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Will you be my valentine? 2/1/10
Yea, I have loved you with an everlasting love.

This love I have demonstrated tangibly in deed and not in word only with the sending of My Son Jesus Christ.

Nothing separates you from My love now, for the sin that separated you from Me has been atoned for. Romans 8

I have bought you with a price and you are Mine. The Holy Spirit indwells you, lives within you. I have the power to overwhelm you for I am God after all. Yet I ask you today, Will you be My Valentine?

Will you willingly surrender to My Holy Spirit, to living with Me forever? Will you let Me love you?...

Look at the Lion of Judah 2/12/10
...Look at the Lion of Judah and see why the Lion must roar. The Lion is roaring with a roar that will be heard over the whole Middle East. For Judah will go out with praise, and come into the Lord's temple with worship. Go with the heart of the Lion of Judah. For you do not go alone. The Lamb has prevailed and the Lion roars. And Judah will make way for Joseph to be a fruitful bough. For I tell you the anointing of Joseph is rising, but all in its order. For the Lord has an inheritance. And he will have it. And a blessing to bestow. And he will do it.

The Lord will triumph at the judgment of nations 2/26/10
...Go out with praise. For the battle begins. Carry the banner. For the Lord will triumph. Joseph is rising. And Mine will bear the fruit of righteousness in the kingdom of God. For Joseph is a fruitful bough. Now is not the time to doubt. Now is the time to believe. Do you see the Valley of Jehoshaphat? For I have called the nations to the Valley of Jehoshaphat. The Valley of Decision. For judgment. And what will that wicked do, when Jesus Christ shows up, shines forth in the brightness of His glory, shoots down His enemies, and strengthens His own? Look O watchman on the wall. For there stands before you the apostle of the last judgment. And how are the nations judged? Who goes to the right and who goes to the left? Ruth and ruthlessness. Look at it. Mat. 25 Who sees Jesus and gives Him the cup of water? Who has mercy, compassion, remorse, sorrow? Who carries the heart of the Holy Spirit? You do.

Suffering, compromise and truth 3/14/10
Do not fear for the days ahead, but hold fast to sound, healthy, correct doctrine, to truth, for those with itching ears are being deceived and led astray by the lust of their eyes, the lust of their flesh, and the pride of life.

Remember the charge to Timothy. Be a Timothy-God honoring.

Honor Me and I will honor you. I will care for you and fight your battles.

The people suffer and there is much suffering. This suffering will increase and come in many forms. People will find offense and nurse their wounds instead of joining their wounds to the wounds, to the woundedness of Jesus. Therefore they will carry offense and unforgiveness in their hearts that will fester and rise up to defile many in the Church. Churches will split and Satan will have a field day and wreck havoc.

Those that say, "Peace and love" will find that their compromises have brought them to the altars of demons because they forsook the truth.

Israel, America, the Day of the Lord 3/27/10
Broaden your horizons O watchman on the wall. Look to America, for the rift between Israel and America grows larger. For the truth of America's leadership will come out, will be exposed. I the Lord God of Israel will expose the darkness. He mocks Armageddon. He mocks the land where My feet walked. Watch O watchman on the wall, for secret things are happening in secret places. But I will expose the secret, for do I not speak to my prophets to show them?

Do not fear O watchman on the wall. For the Day of the Lord comes. In brightness, in shining glory. Evil has its day. But the time is short....

Ash and Europe 4/16/10

Ash spreads across the globe. It is coming out of fire and ice. The fire of My zeal burns within Me. My heart churns within Me. Ash--

My people rail against the instrument of judgment when they should be covering themselves with sack cloths and ashes. Since they will not repent and cry over their sin, I will cover them with ash, the ashes coming out of My fiery zeal.

Do they turn from their wicked ways? Do they cry out for Me to turn their hearts to righteousness, to life, to Jesus? (2 Chronicles 7.14, Jeremiah 31.18, Lamentations 5.21)

One. Consider the power of One. One God. One true God. One truth. One Word. One life. One Creator. One Redeemer. His Name is Ointment Poured Forth. His Name is One.

And then consider when One shows up, shines forth in the brightness of His glory....

Judgment and God's protection 5/14/10
Things are happening, hidden, covert, under cover of darkness. Dark powers hide their dead works, dealing out their evil under cover of darkness for of the darkness they are. They masquerade as angels of light but their light is darkness. They hide from truth.

Many are turning to the rebellion for their hearts are perverse and crooked. They cannot and refuse to see themselves in the mirror of My Word. They cower before truth, their consciences seared.

Thousands in the valley of decision. I call but they do not come for they are not of Mine, not "in-Christ-ones."

My people--My people--turn from wickedness, from complacency, from compromise, from corruption, lest you be consumed in the kingdoms of this world and fall short of inheriting the kingdom of God....

The Kings of the earth; the King who prevails 5/30/10
I am doing marvelous things in the world. I am shaking what can be shaken and we will see the fall out -- what falls out.

Be assured the leaven of Herod is infiltrating the nation, invasive, spreading its poisonous falsehoods. The kings of the earth have been called to the Great Battle and are rising to form their armies, gathering their troops, plotting their strategies in a rise against the Creator/Redeemer, a rebellion such as not been seen in the course of history. Ps. 2 The kings of the earth conspire, joining together the forces of evil and their evil kingdoms against the Lord and against His Christ....

Indictment on America 6/18/10
O Watchman on the Wall, do you not see how I am releasing judgment on Babylon, the Great Whore, the Queen of Heaven?

For the kingdoms of the world will become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ. I bring nations down and raise others.

I indict America for its pride for you, America, have taken your freedom and your liberties for granted. You have presumed you could do as you pleased in the lusts of your hearts, to run after your pleasures, to defy Me and My laws and ways. You laugh thinking there is no accounting before Me. You mock My Word, you destroy and war in wars that are not wars. You put personal ambition ahead of the glory of Christ....

Where are the people of God? 6/26/10
...Look around you, for the kings are preparing for battle. They are forming their armies. They are preparing their soldiers. They are preparing to fight.

And what of my people, O watchman on the wall? Who will contend for the faith? Who will fight the good fight? Who will war the warfare?

For the kings of the earth gather. They conspire against the LORD and against His anointed.

And where are the people of God? Do they prepare themselves to be good soldiers? Do they discipline themselves for war? For soon, O watchman on the wall, they will be in a fight for their lives.

King of Kings 7/23/10
...for I am tearing down kingdoms that the kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ.

Behold, for do I not raise up one and lower another? The proud leader/ruler looks into the mirror and sees himself/herself, puffed up in pride. "How great I am," they think. "I have all this power , riches, glory, authority. I am king."

But I the Covenant Lord am King of kings and Lord of lords. Who is great and I am not greater? What authority is there but what has its source in/from Me?

The two Jerusalems, Light in the darkness 7/30/10
Look to the Middle East, O Watchman, and pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

For they plot against Jerusalem to lay siege to the city. Abominations rise up in the mind of devils. They conspire against the Lord and against His Christ.

What is this they conspire? For they would see the destruction of Jerusalem, a city full of idolatries and whoredoms.

And yet there is a Jerusalem that no devil can touch, a heavenly city. Look now to that Heavenly City, that heavenly Jerusalem, to Mount Zion, and to those myriad of worshipping there.

The Kings of the earth move as pawns 8/27/10
O watchman on the wall, for you must stand. And stand firm. For the trumpets are blowing. I tell you the trumpets are blowing. Stand firm. Watch, O watchman on the wall. For the kings of the earth move as pawns as in a game of chess. The queens and the bishops and the rooks. They are after the King. The will fail. They come and they conspire against the LORD and against his anointed. He who sits in the heavens laughs. Who is the One who can laugh at his enemies? The nations are as a drop in a bucket. Grasshoppers, dust and worms .

I AM coming. Are you prepared? 9/1/10
Divine things are happening: movement, shaking, stirring. The spiritual realm is alive with excitement and anticipation over that which is coming. The kingdoms march forth. Seas part. Waves tumble. Mountains tremble. The excitement is palpable. Can you feel it? The I AM is coming. Are you prepared? What is the condition of your wick? Is the oil stocked? Are the lamps ready? Where are My people? They are watching television. They are absorbed in their selfish pursuits. Where do I rank among them? Am I their King? I am their coming King. Will they welcome Me with open arms? I am the Messiah. The everlasting One. Come unto Me and live. My heart beats with emotion over My people. I watch over My people day and night. Beware for the days are getting short and the nights are getting longer. The times draw to a close. The horizon becomes nearer. Things accelerate. The Spirit quickens. The flesh struggles to survive. I am the Majestic One. Glorious. A new day will dawn. Anticipate My coming.

I Am the Living God
America on the edge of an abyss
There is food all around, piling up, piling up. The people have cried, whined, pouted, puffed, and I have answered. They scream into My ears; and My eye sees into their souls, their minds, their hearts. They have, but they do not look to the stores at hand. They complain as did the children of Israel concerning the manna.

I have answered them in their need and still they turn to idols, to witchcraft, to whoredoms, and to error because it is never enough. These are never satisfied, never at rest, without peace.

Few are thankful for the bounty. Few see "the miracle of the oil." [1 Kings 17:8-16; 2 Kings 4:1-7]

What shall I do to a generation that moves to perverseness and to wickedness? What shall I do with a people who want My gifts (for all things come from Me) and not Me?

You are feeling the frustration of a people who continually cry for provision, for protection, for vengeance from My hand, for pity, for preservation and yet when I cry, who will answer? When I call, who will say, "Here I am"? When I scan the globe, who will be found standing in the gap? Who carries My heart? Who cares about what I desire, about who I am, what I am about to do? Who asks to do My will and then lists excuses why they cannot? Am I blind? Is it not in My Word?

I am the LIVING God, the God of those who live and who desire life. Seek the Living God and you will find life....

Righteous is my throne 10/30/10 [Added 1/22/11]
Word received by a member of MCM.
Righteous is My throne. True and everlasting are My judgments. My kingdom shines forth beyond the horizon. It is everlasting. It is the one true kingdom above all the thrones of men. I establish my temple and my people. I am the one true and living God. I am and there is no one like Me. I am the One who sanctifies My people. I am the everlasting king, their shelter. Come to Me. Take shelter in Me. Live the life I have set before you. Do not deviate. There is a scepter in My hand. I rule with a rod and scepter. I rule and all things are subject to Me. Let the lion go forth and roar and trample over the things of darkness, the wicked deeds, the secret conspiracies. They wither under the rule of My rod. Do not liken unto Me the things attributable to evil man and his craven heart. I am the righteous One, the enforcer. My kingdom will rule over all. And I am rising with an everlasting glory over My creation. See My kingdom and its glory. See its everlasting beauty. The kingdom of My saints. Hearken unto Me and live. Do not be ruled by the desires of your heart. I will complete that which I have started. I am One and in Me there is no turning. Seek shelter in Me. Seek My kingdom and its riches. The riches of this world shall pass. The kings of this world submit to Me. Selah.

I am ruling with an everlasting passion 11/12/10 [Added 1/22/11]
Word received by a member of MCM.
I am ruling with an everlasting passion to see My Son glorified and My people sanctified. I will guide My people into My sanctuary and My holy place. I am coming as their conquering King. I am rising over the horizon. Look to the horizon. Look to the ends of the earth and see My glorious appearing. See in the spirit realm the preparation for what is to come. My people and armies assemble. I watch over them. I order them and guide them. I will march over My land, taking it as my kingdom for My Son and My glory. I will reign over all the kings of the earth. I will shine forth as the noonday sun, even in the darkest night.

Whosoever comes near My throne without a repentant heart, sorrowful for iniquity, does so at their peril. My people must repent, for their sins and iniquities are great, and I grieve over the piles of stench that they have created in the spirit realm. Why do they not see My compassion and everlasting love for them? My mercies are new every morning. My forgiveness is eternal. My grace is from of old. Look to me and live! Look to me and see the things of eternity, the life everlasting, your life glorified.

The nations await. The time has come. From glory to glory, My Son shall rise over all kingdoms and all thrones and all people will bow and worship the Lamb who was slain.

Think on these things and not on the narrow things that fill your television screen. For the day is coming when the news will be about My Son and his glory and not about man’s perverse ways. I will see the completion of all things. I am Yahweh, the everlasting king. Amen.

I am the Lord of joy 11/13/10 [Added 1/22/11]
Word received by a member of MCM.
I am the Lord of joy. I am the source of joy. I am the source of all comfort. I comfort My people and establish them, making them holy as I am holy. I am worthy of all praise and honor and glory. I am the righteous King, a Savior.

[Response of the people] We enthrone You, o Lord, in Your high and holy place. We exalt You as the living God, as the righteous King who upholds all things and who is perfectly just and who will execute His judgments with justice.

I am their righteous Savior who preserves them, who keeps their feet from stumbling, who establishes My people on the rock, the sure foundation. I am enthroned in My high places. I am over all kings, their living Savior. I am and there is none like Me. Be holy as I am holy. I will execute My judgments with great precision.

[Response of the people] We enter Your courts with praise and thanksgiving to the most high God, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. We worship and adore you O Lord God and give thanks to Your name, praising it throughout the earth. We exalt You. O hallelujah! You are worthy O Lord. O hallelujah! You are worthy to be exalted, to be enthroned, to be the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. You are the most righteous and upright One, the Keeper of our head, the Perfecter of all things. You are worthy and greatly to be praised and we worship You in the day and in the night, for You only are holy, for You only are holy. Hallelujah to the King of Kings, to the Lamb of Lambs! We enthrone You with our praises. We magnify You and lift You up above all. We rejoice that You are and there is no one like You. We rejoice for our King is coming, our King is returning on a white horse with His sword to vanquish His enemies and cast them into the pit for all eternity. You are worthy to execute the judgment, O Lord! You are worthy, Lord God. Be exalted, o mighty One. Be exalted in the night hour. Be exalted in the noonday. Be exalted because you are the worthy One.

Joseph is rising 11/26/10
Joseph is rising. Every prophetic word will surely come to pass. I uphold the words of My prophets.

I am the LORD and holy is My Name. I am roaring over Asia. I tell you, Repent or perish, for the time is short. The battle lines are drawn and the armies of heaven stand at ready.

But there is a life that comes to the persecuted as they rejoice in being persecuted for righteousness’ sake. There is a life; for the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations.

Those who see the Tree and receive the life that comes out of death will find eternal life....

Draw near to Me 12/10/10
I am the Lord your God, in the midst of you, bringing the gospel of the kingdom, My Kingdom, which prevails against the kingdom of darkness. I am bringing you out of darkness into the light by the light of My countenance.

As you behold Me and My light shines upon you and you draw near and are drawn to come near to Me, My countenance shines forth to dispel the darkness and bring peace. Do not fear My countenance, for if you are clothed in the righteousness of My Son, Jesus the Christ, and believe on Him, you may come to Me in all confidence that I will receive you. I will forgive your sin and your iniquity that you may approach to receive mercy and grace, blessing—the blessing of My countenance.

Look Me in the face, for I am your healer, your deliverer, your savior, your Lord. Bow in humility and worship, yes; but I desire that you behold Me full face.

I desire to love you, to see your heart adoring Me, acknowledging Me as the great I AM, your Creator, your Redeemer.

I desire to heal your hurts, break the power of evil and sin and the power of Satan and his lies in your life.

I desire to put truth, My truth, in the inward parts that truth be your core, that you might walk in truth.

My heart churns within Me for I see the suffering. I am indeed touched with the feeling of your infirmities. I see the unbelief, the lack of understanding, the lack of knowledge of Me and My ways.

I will show mercy to whom I will show mercy. But know that many will know My mercy and My grace. Seek Me for this grace and favor.

I am Sovereign Lord. I am King and rule with all authority and power. Will you be My enemy or will you be My friend?

What 2011 will be 12/10/10
2011 will be a year of transition, a year of turmoil, a year of twists and turns in the struggle of good and evil. There is coming a time, times, and half a time when there will be tribulation as the world has not known yet. This is but the beginning of sorrows as the earth groans awaiting the revealing of the sons of God on the earth.

2011 will be a year of stretching as many will find their circumstances stretching their faith. They will wonder as their faith fails and many will not be able to stand in the evil day for these have not known to overcome in the faith of Jesus but have trusted in themselves, in their own faith to “save” them from that hour of trial.

2011 will be a year of turning, being turned in repentance, being turned in a new direction, into a new purpose, into a new vision, into new businesses and ministries.

Many will want to go back into old ways, the old days, but God will not allow new wine into old wineskins. Prepare for the new and forget those things that are behind. Press into the new to gain Christ and to apprehend that for which you have been apprehended. Do not fear the new but embrace the will of God.

For I am with you wherever you go, wherever you are.

Back to Asia
But now I send you back to Asia to counter and uproot ancient strongholds in My Name. I go before you to prepare the way. The area is dark with violence, murder, soul sleep, idolatry, shedding of innocent blood, blood sport, uncleanness, vile behavior. These lay dead in their pride; their proud hearts puffing as they strut along ancient paths of abominations, divination, demonic wisdom.


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