. For you will look around and say, There is one, and There is one, and here is a family, and there is a family, joining in the white hot worship of the Living God. Son of David, do not be dismayed. For I AM that I AM.
. . .
Now it springs forth. Now it begins.

The slain of the Lord 10/26/12
Who are so mighty as the slain of the LORD? See the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world. Behold, Mine are also the slain, the slain in the LORD.

And they shall be the Mighty Ones in Me as they go forth to war in My Name under My Banner.

[c.f. Ps. 116:12-19 David in this psalm not actually speaking of physical death]

Attach to Me 11/9/12
Weep and wail for the woes coming upon the earth. For these are but the birth pangs. If I am God where is My honor? Nation upon nation turns away from Me. They think I do not see. They think there will be no accounting.

I came unto My own, and My own did not receive Me. I poured out My life for those given to Me by My Father. I was despised and rejected by men, numbered with the transgressors.

But now I sit enthroned and I am coming again in great glory and power.

Who among you are deceived? Who abandons truth, swallowing lies, living a lie, walking in pride and arrogance?

The LORD reigns, He who sits in the heavens laughs....

The proud man and arrogant one 11/9/12

Part of the word I received Friday night was:

I go silent as your nation plunges into darkness; but you have My Word and those that seek Me wil find Me, though they grope in the darkness.
You have the light within you. Hide in the light, My light.
Habakkuk -- [declare out the whole book]
The proud man -- pray the verses/passages dealing with the proud man, the arrogant one.
Listen to the words. Write them down. [the ones that stand out to you] For what is sent out will return on his own head.
I AM the LORD. Besides Me there is no savior.

We need to pray for President Obama. 1 Timothy 2:1-4:

I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; for kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior; who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.

Pride and arrogance can bring down not only a leader, but also the nation. We all need to ask forgiveness for prideful we go through this assignment from the Lord on behalf of our leader(s) and nation.

Thank you for your faithfulness in interceding.

Dr. Mary Craig

The Land is mine 11/23/12
The Land is mine. The Land is mine. I have a right to claim what is mine. I AM coming. I have used the Philistines in judgment against the people who call themselves Israel. I have used the situation to see what is in the hearts of MY people. Those who call me by MY name. To test their hearts. To chastise, and to chasten. To sanctify. And to build. I have surveyed the Land. I have walked the streets. A new pharaoh arises. They say the gates of hell have been opened. Though the gates of hell have been opened, the gates of hell will not prevail.

I am coming. Put your ear to the ground and hear the hoof beats. I am coming for what is mine. Watch O watchman on the wall. Watch as I approach. For I have put out the call - Who is on the LORD's side? And now I know. And though there were no one, I am the LORD and besides be there is no savior.

My name is Ihsou, Jesus. The anointed one. The Elect One. ... Can I not speak one word; and Egypt falls? One word, and Jordan falls? One word and Lebanon falls? One word, and
every enemy of mine falls. Every nation against me falls. Watch O watchman on the wall. For I am about to do something that has been foretold. It is all there. Now is the time. Now it begins.

... My word is truth. My Spirit is truth. I AM the truth. Cling to the truth, to that which is good. They will try to move the boundaries. They will smear the boundary lines. Like a hand in the sand. But I know the boundaries, for I set the boundaries. And I am coming O watchman on the wall, just as it was foretold. Watch for that which I am about to do.

2013 Will be a Year of Deep Darkness 12/7/12
Why do you weep? You weep for the woes that are coming upon the earth—deep darkness covering as a dark cloud. [Job 12; Daniel 2:20-23; Deut. 4:11, e.g.]

And who will find Me in the darkness? And who will grope for Me, seeking My Presence? [Genesis 15:12; Exodus 10:21-23; Exodus 14:20ff; Psalm 18; Psalm 107]

I tell you 2013 will be a year of deep darkness covering your nation—sorrows, a time of sorrows—and trouble. [Psalm 18; Psalm 32; Jeremiah 13:9-22]

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