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The word of the Lord for Africa 1/9/04
.....I am coming for a holy bride, a happy bride, a bride who is whole, who bears the fruit of the kingdom of righteousness, who will bear the fruit of the kingdom of God.
.....Out of every tribe, every tongue, and every nation, she comes. She comes together--one body--every branch joined to the vine--every sheep hearing the voice of the Good Shepherd--the called out ones.
.....I call you out now. I call you to come. I gather you to Myself.
.....You are the holy Jerusalem. You are the new Jerusalem, a holy city. And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations.

.....I am coming to you, Africa. I am coming to you as fire, and I will cleanse the land and purify the bride. I will purge you. Even now I prepare the vessels of My anointing. They are hidden. They are hidden now. Darkness cannot, will not see their light or their power. When they touch the ground of you, Africa, they will be My light. They will be My power. They will be My voice, My fire, and no one will stop them, and even devils will bow to the Name of Jesus who is their authority. Repent, or perish....

The word of the Lord to Kenya1/30/04
You seek My servants in order to seek Me. Yet I desire that you seek Me, My Spirit, for My Spirit is blowing across your lands the breath of life.

I am the Living Spirit who comes and desires to come to do a work in your lands to cleanse your lands of lawlessness and unrighteousness, fraud and deceit. By the Spirit of Burning and the Spirit of Judgment I blow across your lands to purge you of your evil and perverse ways.

Merchandise. Is My temple to be a place of merchandising? What will you gain? What do you seek to gain?

Count it as dung, that you may gain Christ. Behold the Lamb and He that comes to cleanse His temple....

God's heart for the remnant 6/11/04

He's showing covenant light was given to Jewish people. He showed them his Law and Covenant. They have committed sins of the Sabbath and Sanctuary. He sent them prophets. He told them what to say.

O watchman on the wall, He came to them and they didn't acknowledge the day of their visitation. He came to His own, and His own did not receive Him. He told and showed and warned them. What audacity, hardness of heart, idolatry, chicken blood. What are they thinking? It's profane. The height of pride.

There's yearning as in the days of Hosea, a churning of heart. There are those prayers, so many lost sheep. Be it known to you, O watchman on the wall, the time of the gentiles comes, and it's coming to an end, and my remnant I will draw to Messiah, Yeshua ha-Mashiah. They'll know Him whom they have pierced.

Read the time O watchman on the wall, for your reprieve is over. And its time for your to intercede and believe with the faith of Jesus. Are they all children of Abraham? [Pause] "No." What did Jesus say? "They are of their father, the devil…, many of them." [
John 8:31-59] Who then will be saved. "Those whom He's chosen." [John 6:35-70; Rom 9-11] So be it.

Preparing the bride 9/17/04
You watch and are ready for My appearing, but what will you be doing when I come? What will I find you doing when I come? Where is the oil for the lamps? Where are those who overcome? Where are they who worship Me? What are they doing?...

Rejected love 9/24/04
They run to this place or that to escape the storm. But where can they hide from Me? Ps 139. They run to and fro but where will they hide? They speak of their "safe rooms," but am I not able to go through walls, to break down walls of opposition?

There is no safe place but in Me. I am the Rock of Escape. I am the hiding place. I am the Living God who loves and who provides refuge in the storms of life. I am the Rock of Refuge.

I call you to the crag in the Rock, to the hiding place that is Me....

I am coming for a holy bride 10/1/04
The earth groans. All creation groans, waiting for the appearing of the sons of God. And what are My children doing? They run to and fro, here and there, and not to Me.

My people are an offense to Me. I love them. I have poured out My heart to them. I have called them to relationship with Me and yet they are not satisfied. They do not desire Me. Yet I desire My people. My heart yearns for them. My heart churns within Me, for I have plans. I have purposes.

Who is a Jew?*New 11/14/04
One is a Jew who is one inwardly. Who is the true Jew? The one who knows Me the Messiah and who follows Me, who follows My laws and ways, who hears and obeys My voice.

There are many who call themselves Jews but are not, but are of the synagogue of satan. I am coming to judge the thrones and I will establish My throne in all the earth. The earth is the Lord's
Ps 24 and I am coming for what is Mine. [Rom. 3:28,28, Rev. 2:9, 3:9]

I am coming in judgment and in great glory. The world has only a glimpse of My glory. My power - Ask of Me and I will show you great and mighty things which you known not of.

The fall of Babylon comes. The fall of Jerusalem will be as nothing compared to the kingdoms that will topple in My coming.

And I will judge the earth in righteousness and I will proclaim peace. As you know that the Judge of all the earth does right, you will come into My peace. In Me is Peace.

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