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I am the Excellent Glory 1/19/07
I am the Excellent Glory in your midst. I AM He who formed you in the womb and you are Mine. I was there. I have never left you nor forsaken you. I have chastened you sore as a son because I have set My love upon you....

I am the Lord your God 3/9/07
I am the Lord your God, who formed you in the womb, and you are Mine. Yea, I have loved you with an everlasting love. I am with you and never leave nor forsake you....

Word for America 2 4/20/07
Violence. Violence. My people do not speak to the heart of man which is desperately wicked. They sleep while the violent man plots evil on his bed. They talk about the weapon of choice, the means by which the violence is carried out and make it a matter of politics without seeing that violence is covering the earth and that they are as in the days of Noah. Life carries on.

"Let the healing begin," they say. "Bring closure," they encourage. Yet the people perish for lack of knowledge. They neither know Me nor My laws and ways.

Their wound is approaching incurable and what shall I say? Who will go for Me? Who will stand in the gap? Who will speak to the people to warn, exhort, and plead that they return to Me in repentance?...

Word for America 3 4/27/07
America, America, your barns and cupboards are full, but there is coming a famine of the word of God, for soon I will use the arm of civil government to curtail your preaching, the preaching of My Word. For My Word has been corrupted. My preachers, shepherds of My people, stray from Me, My purposes and ways.

I am going to sweep through this land in judgment (Ezekiel 13) for I have warned, exhorted, called to repentance and return, and you have not heeded. I will sift and sort, separate and sanctify. You who have profaned My sabbaths and perverted My Words to please the itching ears of the people and to conform to the culture of the world will find now that I will withhold the words you so greatly fear to preach....

What do you see? 6/1/07
O watchman on the wall, what do you see? Do you see Me working in the affairs of men? Do you see Me working in hearts, to turn them from the evil way? Do you see the results of My wind blowing across lands and nations, the wind of My Spirit?

Watchman, look not only to the hills of Jerusalem now, but to the world, the cosmos, for I am doing something in your midst that will astound and amaze, that will comfort some and strike terror in others....

The Kingdom and prophecy -- Not before God's time 6/8/07
O Watchman on the wall, keep your eye on Jerusalem, for things are going on behind the scenes in secret and these, certain ones, seek to bring about by force My kingdom. These, certain ones, want to do things to put into motion events to force the fulfillment of prophecies spoken by My servants the prophets.

Nevertheless, even if Satan himself inspires his earthly hosts to work events concerning My kingdom, to thwart Me and My Word, he cannot cause My Word to fail. For all things will work together to the performance of My will and of My good pleasure. I will stand, and he will fall....

Word for Belgium 6/8/07
I have called you by My Name and you are Mine and I am yours. I am your Beloved, and My desire is for you.

And I have set you over nations to tear down, root out, destroy-to build and plant and to establish My kingdom that My glory cover the earth. I am the Spirit of Glory and of God and I am your reward and exceeding joy. I am El Shaddai and I bless you with My Presence and the power of My Name.

And I, the Mighty One, call you to Belgium to root out and to tear down and to destroy, to build and plant and to establish My kingdom for there are ancient strongholds, ancient strongholds in this region. Every devil dwells there, religious spirits and pride and arrogance and all things such as I hate. Abominations, the angel of light (Lucifer) and all things that bring down to the grave....

I am a Holy God, everywhere I dwell is holy 6/15/07
I am a holy God and where I am is holy, for I am holy. Therefore, bless those places where I dwell. As I dwelt in Jerusalem, it became holy because it became My city, the place where I dwelled. But they profaned Me there--My Name, My ways....

And now they profane Jerusalem and every nation of the world is affected. They profane Jerusalem on the earth because these think I dwell there and so they seek to profane Me and My Holy Name. But now they widen their profanity for they are seeing that I dwell in My people, those who know Me as the God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ. I dwell in Mine and so now they reproach and profane My people in whom I live that these may profane Me.

Lord, reveal Your heart for Jerusalem 6/15/07
Lord do you want us to pray for Jerusalem? Lord, reveal to us your heart for Jerusalem, your city, your holy city.
Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem, city of exiles. We are strangers in a strange land. My city Jerusalem is a shadow of the heavenly Jerusalem, the city of God, the city not made with hands.
The enemy tries to subdue you, to capture you, to annihilate you, the shadow of that city which is to come; but you are mine....

The One who comes to you in the still small voice 7/27/07
I am the Almighty, the One who comes to you in the still small voice. Though I but whisper, My words moved by My breath have power to do what is in My mind and heart to do. I am the Creator, and I create as My words move in power, the breath of My mouth moving the words, to bring life to them by the power of My Spirit....

I Am
Cleanse yourselves and return to Me
Are you thirsty for Me? Are you hungry for Me?
I am the Living Spirit and I dwell in My people and in a high and lofty place. I am the Spirit of Christ, the Spirit of Grace. I am the Eternal Spirit and I remind My people in whom I dwell that the spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus.

This Jesus who came in the flesh is Christ, the Anointed One, the Elect One. Did not the angel say, “You will call His Name Jesus, for He will save His people from their sins.”? (Matthew 1.21) This Jesus is the Lamb of God, your Passover, who gave His life—a lamb for a house--My house--My household, the household of faith, those who like Abraham believe My promises....

A Father's Love (in five parts) 10/07
Experience words, truth that will change your life… if you let them. They come from the heart of a Heavenly Father, the Father you have been looking for all your life. This Father loves His children in a way unlike any other. He wants you to know Him. He wants to heal you, to help you, to love you.

Consider this His expression of His love to you, His child.

Child of the Covenant of Grace,

I chose you before the foundation of the world, before anything was created. (Ephesians 1.4)
I knew you even before you were conceived. (Jeremiah 1.4, 5)
You were made in My image. (Genesis 1.27)
I am your Origin, your Creator, your Father. You are My offspring. (Acts 17.28)
In Me you live and move and have your being. (Acts 17.28)
I created you. I formed you. I have called you by your name; you are Mine. (Isaiah 43.1)...

Word for America 4
A generation of extremes; Coming judgment and the way through
Now hear what I will say to you. Do not weep for Me for I am glorious and do not need your tears. Do not mourn for Mine, save over their sin that separates them from Me; for I know My own and I will carry through to completion that good work that is begun in them.

Hold to Me now for the time is coming when they will not receive My truth. They will harden their hearts against My Spirit, against the Living Word. They will run after what feeds their bellies, what gratifies their flesh.

An evil generation is rising, a generation of extremes, a generation devoid of patience. Yet even out of this generation I have Mine chosen before the creation of the world. These will also be extreme. These will follow hard after Me, separating themselves unto Me, ministering to Me. Radical. Theirs will be a radical (to the root) regeneration....

Word for 2008 12/07
The eyes of the Lord move to and fro across the earth and who will stand in the gap before Me? For I see violence, violence covering the earth.

The mighty ones rise up in pride to lord it over the peoples under them, seeking to be served and to perpetuate their rule through a feigned democracy. These deceive themselves for they are strong only in their own eyes. To Me they are as grasshoppers. Isaiah 40

. . .

There is an urgency coming in 2008 as the Day of Christ dawns--evening to morning. It will divide--nations, regions, governments, families, individuals. But I AM a unified whole and I will draw Mine. Isaiah 46

Let 2008 draw you to Me, for My Name is One and I am a unified whole. Draw or divide. In the drawing there is division; separation unto Me separates Mine from the others.

. . .

Pray for intercessors for your nation stands at the edge of the abyss; and depending on whom the people cry out to lead them will determine whether they stand or fall from the precipice.

All things are now ready, and the nations gather for the Great War, but stand in the gap; for who knows?...

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