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Fri. Jan. 5, 2018
Word for 2018

Dr. Mary Craig

January 5, 2018: Craighouse

Just as your porch is unfinished and stumbling blocks stand in the way of its completion, so also I the LORD have unfinished business and stumbling blocks are set in the path.

For many are they who in their spiritual pride move in the spirit that was in Jezebel, in a counterfeit spirit, to deceive, to draw aside, to work evil through the law, to hunt men’s souls for Satan. They are clouds without rain, storms without wind, smoke without fire.

But I AM. I send the rain to let there be thriving yielding FRUIT. I send the wind of My Spirit to blow across the lands where I send such to do all My good pleasure. I send the fire, a consuming fire, to consume what is contrary to Me, My nature and ways.

Your porch will be finished and I will finish the plans which I plan.

I will help you. I will prosper you. I will snap the traps that they cannot harm. I will be/am with you to prevail and I will fight, I tell you, fight, for the souls that I have given to My Son.

I will close doors to protect you. I will open doors to show you the way in which you will walk.

2018 will be a year of exposure, escape, encounter, and the everlasting Word. For My Word will prevail in the spirit realm. No one will escape its power. It will not return to Me vain/void. As souls encounter My Word, they will find its truth exposing them.

Some will rage against Me but Mine will bow in humility and fall before Me for mercy.

People will melt under My Hand—Nebuchadnezzar.

Pray I grant repentance, grace, mercy, revelation knowledge, and save to the uttermost.

Even machines hunt men’s souls now to destroy by allure, addiction, theft.

Be lovers of the truth. Be sober and vigilant. Be assured I AM LORD and I faint not neither get weary. I do not wither nor wilt. And I do not lose.

Fri. Aug. 8, 2018
I have Jerusalem and Israel on My Mind.

I have Jerusalem and Israel on My mind, O watchman on the wall. Do they think they can do whatever they want to my city? But there is a Jerusalem they cannot touch. A Jerusalem in the heavens. A heavenly Jerusalem. Nevertheless, I AM, and I have been walking the streets. I know who is for me and who is against me. I will sift, and I will sort, and I will separate. And I the LORD of all the earth will fight, for I have my own weapons of destruction. But I will destroy, I will choose. I have all means at my +disposal. Do they think they can war against the Living God and triumph? I think not. Mine are battle ready. I THE LIVING SPIRIT, LIVE IN MINE. I KNOW WHO ARE MINE. AND I KNOW WHO ARE NOT MINE. I say to my enemies, tread lightly. And find out who treads the winepress of the wrath of the Lamb. Nevertheless, I AM. Yet calling in my elect, Mine. From the North, the South, the East and the West. And all things will go according to my word. According to the timing of my word, according to the plan of my word. For I AM THE SOVEREIGN LORD. And there is no God but me. Watch, O watchman on the wall! For there is no mightier warrior, than I AM.

Fri. Aug. 24, 2018
What is that? Who is That?.

What is that? What is that, coming over the mountain? What is that? What is that, coming in the clouds? You say, the four horsemen are coming. Who is that? Who is that? You say, the One who has conquered. To what are you calling? You say, I am calling for overcoming. To whom are you calling? You say, I am calling, to the overcomers. Those who overcome in my name. Those who overcome in the Christ. What is it you say? You say, follow me. You say, hide in me. What is that? I see hordes. You say, fear not. For I am with you. To keep you, to preserve you, to protect you, to provide. In the mount of the LORD, my provision is seen [Yahweh Yireh]. Lift up your eyes. For your redemption is nigh.

I AM GREAT AND I AM GLORIOUS, son of David, and I am your God. And I will BE your God, and you WILL be my son. For I have planted in you my life. And you are growing in grace and in the knowledge of me. You are
mine. And I am yours.

I delight to do my father's will, and I invite you to delight in what I delight. You have been bought with a price. Peace. Shalom. The enemy may seem too great for you, but not for me. Have faith in the working power of God. Watch, O watchman on the wall, for I do wonders. In what do I delight? You find out. In Jesus' name, amen.

Fri.Sept. 14, 2018
I am going to Jerusalem.

I am going to Jerusalem. I am going with you. As you walk through the courts, and it will all come before the divine court, my court. And everything will go as I have said in My word. Not according to man's interpretation, but according to my will. Prepare your heart and prepare your mind. For this time, the ninth call to Jerusalem, for this ministry, you'll perceive the price of your redemption, as you have not in the past perceived it. Do not weep for me. Weep for those who do not see, who do not perceive, who take this price lightly, poking fun, mocking, making it a spectacle of entertainment. But I made a public spectacle of myself.

And I am coming in the clouds of glory. And they will see the Son of Man, lifted up. Who has believed? Pray to overcome, for men will hold their heads, like this [hands on head], for the oppression, as the devil makes a last stand, and they will say, why didn't I, they will say, I don't know what to do.

Fri.Sept. 28, 2018
I am coming to you, Israel...

II am coming to you, Israel. I am coming to Jerusalem and as you, [son of David], stand in the places where Jesus was accused, judged, and sentenced, I will glorify My Son as He glorified Me.

I am LORD over every court. I will glorify My Name, no one, no man preventing Me.

Who are these seeking to build a temple and turn back to the old when the New has come, the P-r-o-m-i-s-e, the Promised One.

Do not dismay at what I do, for all goes according to My plan.

Look! I am coming with clouds and every eye will see Me.

Prepare yourself and do not fear, for I am with you to prevail. You are Mine, son of David, and I am your Sustainer, your Life.

Rejoice in what I am doing. Rejoice in Me as I glorify My Name.

Bless the LORD O my soul; And all that is within me, bless His holy name!... (Declare out all of Psalm 103.)

Fri.Oct. 26, 2018
My mind turns to Israel now, and to what I will do.

My mind turns to Israel now, and to what I will do… Those who choose to figure in Russia and China, and try to figure out, or even say they know what I will do, they will not prevail. They only confuse. Pray, that my way, my timing, my plan, prevails. For it will prevail. Pray to come into agreement, with what I purpose to do. As to how I will fulfill my word. Too many, are being led, by their interpretations of the prophetic word. These seek their fulfillment, but it is of the flesh and not of the Spirit. In doing so they miss the main point. Do not miss the main point. Do not get sidetracked. Do not, get distracted. For I am coming soon, and I am returning. And what is the significance of that? How is it that, certain people, certain believers cannot simply trust? They take their finite minds, and seek to interpret the end times. Are they learning how to be, overcomers? Are they in a state of readiness?

You will go to Israel, to Jerusalem. To the courts, where Jesus was tried. In as much some say here, and some say there, do not get hung up on here or there. But be in the general area. For more important than the place, is what's happening, what happened. For as my Son glorified me, so also I glorify him. And I tell you, now is the time. Call all peoples, everywhere, to repent. Call in, the elect, from the North, South, East and West.

Go back and read what you have written yourself -
Jerusalem's Destiny, and release it.

Fri.Nov. 16, 2018
Word for the nation, the cry for justice

These are troublesome times. The cry for justice grows stronger—no justice, no peace. Where is the cry for mercy? Mercy and truth met at the Cross. Do they really want justice? To those crying for justice I will judge with righteous judgment.

But you, cry for mercy. Cry for grace. For I am the God of all Grace and the Father of Mercies. Pray Lamentations.

I am ready to mete out justice to those crying for justice. I will mete out according to the standard by which they judge. Nevertheless I show mercy to whom I show mercy. Those that seek to destroy through the courts will themselves be destroyed by the courts.

My court will sit and justice will roll down like waters. Justice for the poor will come. I will deliver from the hand of the oppressors. I will take captivity captive. I will keep My Word.

I judge the nations. I bring one down and another up. Declare Isaiah 40.

I will strengthen My people. Pray for Mine to overcome, to draw near to Me, to call upon Me in truth.

The nation that acknowledges Me I will bless. The nation that humbles itself before Me, I will heal. Pray the prayer for the nations, Psalm 94, Psalm 89.

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